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A message from my heart

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Joey from Jacksonville:
It was reported that the intra-squad scrimmage will only be for season-ticket holders this year. As a season-ticket holder, this is stupid. People bring their kids to the scrimmage that don't have tickets and it's a great way to grow the fan base. I hope the Jaguars find some other way to reward the season-ticket holders.

Vic: At this time, I would like to speak to everyone from my heart. I ask that you, please, read my words carefully and embrace them. Here goes: Folks, this is it. This is save the whale. Forget, for the moment, about kids and growing the fan base for the future. We've been doing that since 1995. Back then, it was about the future. In 2010, it's about the present. The decision to limit the scrimmage to season-ticket holders was made for the purpose of adding value to a season ticket. It was carefully considered and the decision was made, not for the purpose of punishing those who don't have tickets, but to reward those who do have tickets because adding value to a season ticket might help sell more of them. That's all it is. The focus has become that sharp because ticket sales, not the futures of David Garrard and Jack Del Rio, is the number one issue confronting this team, and it's not about next year's ticket sales or growing the fan base for 2020, it's about selling tickets for this year. This is it. This is save the whale and, from my perch on the beach, the whale is struggling to live. I think everyone would do well to understand that the radical nature of this decision underscores the team's desperation to sell tickets. The team knew this decision would be harshly criticized, yet, it went forward with it. Why do you think it did? If your answer is that we have reached the tipping point, then you are a logical person.

Trey from Jacksonville:
I know this might sound crazy, but I think every team should have a brother team in the NFL that they play every year. For us, I would say Pittsburgh because I think we have so much history. Your thoughts?

Vic: Tennessee is that team. The Jaguars have a relationship with the Titans that defines the team's history. The Titans franchise gave the Jaguars its first-ever win and worst-ever loss.

Jake from Spokane, WA:
I was watching clips of Super Bowl III on "NFL Network." I didn't understand why Johnny Unitas was on the bench, seeing as he was one of the all-time greats. Do you know what the reason for that was?

Vic: Unitas missed the season with an injury and his replacement, Earl Morrall, won the NFL MVP award.

Joseph from Jacksonville:
I know other teams' scouts are not allowed to come to free practices, but does the scrimmage only being open to season-ticket holders change the free nature and thus allow for scouts?

Vic: No, it doesn't, because admission won't be charged to season-ticket holders.

Emil from Tallahassee, FL:
How big a deal is this? Do you feel this is a case of the Jaguars ignoring the rules, or another case of the ever-softening of the NFL? Do you see this having an impact on us being competitive this season? In the long-term?

Vic: In my opinion, the NFL's crackdown on OTAs, stimulated by players union complaints, of course, only means one thing: Negotiations on a new CBA have begun. It's professional football; it's about the money. Don't be so emotional about every little thing. Follow the money and you'll find the truth.

John from Arlington, VA:
So does the "dead zone" begin Saturday?

Vic: The "dead zone" has begun.

Kelly from Greensburg, IN:
Do you think we will ever know exactly what caused OTAs to be canceled? Do you already know and would you tell us?

Vic: I think I did it. I had reported a few times that these were the most intense OTAs I had ever seen.

Greg from Jacksonville:
I'm glad Jack Del Rio stepped up the intensity of the practices. He needs to work them hard like coach Coughlin used to do.

Vic: OTAs have always lacked significance, but not anymore. The NFL just made them important. Fans love confrontation.

Trevor from Jacksonville:
If you were Gene Smith, Jack Del Rio or even Wayne Weaver, would you go out of your way to find out who told, and what would you do with that person?

Vic: I would find out what person cared enough to address this issue. Upon finding him, I would applaud his honesty and courageousness and reward him in some monetary fashion.

Guy from Hilton Head Island, SC:
If Neil is right about his numbers, I believe it is sad that we are spending four times more money on space research than the environment and natural resources. Who cares about saving our planet when you can just go colonize a new one?

Vic: Yeah, there's gotta be another place where we can kill the buffalo, poison the air, foul the water, etc.

Mike from Jacksonville:
I think the general public being shut out of the scrimmage is ridiculous. For some people, that's the only stadium experience they will get all year.

Vic: That's the problem.

Nolan from Tampa, FL:
Why is it that you have to throw in one to two over-the-top comments which praise yourself as a journalist or human being into every "Ask Vic" segment? I do happen to respect you as a journalist, but your constant public display of ego-boosting hyperbole by fans who only phrase questions in a way that delight you is obnoxious. You balance this by adding an ignorant rant from someone who doesn't like you every now and then, but I could do without all of it. How about an "Ask Vic" segment with relevant questions and comments? I think many people would find that just as entertaining.

Vic: I love ignorant rants.

Chris from Pleasantville, NY:
I just wanted to thank you for the work you put into this column. I first started to come to this site many years ago to check on my Jaguars and find out the latest news on the team, but this column has evolved into so much more than that. While we still get the latest news and hints from your writing, you also provide us with another opinion on various topics in the news. I have loved reading your columns and following along with the inside jokes that only the "Ask Vic" family could understand. Thank you for helping an out-of-towner keep up with his favorite team and for creating a column that I look forward to reading every day. See, not everyone is angry.

Vic: I love ego-boosting hyperbole.

Cary from St. Simons, GA:
Excessively intense regimen? Really? I think Vince Lombardi just rolled over in his grave.

Vic: They didn't have OTAs when Lombardi was coaching. The coach said goodbye to his players in the locker room following the team's last game of the season, and he didn't see them again until training camp. I honestly think that might've been a better way.

Tia from Jacksonville:
In an article on Thursday, you mentioned the Jaguars ending practice doing "gassers." What does this term mean?

Vic: It means running sprints until you're out of gas. This column has just run out of gas.

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