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Two things were really bad

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Joey from South Berwick, ME:
Do you believe the Titans, who are playing for nothing, will beat the Colts?

Vic: No, I don't.

Gabe from Jacksonville:
If Garrard takes a sack on that last play, we punt from our own five, they get the ball at the 50, drive 20 yards and the game is over. He had to at least put it in the air for Lewis to try to make a play.

Vic: When your field position is that bad and your punter would be ostensibly kicking into the wind, you're pretty much in a make-the-first-down-or-else mode. When David Garrard threw that pass, there were three things that could've happened and two of them were really bad; not just bad, really bad. When the Jaguars won the overtime coin toss, I said to someone in the press box, "It's only good if they move the ball." The botched return on the kickoff was a killer.

Tom from Jacksonville:
Looking forward to your spin; drafting a quarterback is a must. Yes, Garrard will be here next year but he is not the answer. Please do not waste your time defending Del Rio; please spend the time reviewing the statistic that he is a .500 coach.

Vic: Does it make you feel better to insult my integrity?

Bobby from Jacksonville:
Teams that have postseason success get better each week and are playing their best football at the end of the season. The Jaguars have played seemingly two of their worst games the last two games of this season. Is this a symptom of an overall problem or are they just getting outplayed?

Vic: Teams that succeed in the postseason shift into a higher gear late in the season. The Jaguars don't have that gear. Why? I don't know, but I think we should strongly consider the possibility that a team in reconstruction might lack that gear, and I think we should also consider the injury factor. Losing Aaron Kampman, Eben Britton, Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Durant and Mike Sims-Walker didn't help the situation.

Rick from Jacksonville:
I will not renew my tickets until the Jags address the QB and coaching issue. Both men have had a fair opportunity to improve this team.

Vic: Ticket sales continue to be the single-greatest issue confronting this franchise because it gives fans bullying power: If you don't do this then I won't do that. My inbox is full of e-mails just like yours and I've gotten them every day of every week after a loss. Nobody wants to see this franchise succeed more than I do, but there's no question in mind that it is absolutely critical that Wayne Weaver and Gene Smith make the decisions that will shape the future of this franchise based only on what will promote winning, not sell tickets. As Bill Polian once said, if you listen to the fans, you'll end up sitting with them.

Wayne from Jacksonville:
Merry Christmas, Vic. Now go back to Pittsburgh and never come back.

Vic: I'll see what I can do.

James from St. Augustine, FL:
If I didn't know any better, I would have thought the Redskins were playing for the playoffs and the Jaguars were out of it. What an uninspired, pathetic performance.

Vic: Uninspired? I'm sorry, I didn't see that. I saw an undermanned team fighting tooth and nail to win a football game. I saw a postgame locker room of hurt. I've done this long enough to know the real thing from a con job and what I saw in the postgame locker room on Sunday was the real thing. When they don't care, they're gone before the media even gets there. Yesterday, the players cared enough to stay. Jeremy Mincey stayed. David Garrard stood up and answered the questions. Rashean Mathis stayed. Mike Thomas stayed. Marcedes Lewis stayed. Eugene Monroe stayed. All over that locker room I saw players who wanted to talk, and that's a very, very good sign. It's a sign of guys who want to express what they're feeling. It's a sign of guys who respect the team's fans enough to want to communicate with them.

Jess from Highland, IL:
Most of the Redskins defense was out due to injuries and we couldn't exploit them? There have been a few games this year that we may have won had the team been prepared. Preparation falls on the coaching staff. Game-planning falls on the coaching staff. Play-calling falls on the coaching staff. I know, it's players, not plays. Well, the coaching staff is tasked with game-planning and play-calling based on the players on the field. This one is on Jack and Dirk. What say you?

Vic: When you win, you're great, and when you lose, you stink. Let it rip. Don't hold back. If it makes you feel better, go for it, but can you tell me that you honestly believe that coaching staff and those players didn't give you the very best they had? You really wanna know what I think? OK, I'll tell you what I think. I think fans should show some restraint in the hours immediately following a game. I think they should stop and think before they just dump on everybody. My inbox is a nuthouse. This is healthy exchange?

