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What a fantastic idea

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Richard from Starke, FL:
Why do you think we signed two linebackers? I thought that was one area that was pretty well covered. Is there a problem?

Vic: As I said on "Jaguars This Week" last Wednesday, I think linebacker will be an area of concentration in the next offseason.

Juanus from Los Angeles, CA:
You once mentioned Dick LeBeau as someone you would love to see in the Hall of Fame but wasn't. Now that he has been enshrined, who else do you think should be in the Hall of Fame but isn't?

Vic: Jerry Kramer and Jack Butler.

Tommy from Jacksonville:
Who is the one draft pick or free agent from the Gene Smith era you think will be seen as the best acquisition 10 years from now that really turned the Jags around?

Vic: The GM Gene era is two years old, which means there are eight more drafts that might yield the best player of the "last 10 years." You know what I mean? As it stands right now, either Eugene Monroe or Tyson Alualu is supposed to be that player. They are each cornerstone picks. Monroe is the cornerstone of the Jaguars' offensive lines of the future. He is to protecting the quarterback of his era as Tony Boselli was to protecting the quarterback of his era. Alualu is expected to be the player around whom the Jaguars defenses of the future are built. He has the physical tools to be a big-play defensive lineman. Now we wait.

Michael from Fleming Island, FL:
What does it take to get into the prime-time game slots? I was just looking over the schedule for this season's night games and one thing I've noticed that happens every year is that the Steelers have a bunch of prime-time games. They had a record of 9-7 last year and they still have five night games. The Saints won the Super Bowl and they have four night games. The Jags have a Monday night game this year, which is great, but what does it take to get more? These night games mean more coverage for us and that's something we need.

Vic: The answer is ratings. Prime-time games aren't awarded on merit, they're awarded based on ratings potential. The Steelers deliver ratings. They have a huge following. I think you already knew this.

Ray from Jacksonville:
While at the scrimmage, I couldn't help but notice the number of seats that were under what look like repair. What was the real reason for that many seats being taped off?

Vic: They're under repair.

Jordan from Jacksonville:
Can you please let me know what happened to the lower bowl seats on the east side of the stadium? Why was that not news?

Vic: News that a few seats needed to be repaired? I can see the lead now: "Wayne Weaver has confirmed rumors that some of the seats in EverBank Field are broken and must be replaced." Please tell me your life isn't that boring that this would represent news.

Scooby from Jacksonville:
Count me a David Garrard fan. The man got hit more than any other NFL QB last year and doesn't throw his offensive line under the bus. With better pass-protection this year, can we expect him to rise to 2007 levels again?

Vic: Better pass-protection will make any quarterback better so, yes, if Garrard's protection improves, I would expect him to play at a higher level. I couldn't help but notice in Monday's combined practices that Garrard had the best arm on the field. He remains a player of strong athletic talent. I also noticed that Garrard isn't as accurate a passer as Matt Ryan is, but it also continues to jump out at me that when Garrard is on time and in rhythm with his throws and he gives that appearance of a pitcher taking something off his fastball, his accuracy improves dramatically. In my opinion, it all comes down to technique and decision-making for Garrard. That's what he did best in 2007. If he can get back to that level of technical skill and decision-making, then I have no doubt he will produce '07-like results.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
I am not sure if this has been talked about, yet, but has anyone thought of reaching out to students at UNF? They don't have a football team and I am sure something could be done with the school to get tickets for students at a lower rate. The Jags could have a student section. It would be loud and if the price is right then a lot of students would show up.

Vic: What a fantastic idea. You're a genius. Why not include all college students in Jacksonville? It's an idea that might put ticket sales over the top, huh? Maybe somebody in the front office will read this and do it.

Sonny from Jacksonville:
What would happen if two players were equally as good at the same position on the same team? How would the team determine who starts?

Vic: That's when you start looking at age and salary. If one player has a significantly higher salary than the other, you might trade or cut that guy and make the less expensive player the starter. If one of the players is a young player on the rise and the other one is an older player in decline, you would absolutely start the younger player. There are always deciding factors and youth and affordability top the list.

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