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I can't take anymore

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Peter from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I've been worried about Byron's arm for a week now and noticed they really iced it down on the sidelines Saturday night after very little work. Your thoughts?

Vic: He has a "training camp arm." It's a little overworked, which is normal for every starting quarterback I've ever covered. His arm was rested in Monday morning's practice. I don't think you should be worried.

Logan from Calgary, Alberta:
I saw in the play-by-play stat sheet that Deon Grant was injured in Saturday's game. Can you give us an injury report on Deon and on any other players injured during the game.

Vic: Deon Grant left the game with a hip injury. He was back at practice on Monday. Bobby McCray strained a hamstring Saturday and did not practice on Monday.

Steven from Jacksonville:
First, I love your column and think you do a great job. Here are my questions. Where do you see where Leftwich has improved? He just looks like an average quarterback at best. What makes him so great? I don't see it. Also you said he beat Favre, Manning, McNair and Green last year. Am I missing something? Football is a team game and I don't remember him doing anything All-Pro-like in those games. To say he beat them and not that the team beat them is a slight on the other guys.

Vic: So why do you blame Leftwich when the Jaguars lose?

Nick from Toronto, Ontario:
After reading comparisons between Pearman and Priest Holmes, I have another comparison I think fits better: Alvin Pearman and Tiki Barber. Both are elusive, finesse-type backs who have great catching ability. Both are around the same size, although Pearman has a bit more bulk to him, and both spent their college days playing for Virginia.

Vic: That's a good comparison.

Clyde from Jacksonville:
When should the coaches become concerned over Reggie Williams' inability to perform at a high level during game conditions?

Vic: If at midseason he isn't showing signs of becoming a big-time receiver, then you can start to worry.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
I had the pleasure of meeting Pete Prisco before the Cardinals game out here. Most notably in our conversation, he confirmed that you are one of the few sportswriters in the country that actually get to write what you think. I know you have tried to relay that to your readers in your own humble way, but thought it important to share the third party confirmation, in hopes your readers can truly understand how lucky they are to get your honest opinions and not the company line.

Vic: I'm sure Pete meant to say "one of the few team website sportswriters," because Pete and I are proud members of a national sportswriting fraternity that would never consider writing anything other than what it believes to be the truth. I can understand why someone would be hesitant to believe the word of a reporter working for a team website. I would also be hesitant, but trust is earned over time and I intend to earn the trust of's readers. Team websites are a relatively new concept. They need to establish themselves as credible news outlets and, again, that will take time. I consider myself a pioneer, of sorts, and I like that a lot.

Mark from Savannah, GA:
When does the current CBA expire.

Vic: After the 2007 season.

Rion from Little Rock, AR:
Do you foresee the possibility of a QB package for "Long Tall" Jones? He can do some amazing things when at the wheel.

Vic: Please, stop, please. I admire the obsession and enthusiasm the football fans of your wonderful state have for Matt Jones, but this constant insistence that he play every position on the field has become a mind-numbing annoyance. I feel like the whole state of Arkansas is sitting in the seat behind me on the airplane and their knees are all sticking in my back. I surrender. Yes, I think Jones should play quarterback, and wide receiver, and tight end, and running back, and H-back, and return punts, too. I admit that I didn't know what the Jaguars got when they drafted him. This is my 34th year covering the NFL. I've covered Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell, Franco Harris and Fred Taylor, Terry Bradshaw and Mark Brunell, but my anticipation for what I'm about to see this season is causing me night tremors. I bow to the glory that is Razorback football. Just please, stop badgering me. I can't take anymore.

Eddie from Jacksonville:
I had a great time at the golf tournament. I was wondering when the pictures are going to be on the web. Also, I asked after the tournament what team in NFL history has the greatest winning percentage. I think you speculated that it was Chicago, but you told me to send it in and you would find out for me.

Vic: Eddie, our camera malfunctioned for the second consecutive year, which means we have now established a tradition we must uphold. Pictures of the "Ask Vic" golf tournament must never appear on It's our trademark. Maybe we can persuade other websites to cover our event. As for your question about winning percentage, Miami is number one at 59.11 percent, Oakland is second at 57.71, Dallas is third at 57 and Chicago is fourth at 55.41. Those winning percentages include postseason games.

Robert from Jacksonville:
I know that Del Rio, along with other members of the coaching staff, have historically been very supportive in regard to Leftwich's ability to serve as starting quarterback. Having said that, do you think they would consider the shift to Garrard if Garrard's present abilities seemed to overshadow that of Leftwich, or simply swallow a few more losses in hopes of better days ahead (again)?

Vic: Jack Del Rio will go with whatever quarterback he believes gives him the best chance to win. I assure you of that. This is a scoreboard business. These coaches are paid to win and winning is their only objective. Yes, when you draft a guy in the first round you must commit to him and his development, but that commitment also comes with a time limit. Byron Leftwich knows he has to produce wins; regular-season wins. He will be the starter on opening day, at which time the serious evaluation will begin again. Preseason is practice. Savvy football people don't get worked up about preseason games. Be savvy.

Steve from Jacksonville:
I generally agree with a lot of your sentiments regarding the Jaguars. Having said that, when you make the statement that Byron Leftwich has beaten Peyton Manning two out of the last three games they have played, are you suggesting that Byron is a better quarterback than Peyton?

Vic: Certainly not. I'm saying that in two of the last three games the Jaguars and Colts have played against each other, Byron Leftwich has been the winning quarterback. Is that difficult to understand? In those three games, Leftwich completed 64 of 93 passes for 797 yards, four touchdowns and one interception. Manning was 75 of 113 for 935 yards, seven touchdowns and three interceptions. Those are the facts. Interpret them any way you please.

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