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Under the lights


The season ticket holders came through the gates, some couples enjoying a night out, families toting their chairs and blankets with several kids tagging along, or just fans that used the night as an opportunity to be close to Jaguars football. 

Whatever the case, Movie Night last Friday night at EverBank Field and the viewing of The Blind Side was welcomed by all in attendance.  The viewing was preceded by an hour's worth of entertainment that included autographs from ROAR and alumni players, tours of the Jaguars locker room and weight room and a performance by the D-Line. 

Many of the children spent the time before the movie running around on the field, reenacting the Mike Thomas' Hail Mary catch in the north end zone or quickly organizing a two-on-two game with other attendees.  The movie caught everybody's attention and most sat quietly on their blankets and in their chairs for the two hours.

Several people in attendance commented on the event and season ticket holder Brian Hasden gave a first-person account of his evening:

"This is our third year of being season ticket holders and we are on the 30/30 plan so I guess it will end up being five years we are committed for.  It's been great.  My wife and I brought our nieces to the event, who are 10 and five years old. 

"Our nieces have had a rough year so it was just fantastic to bring them on the field they see on television.  They see the field when watching the games and they were able to go through all the football drills before the movie.  My wife and I were able to kick back and relax, and not have to watch over them like a hawk. There were security personnel walking around the entire time so it was a safe event.  We saw a bunch of staff making sure everything was taken care of. 

"It was just a really, really positive experience for us and for them.  Being able to watch an inspirational movie was uplifting for them just with the stuff they have been through this year.  I can't say enough positive things about the entire event.

"The tour was awesome.  I'm guessing it was unintentional but being able to see (Adam) Podlesh's locker with his Jewish Menorah.  I come from a Jewish background so my wife and I got a kick out of that since it was the first locker we saw inside the locker room.  I don't know how many other Jewish players there are on the Jaguars but that was cool.  The whole thing was just super entertaining.  The weight room was interesting and they gave a speech about how they moved some of the weight equipment out and focused more on flexibility and resistance training.  It was really educational.

"The amazing part about the night was as soon as the movie started they didn't move.  They are kids so sitting still (is not easy).  I don't know if it was the size of the screen like, 'Holy Cow, we've never seen a movie on a screen this big before.' I don't know what it was but they didn't move and really didn't say a word through the entire thing.  It was the quietest I have ever seen them."   

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