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Wednesday Quick Six: Panthers Week


JACKSONVILLE – It's Wednesday morning.

For many of us, that's hump day, the week's midway point. But Wednesday in the NFL means the start of preparation for Sunday. In other words, Wednesday in the NFL means we're just getting going.

With that in mind, here's a new feature for

The Wednesday Quick Six.

It won't be long (hence, the name "quick"), but what it will be is six key questions for the Jaguars as they begin preparation for Sunday's opponent.

We said we would be quick. So here we go:

1)Can the Jaguars stop Cam Newton?You don't beat the Panthers if you don't. The Jaguars didn't pressure the quarterback much in preseason and didn't create turnovers, either. Look for the Jaguars to get creative to change that Sunday.

2)Is Blake Bortles for real?The preseason improvement was great. It provided hope. The preseason is different than the regular season. Is Bortles for real? We start finding out Sunday. For real.

3)Can the Jaguars protect Bortles?This is a similar story to No. 2. The line looked very good in the preseason. It protected Bortles. It looked for real. We'll starting finding out Sunday how real.

4)Can the Jaguars overcome injuries?No Sen'Derrick Marks. No Julius Thomas. They're two of the Jaguars' best players. That's the bad news. The good news is if Bortles and the line are better the Jaguars shouldn't have to worry as much about injured defensive tackles and tight ends.

5)Can the Jaguars run?As much as Bortles and the passing game were a fun preseason storyline, that's not what the Jaguars want to be this season. They want to run effectively. They have the backfield to do it. The regular-season opener would be an ideal time to start.

6)Can the Jaguars start winning?This team has won seven games in two seasons. At some point, believing you can win must turn into showing you can win.

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