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What's in a name?

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Frank from Orange Park, FL:
On Friday, the NCAA passed a resolution trying to police the use of native American mascots. Do you think any sports institution should have the right to police the mascots in the league some might find offensive, such as Redskins?

Vic: Yeah, I do. I think good taste is an issue. Frankly, I do find it offensive that slang is used in referring to native Americans. For example, I consider "Redskins" to be slang. Orangemen was slang, too, and I give Syracuse credit for dropping that nickname and Syracuse had a lot more tradition at stake than Washington does. I don't find the names "Indians" or "Seminoles" offensive because I believe they are honorable names, but the depictions that are used in association with those two nicknames are war-like and humiliating. Ethnic references are very dangerous. It would be better to avoid them. That brings me to another reference: Fighting Irish. It's amazing that no one has complained about it. It labels an entire heritage as being belligerent and the depiction may even be tackier than Chief Knockahoma. What do we do about "Fighting Irish?" Do we change it to "Studious Irish?"

Aaron from Milroy, PA:
I read the story about the scrimmage and it seems like the Jaguars had some offensive troubles according to what I read. How did Reggie Williams do?

Vic: He caught a pass for 16 yards; made a nice run after the catch. I saw a lot of good things on offense in the scrimmage but you don't see a lot of good things happening consecutively. That's got to be the goal now; start putting positive plays together. The Jaguars have weapons. They have a lot of pieces in their offensive puzzle. I believe it is Carl Smith's great challenge to find ways to utilize all of the puzzle pieces he has available. It's not going to be an easy task. This is, in my opinion, an offense with a lot of specialists.

Bill from Jacksonville:
I love the website, but you really need to update the depth chart at least once a day. Even if you were to speculate, it would be a lot of fun for us fans to follow your opinion position by position.

Vic: Bill, a depth chart is an official order of personnel by position and it's worthless if it's provided by anyone other than the head coach. It's expected Jack Del Rio will update the depth chart today and will do so each week through the preseason. If you want my opinion on a specific position battle, feel free to ask.

Mary from Middleburg, FL:
I noticed at Friday's scrimmage that some players had a red cap over their helmet. What is the purpose for it?

Vic: It's a special teams device that allows players to be identified as being on the punt team or kickoff team, etc. For special teams drills, players wearing teal jerseys and players wearing white jerseys are mixed into the coverage and the return teams. Red caps distinguish them.

Joe from Green Cove Springs, FL:
It's been awhile since I've sent you a question, but I always read your articles. My question is what running backs do you see being cut that the Jags can go after for security behind Fred Taylor?

Vic: That's a very fair and insightful question. I'm sorry I can't provide an answer. The possibility exists that the Jaguars will be in the market for a running back when the preseason ends, if Taylor isn't ready to go. I liked what I saw in LaBrandon Toefield on Friday. In fact, I really liked what I saw. If Toefield plays that way through the preseason, and if Fu stays healthy, I don't think the Jaguars will have to look for help at the position, but the possibility certainly does exist.

Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I have noticed how the players coming back from injuries are listed as "limited" in practices. Has Jorge Cordova been able to participate in any of the practices or scrimmages?

Vic: Jorge Cordova is practicing but he's "limited" as he continues his recovery from last summer's knee reconstruction.

John from Fort Smith, AR:
I just finished watching the scrimmage highlights and the throwing seemed to be pretty poor; several interceptions were thrown. What was it like from your view and did Matt Jones do good in the scrimmage?

Vic: The passing game needs work, which is as you would expect at the end of the first week of training camp. Matt Jones caught a couple of passes of significant yardage and was just as I expected: A big target with good hands. Jones' ability to become a star wide receiver is tied to his development at running routes. When you're 6-6, a long-strider and you're playing wide receiver for the first time on a full-time basis, you're not going to appear especially quick going into and coming out of your breaks. That's what I noticed on Friday night; that the defensive backs covering Jones were able to mirror him through his cuts. He needs route-running work.

Farris from Jacksonville:
Ricky Williams from Miami is suspended for four regular-season games. Are pre-season games also a restriction for him?

Vic: No, Williams is clear to play in the preseason. In fact, he may get a real heavy load this Saturday night against the Jaguars. If I was Nick Saban, that's what I'd do. I'd find out how badly he wants to play.

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