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Williamson rewarding patience?

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Guy from Hilton Head Island, SC:
Why would Andy Reid's job be on the line for taking Vick into the system? Wouldn't that be a front office decision and the coach agrees to go along with it?

Vic: From what I've read, owner Jeffrey Lurie wasn't a big fan of the idea and Reid had to sell him on it. That's why I say Reid may have put his job on the line by signing Vick. He's accepted responsibility for it.

André from São Paulo, Brazil:
A reporter from Cleveland said sources inside the Browns told him the Jaguars move for Don Carey was unethical. Can you give us your thoughts on that?

Vic: I knew something was up because the reporter called me last week about the Carey situation. I didn't know what it was but I suspected we'd have a little controversy to discuss this week. I know of no unwritten rule about teams not signing players that are waived injured. In fact, I've always been of the opinion that when you claim a player that's been waived injured, you're likely doing that team a favor. Allow me to explain: When a team wants to cut a player that has an injury, they must acknowledge that injury by proclaiming that he is being "waived injured." If another team claims that player, they accept the liability that accompanies his injury, meaning the injury liability has been transferred from the cutting team to the claiming team, and the claiming team would have to negotiate an injury settlement with the player if they cut him as a result of that injury. Because the player is being claimed off waivers, he must immediately be placed on the team's active roster. Given those circumstances, it's rare that a team would claim a player that has been waived injured. In the case of Don Carey, the Jaguars were willing to accept his injury liability because the roster limit is at 80 right now. Why else would the Jaguars claim Carey and accept the liability? Because they like his talent and because the Jaguars are trying to rebuild their roster. That's what comes shining through in all of this. It may turn out the Jaguars claimed a player who develops into a future contributor, which would mean the Browns made a mistake in not moving Carey to injured reserve. The reason they didn't want to do that is because moving him to IR without him first clearing waivers would've caused the Browns to lose a roster spot until teams cut to 53. In my opinion, this is minor stuff and I'm surprised we're even discussing it. Why would any team risk losing a player they like, just to hold onto a roster spot they're only a few weeks away from losing?

Danny from Clearwater, FL:
Although he is no longer a Jaguar, I'm sure a lot of readers are interested in any thoughts you may have about Byron Leftwich returning to Jacksonville to start under center for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Vic: I'm glad to see that Byron has rebounded from his setback in Jacksonville, and with a Super Bowl ring no less. We'll talk on Saturday. I look forward to seeing him play.

Bill from Palm Coast, FL:
Seven years with no quarterback and seven years with no real interest in one. I like David but he is not the answer. After so many years, this is getting hard to take.

Vic: I know what you mean. Losing the preseason opener is devastating. Blow it up! Wait a minute. That's what they did.

Lee from Elkridge, MD:
I watched the game and was really disappointed in the offensive line play. Our starting QB got hit more than the backups. I know we're rebuilding, but I honestly thought the line work would be one of our strong points. Your thoughts?

Vic: You're right, they're rebuilding. Patience is required.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Troy Williamson did a great job. You can really see the work he has put in.

Vic: Wouldn't it be nice if Williamson rewarded the patience that was invested in him? When he plays as he did on Monday night, you see the size and the speed and you think to yourself, maybe he still can be the star receiver he was drafted to be.

Deangelo from Jacksonville:
So what are your thoughts on last night's preseason game?

Vic: It was just OK. The defensive line was the top-performing group, but it wasn't as though they dominated. Beyond that, you have to put on the tape and look at individual battles. You'll see things you like and things you don't like. Nothing jumped out at me. I'd like for something to jump out at me this Saturday, but it's the game in Philadelphia in week three of the preseason that'll give us our best indication of what this team might be this season. Game three is always the best indicator. The first two games are warm-ups for game three.

Dave from St. Louis, MO:
How long should Miami let Chad Henne sit on the bench? I know this is only preseason but it's obvious he has very impressive deep-ball skills. I know decision-making is what is most important for a quarterback but this guy looks to have the best upside the Dolphins have had since Marino. What did you think of his performance?

Vic: I think he's a talent. His throws were crisp and on his receivers' fingers. He would seem to be the Dolphins' quarterback of the future. Chad Pennington's performance will determine when the future begins.

Matt from Palatka, FL:
I just wanted to hear your thoughts on a comparison between Jake Long and Eugene Monroe.

Vic: Long is a man-eater. I focused on him for awhile and I was amazed at his power and surge in the run game. I focused on Monroe and I saw the same guy who impressed me right away in mini-camp. Monroe is a natural pass-blocker who mirrors the pass-rusher as though the two had rehearsed the play. Long and Monroe are polar opposites. Long's game is power. Monroe's game is the athleticism and the technical ability that goes with pass-blocking.

Nate from Jacksonville:
I was impressed by Considine last night. What was your impression of him and the rest of the defensive backs?

Vic: Sean Considine was the best of the defensive backs. I liked his aggressiveness. Brian Williams had a rough night. I look forward to seeing Derek Cox play. Free safety continues to be a quiet position. I'd like to see somebody jump out at me at free safety.

Nathan from Richmond, VA:
I'm interested to read how Josh Vaughan looked on Monday night. I read in your blog that he impressed, but I was hoping for a little more in-depth discussion about him.

Vic: He carried the ball seven times for 28 yards, which led the Jaguars in rushing. He was a power runner and he truly moves the pile. For Tampa to cut him, they must have a deep stable of running backs. I saw him run over somebody in practice three times last week. I'd like to see more of him. I'd like to know if he can catch and block. He's worth a look.

Jesse from Hilton Head, SC:
Which rookie do you expect to make the biggest impact this season?

Vic: Eugene Monroe.

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