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We're all going to have to be patient

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

James Ward from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:
After reading the question about the stadium expansion, a scary question has come to mind. First of all, how much seat expansion is planned? Secondly, since Jacksonville is one of the smaller NFL towns and since last year they had blackout games, will this seat expansion be held against Jacksonville and cause more blackout games?
Wayne Weaver has said the renovation of Alltel Stadium will not increase the seating capacity that pertains to the blackout number. The expansion that pertains to Jaguars regular-season games involves luxury suites and club seating, which does not apply to the blackout policy. Temporary seating will push capacity to 82,000, but that temporary seating will not exist for Jaguars games.

Jim Golder from Jacksonville:
I read in the local paper that the NFL has allotted the Jags a $4.23 million rookie pool. Can you explain a little about the rookie pool? How is it determined? Is it the same for every team? Does this represent the minimum or the maximum the Jags can spend on rookies? Is it intended for the draft class or does it also include undrafted free agents?
The league maintains a formula for assigning a maximum figure each team may spend on its draft class. That formula involves the number of picks a team had made, and where in the draft order those picks occurred. Of course, that statistical data is based on the contracts of the previous year's rookie pool. Each team is assigned a different number, and it applies only to a team's draft class.

Bill Cavanaugh Jr. from Philadelphia, PA:
Is there any kind of positive fan send-off we could give Keenan? We, as fans, didn't really get a chance to swallow the loss of Boselli before it actually happened, but I think we're in the acceptance phase with Keenan by now. Could you possibly arrange a "fans-to-Keenan" final send-off interview? Or, at least set up an on-line farewell card in which any fan could type a 1-2 line message to Keenan? If anyone can do this for us fans, you can.
Bill, it's professional football, not high school graduation.

Jason Strickland from Norman, OK:
Thanks for all the great info. First let me say that I'm a big Coughlin fan because as an Air Force officer I understand the concepts of leadership and teamwork that he constantly develops and adheres to every day. Here's my question. NFL teams cut high-priced (and overpaid) veterans only to see those veterans sign on with other teams for a lot less money. A good example was Carnell Lake and even Kevin Hardy. Does the cap somehow prevent teams from signing these players back on their team or is it more a matter of egos?
Once a player clears waivers, nothing prevents his original team from re-signing him. However, if that's what the player and the team really want, then a pay-cut could've been negotiated without having to cut the player. Several players have taken pay-cuts to stay with a team. When it reaches the point that a team cuts a player, it usually means an agreement couldn't be reached and it's time for the two parties to part company.

Jimmie S. Sampson Jr. from Jacksonville:
I would like to say thanks for keeping me and all the Jaguarmaniacs well informed during this long and grueling offseason. I'm in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Ft. Walton Beach. I'm a season ticket holder with the Jaguars. My question is two-fold: Do you think the fans of Jacksonville appreciate what they have in the Jaguars, and how can I personally contact Mr. Weaver to thank him for all he's done? It is my opinion that before Jax received a team, they promised the NFL and Mr. Weaver we would sell out the stadium. I travel four hours to each game one way, and four hours back immediately after the game so my son can make school on Monday. With a military salary it's not easy, but I sacrifice things in order to have the season tickets.
I believe Jaguars fans appreciate the value of having an NFL franchise. This is a small market and it's going to take time to build the fan base. We're all going to have to be patient. If you want to convey your thoughts to Wayne Weaver, e-mail him at

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