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You wanna see nice? Here's nice

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Scott from Statesboro, GA:
In the Christmas spirit, wouldn't it be nice if all the NFL players pitched in money to cover the salaries of the 150 employees that are losing their jobs?

Vic: Yeah, that would be nice. I'll let you know when it happens.

Tri from Jacksonville:
I think it's hypocritical for one generation to claim the other has it wrong and things should be one way or another. Every grown person should remember that, when they were young, they thought differently than their elders and were probably accused of knowing nothing due to their youth. Younger people should realize they will age and should hope to do so with grace. Hopefully, they'll remember they were young once and not spend their days with spite and bitterness, longing for how it used to be.

Vic: Yes, you are absolutely correct. We should respect each other and try to be sensitive to what each generation is attempting to convey. Speaking for my generation, I think we should understand that the young fans of today will be the old fans of tomorrow, and then you'll be an old fan complaining about the young fans. I've been both. Let me know when you want some advice.

Enrique from Jacksonville:
Can they change all this year's merchandise to read, "Believe in Later?"

Vic: That's not nice.

Ryan from Kokomo, IN:
The Colts have won 10-plus games for seven consecutive years and had seven-game winning streaks in five straight seasons. Can you put this in perspective for your readers? How have they done this?

Vic: It's because of their great greatness. All of the NFL is in awe of it and of how a town that thought a football was a basketball trying to smile stole a heritage franchise from one of the great cities in NFL history and was able to carve its own niche in professional football history.

Dave from Grafton, VA:
I have an early 1990's video called "John Elway's Greatest Comebacks" in which I notice that Elway repeatedly yelled (as best as I can tell) "Red 98" before every play. This may join the guy wires and the raccoons in the ranks of "Ask Vic" mythology, and in honor of "Nice Day," I'd like to say how very much I appreciate all that you do for Jaguars fans. Your blog and daily Q&As make it much easier to follow the team and I greatly appreciate your many years of wisdom and your diligence in following and reporting on not just the Jaguars but all of pro and college football. I always tell my non-Jaguars fan friends that the best thing about being a Jaguars fan is reading Vic, and some of them regularly read you, too.

Vic: I am overwhelmed by your niceness.

Greg from Atlantic Beach, FL:
On the team plane, who gets the first class seats?

Vic: The coaches sit in first class, so they have that going for them, which is nice.

Josh from Jacksonville:
Who is the nicest guy on the Jaguars squad? In the front office?

Vic: I think Fred Taylor is the nicest guy on the team, assistant capologist Tim Walsh is the nicest guy in the front office and my guess is that most people would think that I am the nicest, most sensitive and sincere person in the building.

Doug from Jacksonville:
Do you prefer puppy dogs or kittens, daisies or rainbows?

Vic: All of those things and long walks on the beach, too.

Mike from Jacksonville:
If you were still covering the Steelers and Tim Tebow played for Pitt, would you get nearly as many "Ask Vic" questions from Pittsburgh natives asking when Tebow will be drafted by the Steelers? I've only lived in Jacksonville my whole life so my perspective of college football fans are limited in scope to a landscape of loyal but often times blinded Gator fans. I have to believe there is a world of intelligent college football fans outside of the so-called Gator nation.

Vic: I was covering the Steelers when they passed on Dan Marino and, believe me, Pitt fans went nuts. There was a firestorm of protest, and Marino didn't even do that neato, keeno fake-run jump-pass thing Tebow does. Hey, don't be so hard on Gator fans. They have a great quarterback and a great team that'll probably win the national championship.

Eric from Jacksonville:
My dad has had two season tickets to the Jags since their inception and my family and I take turns going to all the games. Next year, I will be leaving for college and my dad will be left alone. We want to support the Jags with season tickets but what should we do with that other ticket? I don't think my dad has too many friends.

Vic: Maybe you should help him find, you know, a special friend. That would be nice.

John from St. Augustine, FL:
Watching Monday night's game, at one point the Browns took a delay of game when punting, presumably to give their punter more room to pin the Eagles to their goal line. The Eagles declined the penalty. Could the Browns have done this again? In other words, could this have gone back and forth like that indefinitely?

Vic: I think it could go on forever, until the punter is either too old to punt or he's dead, at which point the Eagles should accept the penalty because it would probably give them better field position.

Ray from Jacksonville:
In the game last Sunday, why did the Jags go for two?

Vic: Because they couldn't go for three.

Jonathon from Washington, DC:
With the Jags playing on Thursday, you'll be able to watch other games this Sunday. Which game are you more interested in, Steelers-Titans or Panthers-Giants?

Vic: This is a unique weekend. This is the first weekend this late in the season that I can remember four teams playing in two games that'll likely decide homefield advantage for the two conference's playoffs. Sunday should be a really special TV day, with the Steelers-Titans at one o'clock, some dandy four o'clockers, such as Buffalo at Denver and Atlanta at Minnesota, and the Panthers-Giants at night. Hey, and it all starts on Saturday with this beauty, Baltimore at Dallas. That's one of the best regular-season TV lineups I can ever remember. I'm going to be interested equally in both "homefield" games. I love the defensive matchup between the Steelers and Titans and I love what Carolina is doing in the run game; the Giants may be fading. The game for which I have greatest interest, however, is the Baltimore-Dallas game. I am really looking forward to that one. All of the games should be nice.

Dustin from Jacksonville:
In Monday's article, Northcutt said he hasn't complained about his limited playing time because he didn't want to be a distraction. I can't even begin to tell you how much I respect that. He seems very mature, unlike some of the other stars that play this game.

Vic: Yeah, I liked that, too, but if you say you didn't complain, aren't you complaining?

Joey from Jacksonville:
You can watch the NFL Network games on for free if you do not get NFL Network. The quality is pretty good if you have a high speed internet connection.

Vic: That's nice.

Fester from Pensacola, FL:
How does the NFL get around anti-trust laws by having a draft and not allowing a player to sign with which ever team he wants?

Vic: It's called a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the owners and the players and it provides for the operating structure of the league.

Harry from Jacksonville:
I saw the replay of the 1993 Cowboys-Giants game the other day. A player named Kevin Gogan had his helmet off and I swear he had the largest head of any human I have ever seen. Why do some football players have such enormous heads? I also saw Tiki Barber on the NBC broadcast Sunday night and his head looked massive but his upper body looked tiny, as though he had been photo-shopped together. I never noticed these things before. Could it be the hi-def?

Vic: No, it's the heads. You could put Barber's head inside Gogan's and then put both of them inside O.J.'s.

Josiah from Spring Hill, KS:
Matt Ryan is having an excellent debut and Ben Roethlisberger seems to be indestructible. Who would you rather have as a QB?

Vic: I haven't seen a more poised and natural-looking rookie quarterback than Matt Ryan since Dan Marino came into the league. I guess I'm saying I'd take Ryan.

Sol from Atlantic Beach, FL:
What is the best display of sportsmanship you have witnessed at an NFL game?

Vic: I think I saw an act of sportsmanship in last season's playoffs, when Roethlisberger waited for David Garrard to complete a postgame TV interview so that Roethlisberger could congratulate Garrard on his victory.

Ryan from Richmond, VA:
I come for your sarcasm, not your niceness.

Vic: I can be nice, too, and it's about time people see that side of me. I am a deeply sensitive person who understands his fellow man's inner struggles and shares with him our common frustrations and misgivings. I have been wrongly typecast and it's time that I proclaim for all to hear: I can be nice. There will be no "Ask Vic" on Thursday.

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