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Fans are smarter than that

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Israel from Green Cove Springs, FL:
I believe I know what the Titans did to expose the Jaguars secondary; a lot of teams have been doing this. The Titans threw the deep ball when Reggie Nelson was alone in the back. Look at the defensive formations. I believe they probably audibled that pass when they had the matchup and coverage they wanted.

Vic: You're a smart man. That's exactly what they did. When they saw single-high safety, they went deep. Teams had been doing that to the Jaguars earlier in the year, which is the big reason the Jaguars started playing more "cover two," which is a two-deep safety set. The Jaguars have allowed the sixth-most completions of 20 or more yards in the league this year, 49, six of which have resulted in touchdowns. Single-high is an aggressive look. It's attack stuff. Rule of thumb is that when you attack on defense, the offense responds in kind.

Jay from Crown Heights, NY:
Did I read correctly in your Tuesday column that your official excuse for this season is the loss of two starting offensive guards? Aren't you the one perennially downplaying the importance of such a position, instead claiming that a good quarterback can overcome anything and essentially beat any team playing one on 11? Aren't you the guy who thinks if you just draft seven quarterbacks in a row that you'll return to a glory era like that of Notre Dame in the 1950's or something? You insist that every game every week is won by the team who has a better quarterback, but now you've decided the bitter disappointment that has become the Jaguars season is the result of injuries to the two starting offensive guards, generally considered the most disposable position in football? Hilarious, Ketchman.

Vic: I don't think that's what I was saying but it doesn't matter because the important thing is that you have been able to express your anger and, hopefully, that'll protect someone else from your wrath.

Joey from Tipton, IN:
How much of a team's record has to do with strength of schedule?

Vic: I'm a big believer in the effect of scheduling. I think I've been consistent in my stance on that position.

David from Corryton, TN:
I went back and re-read the first question. Your answer: It's inexplicable. What is inexplicable is how someone with a column and I guess a writing degree and some knowledge of football describes a pass play in which the receiver got open and the QB put it in there as inexplicable. Here's your question: Not if, but how many times were you dropped on your head before you started thinking inexplicable meant getting burnt?

Vic: I'm sorry but I don't know how many times I was dropped on my head. My mother never told me. I just do the best I can. I didn't intend to anger you.

Michael from Jacksonville:
On a radio morning show with one of the very outspoken players, the question was asked about differences between Titans and Jaguars. The player said both teams are very similar in every way. Then why 10-0 vs. 4-6, he was asked? He said I don't know. Then he said if you take away the three pass plays they had for the three touchdowns, they did not do much more at all. OK, I am a season ticket holder and a die-hard fan but if a player thinks that simple, that the team does not have that many issues, then how can this get turned around? I mean, how about not throwing the ball deep, not even one time? How about getting beat deep three times? How about almost no sacks again? Is this what they are told on Mondays when they are watching the films? Come on. Us fans are smarter than that.

Vic: Absolutely.

Thomas from Brussels, Belgium:
Why do you think the Jags have struggled so much this year compared to last season?

Vic: They got old.

David from Charlotte, NC:
The Jaguars could have gone after John Abraham and Shaun Rogers in the summer but did not. In retrospect, these guys have had fantastic seasons but would it have been worth the cost?

Vic: The Browns got Rogers in March for cornerback Leigh Bodden and a third-round pick, which the Lions used to select Florida State defensive tackle Andre Fluellen. It was a great trade for the Browns, who were shooting for the moon and believed this would be their year. Detroit was looking for a younger player who would apply to their future. It remains to be seen if Fluellen will be that player. Why did Detroit trade Rogers? Because they thought he was a player in decline. They obviously got that wrong. Abraham remained with the Falcons and is having a good year after being an oft-injured player who was hardly worth the money the Falcons paid him when they traded a first-round pick (number 15 overall) for him in 2006. Fortunately, they didn't trade him because, finally, he is worth the money. Trades are hit and miss. Sometimes the best trade is the one you didn't make.

Jason from Jacksonville:
I saw a lot of eight and nine-man fronts on Sunday against the Titans and one thing I noticed in that game, as well as in other games, is Garrard never audibles. Why is this? Do the coaches not trust him to read defenses correctly or am I just not seeing the audible?

Vic: He audibles, but you don't have to believe that.

Mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Do assistant coaches keep track of every play called or defensive scheme so they can use them to review the tapes after the game?

Vic: They keep track of everything. Not only do they do it for every play in every game, they do it for every play in practice. Every moment of every practice, including OTAs and mini-camp, and every play of every game, including preseason, is taped, reviewed and graded. Every player is evaluated for every practice, etc. The grading, scheming and evaluating is beyond any fan's imagination, and all of that information is stored in a computer data base.

Harold from Van Buren, AR:
Sacrifice their dignity? My son just finished his junior high football career. One of my good friends was an official and made what I thought was a bad call. What I heard come out of our stands was embarrassing, vulgar and totally lacking of anything resembling class. I heard pretty much the same thing coming from our sideline. I called him later that night and apologized for what he had to endure. He told me he had never been more humiliated and was never going to do another game in our town.

Vic: Who could blame him?

Henry from Jacksonville:
I've written you often as probably your only Vanderbilt reader. You apologized sincerely after I took exception to your diss of our win vs. Tennessee three years ago. You gave us credit for having a good QB in Cutler. Now, guess what, we're bowl eligible for the first time since 1982.

Vic: I'm so happy for you.

Felix from Jacksonville:
What's the draft look like for us, as far as number of picks and approximate order?

Vic: The Jaguars have a pick in each round except the seventh. The order will be determined by the next six games. As it stands, the Jaguars would appear to be headed for a pick in the top half of the draft.

Jenna from Jacksonville:
Please stop this column. I'm tired of listening to your opinions, which poisons your readers' minds. You're supposed to be a reporter that reports the facts. This column is getting out of hand because the majority of readers who read this thing hold onto every word you say because you're the one voice in the organization who communicates with the fans. Readers should be aware that this is one reporter's strong opinion and not a coach or pro scout. Seriously, Vic, maybe your player evaluations are diminishing. You should just stick to writing stories and stop acting like a scout.

Vic: You got it. There will be no "Ask Vic" on Friday.

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