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Answers require time

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

David from Orlando, FL:
The Jags have a lot riding on the legs of Fred Taylor. Do you think the Jags have enough depth at the running back position, if Fred should go down?

Vic: I'm not trying to dodge your question, but only time will tell. I don't know enough about LaBrandon Toefield to give you a confident answer. Elvis Joseph has utility-back talent that could surface in a big way in the "West Coast offense," but Toefield's ability to replace Stacey Mack is the defining issue. We'll have to wait.

Richard from Orlando, FL:
If the Jags had gone to the Super Bowl in 1999, do you think Tom Coughlin would still be coaching in Jacksonville?

Vic: It helps any coach's job security to have a Super Bowl -- especially a Super Bowl title -- in his resume, but three consecutive losing seasons are difficult to overcome. The real question is: What would the Jaguars have done differently, had they won the 1999 season Super Bowl? They may have charted a completely different course, and that may have saved Tom Coughlin's job.

Brian from New York, NY:
I feel the Jaguars need more depth at the wide receiver position. Will we address this issue during free agency, or is the team comfortable with what they have?

Vic: I feel confident in saying the Jaguars would like to address their need at wide receiver, and I expect them to take the first steps in that direction by signing J.J. Stokes.

Jim from Jacksonville:
ESPN has the Jags ranked 29th. Do you think where the pundits rank any team prior to the season is a factor in motivating teams to either prove themselves or believe their own press and become overconfident?

Vic: I think media and fan opinion impacts a team's perception of itself and either challenges or softens a team's resolve. But all of that means nothing if you don't have the "horses."

Derrick from Palm Coast, FL:
I am a huge LSU fan and I was wondering what your opinion is on the Jaguars selecting LaBrandon Toefield? And do you think he'll make the final roster?

Vic: LaBrandon Toefield is a big, strong, talented runner whose career has been compromised by two ACL injuries to his left knee. On the second day of the draft, you have to take risks to hit a home run. Toefield has home run potential. The rest requires time.

Marc from Las Vegas, NV:
I haven't heard any mention of the kickers' progress in the mini-camps so far. Since we lost several games last year, I would assume that position is of vital importance to Jack Del Rio and his new staff. Any word on how rookies Marler and Duval are doing?

Vic: The kickers haven't been featured in practices this spring. They have spent almost all of the practice time on a separate field, as Jack Del Rio and his staff have worked to install a new offense and defense. In other words, there have been no high-drama competitions that would provide a measuring stick of one kicker vs. another. That will certainly happen in training camp.

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