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We want it now

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Forrest from Jacksonville:
After reading your editorial, I stand corrected. I was unaware that Iwuh received the same punishment earlier this season. That being known, I never would have suggested a double standard.

Vic: Enforcement of rules must be the same for everyone or they become arbitrary and that's when a coach loses his team.

Jen from Portsmouth, VA:
I am a coach at a small school and had a team of mostly junior high kids playing with my varsity. I knew this year was going to be rough on the record. You do well in one game and blow the other. That is the inconsistency that comes with youth, but it is also the inconsistency that helps us grow in character if we handle it properly. I've worked to teach my girls that this year and, after following the Jaguars since their start, it has been kind of neat to watch them go through it with me. I see the ups and downs as a start to a great future on my team and the Jaguars. Youth can promise a great future but it takes time and a growing up, period. Why can't people understand that?

Vic: I think they do understand that, it's just that we've largely lost our ability to discipline our desires. We want it and we want it now and it's that kind of immaturity that causes us to lose our sense of balance.

Chris from New Albany, IN:
You say John Henderson was crying and teammates were there for him. Do you think this shows the type of camaraderie this team is beginning to have? Also, do you think that because games are being blacked out they want to do it for the fans?

Vic: You're absolutely correct, on both counts.

Michael from Virginia Beach, VA:
How annoying, irrelevant or just plain stupid does someone have to be for Vic to put that person on the auto-delete list?

Vic: I never put a block on someone for being stupid. I love stupid. I block people I don't like.

Andy from Jacksonville:
What's the rule if a player hops on the same foot twice before going out of bounds? Does this count as two feet down?

Vic: Only if he has one leg.

Michael from Atlanta, GA:
Allow me to add to your point about teams traveling to opposite coasts for a game. New research and data show that disruptions in the circadian rhythm can trigger bipolar disorder. The researchers found the genes that control the body's clock. When the clock is disrupted, a manic episode can begin, and they also showed that restarting a regular circadian rhythm will relieve symptoms. This isn't just for bipolar people, disrupting any animal's circadian rhythm is a big deal. The biological clock does not like to be disrupted.

Vic: That would explain my mood in Seattle. I couldn't get my hair to lie down, which really angered me. I considered shaving my head.

Justin from Jacksonville:
When does the Jags' scouting department start looking at college players for the next year's draft? Do they target players two and three years out?

Vic: They're looking at them now, but only seniors. When the list of underclassmen who've decided to enter the draft is announced, the scouting department collects film on those players and begins the grading process. The process of scouting this year's senior crop began last spring during "junior days," which presents the upcoming senior crop to be timed in the 40 by the pro scouts.

Jason from South Amboy, NJ:
Do you know how much a fly-over costs and who foots the bill?

Vic: It's free and the taxpayer pays for it since fly-overs are part of the military's promotional budget. The hope is that it'll promote patriotism and cause young men to want to join the military. I know it makes me wanna join.

Ken from Ontario, CA:
We can't seem to get a good pass-rush, or even stop the run like we once used to a few years back. Essentially, since the trade for Marcus Stroud and a few other losses over the years, our defense has not been the same. It appears we're still missing a key piece of the puzzle somewhere. What is it in your eyes the Jaguars need to do to make our defense once again one of the elite defenses in the league?

Vic: Draft.

David from St. Augustine, FL:
Can you give your analysis that explains the difference between the Titans this year and last year?

Vic: The Titans haven't defended the pass (31st in the league) or rushed the passer (27th in sacks per play) very well. Those failures have allowed an avalanche of points that have the Titans ranked 29th in the league in points allowed per game, and their offense wasn't built to win high-scoring games. Last year, the Titans were ninth in pass-defense, sixth in sacks per pass play and number two in points allowed per game. There's the difference. It's not Kerry Collins. It's the defense, but the average fan always wants to blame the quarterback.

Darrick from Jacksonville:
As much as I love visiting and watching "NFL Network," sometimes I wonder if it's becoming an overload. Everyone's obsession with all the sideshows and minute details of every single play may be eroding our ability to simply sit back and enjoy the game. Is it possible that we have too much access to the NFL?

Vic: If by access you mean analysis, then I agree we have way too much and, yes, it is eroding our ability to sit back and enjoy the game. It's not just football. I watched the baseball game last night and the color guy felt compelled to explain the pitcher's thinking for every pitch he made. What a crock. I played enough baseball to know that pitches break in ways the pitcher didn't intend them to break, and hitting is a lot more see it, hit it than think it, know it. The ex-jocks in the booth are treating their sports as though they're science, when they know full well they always were and always will be about athletic superiority and the ability to simply react instinctively.

Jeff from New York, NY:
I don't understand why everybody is in an uproar over last week's game. You told everybody to mind their R's and P's; obviously, they didn't listen.

Vic: They didn't listen because nobody wants R, they only want P.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Why do NFL owners have to approve Rush Limbaugh owning a small piece of the Rams, but they don't have to approve Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony buying a small piece of the Dolphins?

Vic: They do and they did.

Vik from Atlanta, GA:
With so many college teams resorting to the shotgun snap on all downs, a friend asked me why the drop-back is still used at all. I wasn't sure how to answer that and thought you could help. What are the benefits to the drop-back, in college football and in the NFL?

Vic: The primary advantage of a quarterback taking the snap while under center is that he doesn't have to take his eyes off the defense to accept the ball.

Joe from St. Augustine, FL:
In your opinion, what was the reason Tom Coughlin failed here, but is thriving with the Giants?

Vic: He didn't fail here. He took the Jaguars to two AFC title games in their first five years of existence. He was fired because the team started to get old and salary cap management was so poor that the team didn't have the cap room to keep players or sign new ones. Losing followed and then the ticket sales declined sharply. That's what ultimately cost Tom his job. It's always been about ticket sales in Jacksonville and that's a major disadvantage because it's a deterrent to patience. When a team is sold out all the time and has a waiting list, it never has to make a decision with anything but football in mind. It can be patient with its coaches, as the Bengals have been with Marvin Lewis. That's working pretty well for them now, isn't it? Think about all of the money the Bengals have saved by having been able to stick with Lewis.

Polprav from Russia:
Hello from Russia. Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

Vic: If you lived in America you could, but I don't know if you can do that in Russia. You might have to ask the premier.

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