Shane from Callahan, FL:
I hate to see what your inbox looks like, but let me just say I hope your Christmas holiday was good. Also, I'm not that upset about the loss. I mean, what did it mean?

Vic: In terms of the division title race and the playoff picture, yesterday's game was completely meaningless, but this one was about more than the playoffs. This one had real meaning for a variety of reasons. It was a way to celebrate a great home season. It was a chance to guarantee a winning season and, at worst, become one of the few teams in NFL history to win 10 games and not make the playoffs. It was a chance to further energize the fan base. It was a chance to avoid another late-season swoon. Most of all, it was a chance to feel good. It's not always about the playoffs. Sometimes it's just about winning. Because it was an overtime game, the press box elevator was jammed after the game, so I walked down the steps with the fans and I saw the hurt on their faces. They walked quietly, dejectedly. This one was not meaningless.

Alex from Jacksonville:
Even if we win on Sunday, would you still consider it to be another late-season collapse for the Jaguars?

Vic: Winning three of five in December would not qualify as a late-season collapse. Losing your last three would.

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
Why was Deji Karim not used as a running back? He's the closest thing to Maurice Jones-Drew. Is there a rule against him being used at that position?

Vic: You're going to compare Karim to Jones-Drew, who has rushed for over 5,000 yards in his career and has scored 61 touchdowns? That's just plain stupid talk. A couple of weeks ago my inbox was full of e-mails demanding more carries for Rashad Jennings, then he gets his big chance against the Redskins and doesn't have a very productive day and, all of a sudden, you wanna switch gears to Karim? That's almost as bad as the people who wanted to bench Jones-Drew early in the season because he just wasn't making them go wow anymore.

Steve from Jacksonville:
In our push for the playoffs, the offensive line was a big key to our success. Why did they get pushed around these last two games when we needed them most?

Vic: The long answer requires film study. The short answer doesn't. Right tackle had obviously become a problem spot.

Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL:
I'm sure "Ask Vic" is a sea of negativity today. So, how about some positives? I see a lot of young talent on the defensive side of the ball. Whose development has impressed you the most?

Vic: Let's hold off on lucid conversation until later in the week or possibly after the season is over and the mad dogs have wandered off.

Grant from Jacksonville:
Garrard just made it an easy decision this offseason.

Vic: There we go, true enlightenment has been achieved. Thank you for that pearl of wisdom. Now, do you feel better? That's all that matters.

Rob from Jacksonville:
Do we not have hot reads in our offense or does Garrard just not see the blitz coming?

Vic: He completed a 31-yard pass to Mike Sims-Walker on what you're referring to as a hot read against a blitz. The corner from the Redskins' right side blitzed and Garrard saw it and went right at it. He did it again later in the game, same blitz; I remember writing it in my blog. Garrard's problem begins, as it does for a lot of quarterbacks, when he gets pressure in his face. When given time to throw, he's been outstanding. When he's faced a heavy rush, as he did yesterday, he tends to throw interceptions. I think that's an accurate snapshot of who and what he is.

Debbie from Indianapolis, IN:
All is right with the world again. The Jags are still the Jags and the Colts are still the Colts. It's crunch time and I guess the Jags were not ready to handle success. It's December and who is running the ball and stopping the run? See you next season, Jags.

Vic: Oh, I think we'll see each other, so to speak, before next season arrives. We've got a whole postseason ahead of us. "Ask Vic" isn't going away. Oh, no, baby. "Ask Vic's" gonna be here all year, baby.

Eric from Portage, OH:
You know what I find funny about the fans of the Jaguars? They always find something to complain about. I feel fortunate Jacksonville has a team and continues to show improvement. Can't everyone just see positives in something; it is always the negatives. I don't know about you but I have enjoyed this season and I am looking forward to week 17 and the 2011 NFL season (barring lockout).

Vic: That's a great attitude. I wish I could flash forward that quickly. I'm looking forward to lunch. That's about as far forward as I can flash right now.

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