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You asked for it

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Trent from Litchville, ND:
Actually, it would be pretty hard to find the 2006 North Dakota vs. North Dakota State game because they haven't played one another since 2003.

Vic: Well, if they had played, I'd have the tape, and to prove my point, I've included a link to the 2008 monster clash between Norwich and Hartwick, commonly known as the world's largest outhouse cocktail party. VIDEO (Quicktime .mov)

Jami from Arlington, VA:
I'm sorry for the anger. I'm sorry for the people that read your column but don't hear what you say. I'm sorry the city seems to have forgotten the passion. I'm happy that we still have a team. I'm happy that we appear to be heading in the right direction with the players. I'm happy that you do what you do. I think you might have covered this before, but I thought I'd ask anyway. The elite teams don't get there overnight. To stay there, they must draft well year after year. How many years do you think it takes a team to establish that culture?

Vic: Three or more.

Donnie from Palm City, FL:
Can I still buy tickets at the stadium front gate on game day? If so, are there still good seats available for a decent price?

Vic: Yes and yes, for you and for 20,000 friends.

Richard from Tampa, FL:
Were Maurice Jones-Drew's comments the act of a leader to inspire his team or were they selfish and disruptive?

Vic: I am absolutely sure they were intended to inspire the team and that they were spoken by a man who considers himself to be in a leadership role.

Paul from Grimsby, England:
What do you make of Maurice Jones-Drew's criticism of the play-calling in the Seattle game? I never expect anything good to come of it and it does not fit well with the teamwork philosophy the Jaguars are striving for this year.

Vic: I think it's a little early in the season for something like that, but I'm willing to give it a chance and see if it kick-starts something.

Mike from St. Mary's, GA:
I really thought the defense was hanging in there while the offense struggled. Garrard was hit 18 times, more than any other quarterback last weekend. What's up with the offensive line? Is it just recovery from injury? Are Meester, Manuwai and Williams on the backside? I'm seriously at a loss.

Vic: I said from the very beginning that this would be a roster rebuilding year. Never at any time have I suggested that expectations should be adjusted upward, yet, you tell me you're at a loss to understand the team's deficiencies, and I'm at a loss to understand why.

Max from Jacksonville:
Remind me again which direction the arrow is pointing.

Vic: If you're a rational person who understands this season is about the development of young players, then you know the arrow is pointing up. If you're someone who wishes to perseverate on the negative, whines about not winning and by and large are one of those people who lacks patience and football savvy, then it's understandable why you would perceive the arrow to be pointing down.

Dane from Jacksonville:
In the NFL, can consistency be built by keeping a group of lower talent-level players together over a long period of time? Or is consistency built by obtaining the best available talent, even if they haven't played together for long? Your thoughts?

Vic: It's about talent and the development of it. I think you should be able to apply that in such a way to answer all of your questions.

Roger from Jacksonville:
How about a special "Ask Vic" in which you select 20 consecutive e-mails from your inbox and publish them. I think "Ask Vic" readers would be interested to know what you filter through every day. I trust your integrity to ensure the selection will be random. Call it "Unfiltered Ask Vic."

Vic: Roger, here are the 10 that followed yours. Why? Because you asked for it.

John from Jacksonville:
Why is losing and a complete lack of effort a joking matter (Phillip's question)? I'm supposed to take my son to the Jag game just to see players who don't care about us? I pay good, no, very good money (money I don't have) to go see men do their job half-(butt) and find joy in our suffering (Garrard laughing). What would happen if we did our jobs to the Jaguars' standards? These are questions I feel strong about. I love this team. I wonder if it is just me. Thank you for your time.

Vic: You're welcome.

Steve from Jacksonville:
With Maurice Jones-Drew going public the way he did, are the wheels getting ready to fall off of this team?

Vic: I hope not.

Michael from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Would the NFL have a problem with Al Sharpton being a part owner, since he is also controversial because of the Brawly case?

Vic: I don't know.

Tom from Tipton, IN:
You cracked me up with that plane ride home answer you gave but, seriously, what are plane rides home really like, win or lose?

Vic: They're fun.

David from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I just had a question on the comment you made about the plane ride back to Jacksonville after the Seahawks game. I just can't tell if you were serious or not about their intensity. I believed what you said about John Henderson and David Garrard after an emotional loss, but removing the seats and practicing plays seemed a bit odd.

Vic: Would I lie to you?

Colton from Denver, CO:
It's time we finally figured this out for the rest of the year, Monroe or Thomas?

Vic: Barabbas.

Tim from Johnston, RI:
Is there any way the Jaguars can pick up a good linebacker, for example, Merriman? Not only could a big name like that help their defense but also get them pumped up.

Vic: No.

Gabe from Jacksonville:
I saw "The Band that Never Died" documentary. I'm wondering how this town would react if the Jags sneaked off in Mayflower trucks in the middle of the night. Would grown men cry?

Vic: They already do.

Sean from Wichita Falls, TX:
I read on the NFL site that Glen Dorsey might be up for a trade. Would the Jags go for him and switch to a 4-3?

Vic: Switching a lot is always good.

Jeff from Tallahassee, FL:
I am in the sales profession. I have had many green salesmen working for me over the years but I don't think I have ever been told better excuses for not winning than the ones that you, Jack Del Rio and Brian Sexton offer up for losing. You either close the deal or you don't, end of story. If you don't close enough deals, then you are fired. I don't care what time zone you play in, you got embarrassed in Pacific time Sunday and embarrassed in Eastern time three weeks ago. Unless I missed something, business (including the business of the NFL) is results-based. If the results aren't there, then it's time to move on. No excuses, no apologies. What time is it?

Vic: Time to stop.

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