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You be the judge on Fred

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
If Taylor was so bad in short-yardage situations last year, why not give the ball to Stroud or Henderson on third-and-one? The Bears used the "Fridge." Why not?

Vic: It's not that easy. Big guys have a tendency to get cut and lie in the hole. William Perry was special in that he combined girth with short legs and very quick feet. You couldn't cut him because there was nothing to cut.

John from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
You really think Fred Taylor is one of the best big-play running backs in recent NFL history? How recent? Any facts to back that up?

Vic: Of the 21 longest runs from scrimmage in Jaguars history, Fred Taylor has accounted for 13 of them. In his six-year career, he has 21 runs of 30 yards or longer, including runs of 90, 77, 71, 70, 63 and 62 yards. He also owns two of the Jaguars' six-longest pass receptions; 78 and 72 yards. I'll rest my research on those numbers. If you want to compare those to the long plays of other running backs, in any era, be my guest.

Mike from London, Canada:
Just wondering about Jeremy's question about NFL expansion, and I get that it's not likely to happen soon, but have you ever heard discussion about a franchise being set up in Toronto?

Vic: That would destroy the Canadian Football League and the NFL doesn't want to do that.

Scot from Jacksonville:
How in the world can people think (in looking at the online poll) that we are deepest at defensive line?

Vic: The poll results show that 55 percent of the participants believe the Jaguars are deepest at running back, and that's an accurate assumption, but I can't agree with the 12 percent who believe the Jaguars' second-deepest position is the defensive line. In fact, the defensive line may be the position at which the Jaguars have the least depth. We all know about the need at defensive end, and even at tackle, where the Jaguars have two quality starters but are pinning their hopes on a rookie from Delta State to become the number three guy.

Ron from Jacksonville:
I've heard a lot about Anthony Maddox being a big steal for a second-day pick. Do you think he could push for enough time to force a three-man rotation at the defensive tackle position?

Vic: That's what the Jaguars are hoping will happen. The guy is quick.

Glenn from Savannah, GA:
Do you think Garrard's medical prognosis will eliminate him from other NFL teams' wish lists as a potential starting QB?

Vic: I sure hope not. I really like David Garrard and I think he has big-time talent, but to get a shot at a starting job he's probably going to have to prove he has the effects of his Crohn's Disease under control.

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