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Want BAP? You got it

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Raymo from Jacksonville:
On the subject of PSL's, does that mean you own the seat for every event in Alltel? I would think that would be an easy sell with the non-Jag events such as NCAA, monster trucks, concerts.

Vic: It doesn't mean anything because the Jaguars don't sell permanent seat licenses. What's a PSL? It's a fee, usually about $1,500-$2,500, for the right to buy a ticket. You want that? You wanna pay a bribe for the right to buy a ticket? Do you think that would sell in Jacksonville? That's what they have in a lot of places and it's major revenue teams invest and keep the float.

Donald from Jacksonville:
I know the Jaguars need to sell club seats to help the team's finances. What other options are out there for the Jaguars? What are the big-market teams doing the Jaguars can't do or are not doing?

Vic: The Patriots sell naming rights for their parking lots. I don't think the Jaguars could do that. The Panthers sell PSL's. I don't think the Jaguars could do that. The Redskins and Cowboys get big money for their radio broadcasting and preseason TV. The Jaguars can't generate that same revenue. The Steelers sell jerseys like McDonald's sells hamburgers. Get the point? The Jaguars don't have a lot of options. They don't have the same revenue streams other teams have. Have we forgotten why Jacksonville was awarded a franchise? It was awarded a franchise based on the rabid enthusiasm for football in Jacksonville and on the hope that Jacksonville's growth would one day make it a nice-sized market. Until the second one happens, the first one has to carry the day. This whole thing is built on the premise that Jaguars fans will over-achieve.

Mark from Jacksonville:
To fill the need for a disruptive weakside linebacker, what are a few names that might arise from both free agency and from the draft?

Vic: Forget about free agency. I think the pickings are slim. They're not slim in the draft. Chad Greenway and Ernie Sims are big-time outside linebackers and it sure would be nice if one was available for the Jaguars. DeMeco Ryans and Thomas Howard are play-makers. Bobby Carpenter is a wonderful player. Clint Ingram of Oklahoma is another guy. This draft has plenty of outside linebackers.

Ron from Bryant, AR:
In the April 3 column you state, "under the new CBA, player costs have risen sharply but the Jaguars' revenue will not." In previous posts, you exhibit a strong belief the Jags are secure in Jacksonville. Those appear to be mutually exclusive statements. Am I missing something? It sounds like you're really saying with the new CBA the Jags may have to go to a larger market.

Vic: Obviously, you are missing something. You're missing the fact that I believe Jaguars fans will carry the day. I believe Jacksonville's outstanding TV ratings for pro football make a statement, and the statement is that this town loves pro football. I believe, in time, the Jaguars will become a hot ticket. That's where my belief is. I'm surprised you haven't detected that.

Jeremy from Jacksonville:
I am surprised at you: "Is he better than Greg Jones?" That's not the question to be asking yourself. Is he better than anybody else on your board? That's the only question worth asking.

Vic: This best available player trap stuff is really beginning to wear me out. It's ridiculous and it's become very boring. The guy asked me what thoughts I had. That's the first thought I had. OK, you wanna know how I really fell about BAP? Here it is: I believe in BAP, always and in every round, even if it's Roethlisberger the year after you've drafted Leftwich. I believe you should draft Montana the year after you've drafted Unitas. I believe that if a wide receiver is at the top of your board for 10 years in a row, he should be your pick. That's how firmly I believe in drafting the best available player. You know why? Because I detest the thought of not drafting the best available player. I detest the thought of leaving a better player for my opponent to draft. That attitude, however, is not realistic in today's game, so I've tried to accommodate you people who continue to beat your heads into the BAP wall as though it's some kind of time-continuum question that must be resolved before we proceed with the more important issues in life. I tried to soften a bit on the subject so we might have some conversation because, after all, that's why you come to "Ask Vic," isn't it? Well, no more soft stuff. From now on, it's BAP all of the time. Frankly, I think the only reason people keep beating their heads into that BAP wall is because it feels so good when they stop.

