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Weaver, Khan brief media


Mr. Wayne Weaver:It is a little late tonight, but it has been a long day.   It was a big agenda.  There were four or five other ownership issues on the agenda.  We are coming out with a unanimous recommendation that this will be on the agenda at our meeting in Dallas next week.  I am really optimistic that we are going to get thing done and you are going to have a great new owner in Jacksonville.  With that I will turn it over to Shahid (Khan).

Mr. Shahid Khan:Wayne, thank you very much.

It is absolutely a pleasure for me to be here.  I appreciate all of you coming here from Jacksonville.  What a pleasant surprise.  I saw the game last night obviously on TV.  I want to thank everybody in Jacksonville for really the warm overtures.  It is a night that I am going to remember for a long, long time.  Thank you.

On talking today rather than after next Wednesday's league meeting:

Mr. Khan:All of you are here, and we don't want to disappoint you.

On Jacksonville fans comfort in the future of the Jacksonville Jaguars:

Mr. Khan: Let me just say let them wait until next week.  They will be very comfortable next week.  Hopefully, if the vote goes the way we are expecting, I will be happy to elaborate on it.  They will not be disappointed.

On the upcoming week:

Mr. Khan: It is all Jaguars week next week for us.

On Jacksonville:

Mr. Khan:I like Jacksonville a lot.  I spent time in Jacksonville installing a lot of bumpers on Blount Island.  It used to be the import truck capital of the world.

On whether he owns a place in Jacksonville yet:

Mr. Khan:I don't.

On his relationship with Wayne Weaver:

Mr. Khan:I have had the pleasure of meeting Wayne through – as a matter of fact he probably wouldn't mind mentioning – Mike McCaskey from the Bears.  He introduced me to Wayne. I have stayed in touch with him and really obviously am delighted to be here today.

On how proud of a moment this is for him:

Mr. Khan:It is unbelievable.  It is the American dream.

On pride in being the NFL's first minority owner:

Mr. Khan:There is pride but quite frankly, this is America; it can only happen here.  I leave it for the pundits and other people really to decide.  What I want to do is obviously be successful in Jacksonville.

On the popularity of his mustache:

Mr. Khan: I am surprised.  Obviously, I have to tell you, it was the best looking group of fans I have ever seen at a game (laughter).  They looked beautiful.  I was really surprised.  It was wonderful.

On today's meeting with the NFL Finance Committee:

Mr. Weaver: It was a long process.  I was in the stadium finance committee earlier today and that was a long process and met with all of the members of the finance committee.  It was a long, arduous meeting.  As I said, there were some other ownership issues were on the docket, but more importantly, we got done today what we expected to get done with a unanimous recommendation.

On if Weaver recused from the vote to make it a 9-0 recommendation:

Mr. Weaver:Yes, it will be on the agenda next week for a vote by the membership.

On if the sale process is bittersweet:

Mr. Weaver:Sure, you heard me emotionally say it is a bittersweet time, but it is the right time.  I found a great family that is going to come in and continue to build the legacy that we started.

On what was analyzed in today's meetings:

Mr. Weaver:The Finance Committee had to look at all of the highlights of the document of the agreement to make sure it was in compliance with our league rules so it took awhile to go through that.  It is a standard process.

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