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Dream foursome


If you are a golfer then the question has probably been posed to you several times:  What would be your dream foursome?  Who would be the other three players to round out your group?  I think most would probably choose family and friends and maybe one famous person.  Well, I hope so. 

We asked our Twitter followers on @jaguarsinsider to give us their dream Jaguars foursome for a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra.  It could be any past or present player, coach or administrator.  We got some interesting replies and there are going to be some groups with five which will slow play down quite a bit. 

Of course, I would have to go with Wayne Weaver, Gene Smith, Jack Del Rio and Jaguars equipment manager Drew Hampton.   Yes, I love my job and I like getting new clothes!

Here we go:

@snivlem77: Definitely MJD, (Paul) Spicer, and (Joe) Zelenka. Or maybe (John) Jurkovic if Spicer was ornery that day.

@nicvor84: I&39;m gonna stick with our special teamers and go with Josh Scobee, Adam Podlesh, and Jeremy Cain!

@bonnieupright: I&39;m going with an All-Dreamy Team: Bryan Schwartz, Mark Brunell and Jaxson De Ville.

@Bucky_Todd: Mark Brunell, Tony Brackens, Keenan McCardell

@JohnnyliarlTTC: Wayne Weaver, Mark Brunell, Maurice Jones Drew!

@HawknWithGreene: Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor and Josh Scobee would be an unreal and great experience.

@snivlem77: FredTaylor, Paul Spicer and Joe Zelenka would be a fun round.

@TonyinJax2: Big Hen & Stroud in one cart (fun to watch) and any ROAR in mine.

@drkproducerWO87: I&39;ll take Fred Taylor, Josh Scobee, and Mike Tice on my foursome.

@jagus61: I&39;ll take Josh Scobee, Tony Boselli and Maurice Jones-Drew and I want Scobee as my partner

@MarkFrisch10: Fred T, MJD, Jimmy Smith

@dlegi: Vic Ketchman, Donovin Darius, Freddy T, David Garrard

@jkeeper23: Natrone Means, Donovin Darius, Keenan McCardell

@AllenR83: Boselli, Brunell, Taylor

@Craig_Cline: MJD, Scobee, and Mike Thomas

@CrazyPackersFan: The four guys my sister has jerseys of - Leftwich, Taylor, Garrard, Jones-Drew.

@JoshScobee10: My dream jag golf foursome? Stroud, Henderson (bodyguards) and MJD (so I could demoralize him on the course)

@Adamjordan24: If you balanced it properly for play, Scobee has to be there and conversation would be Fred, happy medium Coughlin! Perfect three!

@bluntsbigalo:  Maurice Jones-Drew, Fred Taylor, Blaine Gabbert

@rkr88: Richard Collier, Rashean Mathis and David Garrard

@Hettlin: Keenan McCardell, Jimmy Smith and Mark Brunell

@Hine20: MJD, Fred Taylor, Donovin Darius, and Josh Scobee.

@Mlewll: Tom Coughlin, Tony Boselli, and Tony Brackens 

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