Tommy from Fruit Cove, FL:
Let's say it's draft day, Jags go on the clock and they still have Leonard Pope, Sinorice Moss or Laurence Maroney available. Will the Jags probably still pick a linebacker since they need a player that can step up, or will they choose a potential play-maker for offense if he is left and ranked higher?

Vic: Best available player. Deal with it.

David from Jacksonville:
I have a question about BAP vs. "The Big Guys." You've always said, "You gotta get the big guys early." So which one is it, Vic, BAP or "big guys?"

Vic: Best available player. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I was wrong about the "big guys." You can get them late. Everyone knows that. Wasn't Tony Boselli drafted in the seventh round? Jon Ogden, too? Orlando Pace was the last pick of his draft, right? There's no correlation between being big and maybe being the best. The big guys aren't at a premium. Everybody wants the little guys, right? Hey, try the wall. It feels so good when you stop.

Vijay from Montreal, Quebec:
When the opposing team's offense shifts a tight end over, the linebackers don't follow them. Therefore, after motion, the weakside linebacker has become the strongside linebacker. Therefore, shouldn't both outside linebackers be able to cover, tackle and get off blocks equally?

Vic: In the Jaguars' defensive scheme, when the tight end lines up to the right side of the offensive formation or motions to that side, he becomes the coverage responsibility of the strong safety. When the tight end is on the left side, he belongs to the strongside linebacker.

Kevin from Hillsborough, NJ:
Since linebacker is our biggest need, who are the top linebackers in this year's draft and which ones do you think will be left when the Jags pick?

Vic: Go to the value board to find the names. The one guy who may have a chance of making it down to the Jaguars is Iowa's Chad Greenway. It would be a major win for the Jaguars if Greenway made it to them. He's an exceptional, every-downs talent who would fit perfectly on this team, but it could be close. He could go right before them. I have Greenway rated number 12 on my value board, but I'm not seeing him that high on other boards and in mocks. I have trouble believing a talent as strong as his could make it down to 28, but there may be a chance.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
I noticed that on your draft value board you have Vince Young listed at 32, however, some draft analysts say he should be a top five pick. Why is he not your type of quarterback?

Vic: He has a strong arm but he doesn't use it. He's a great scrambler but he's more of a floater than a runner. His mechanics are horrific. Vince Young just doesn't fit well enough within the structure of the position to suit my tastes. In my mind, you'd have to spend too much time on him. His development could be intense and require massive doses of patience and, in the end, all of that time may have been wasted. The whole thing is just too risky and laborious for me. I think there's a chance he may never be anything more than a "great college quarterback." His athletic ability, however, is exceptional and that gives him a chance to succeed on any level. If I'm wrong about him, I'll admit it.

Frank from Orange Park, FL:
This draft class has some of the best "tweeners" that we've seen in a long time. Usually, these guys will get taken by a team that runs a 3-4 defense, which is not the Jags. Do you think the Jags might be interested in any of the exceptional athletes in that category?

Vic: I'm sure they are interested in some of the "tweeners." Every team is looking for pass-rushers. Jorge Cordova is a "tweener" and the Jaguars drafted him. You're right, however, when you say the "tweeners" fit better with the 3-4 teams. They have a full-time position for them: rush backer. Probably the most interesting of the "tweeners" is Florida State's Kamerion Wimbley, a 6-4, 245-pound defensive end who is rated as a first-round pick. The kid can get off the ball. He may become the next Charles Haley but, for every pass-rush specialist who becomes a star, there are 10 who become busts. Do you risk a first-round pick on an undersized guy?

Bobby from Palm Coast, FL:
Was it you or Dick Vitale that started the "baby" craze?

Vic: Al Davis invented it. How quickly we forget.

James from Jacksonville:
When will the remaining NFL schedule be released?

Vic: I'm hoping it will be on Thursday.

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