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It's a matter of style

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Matt from Bloomington, IN:
I still agree with the choice to go for it on fourth down on our 40. The rain was coming to aid Denver and we had them on the ropes. It was time to go for the jugular, it just didn't work out.

Vic: This is a different game than the one I grew up covering. Coaches take those risks in today's game, as evidenced by what Bill Belichick did last year. It's a game of offense. It's a game of make a play, instead of make them make a play. It's a game of play to win, not play to not lose. I accept the changes and I tailor my reporting accordingly, but would I have gone for it in either of those two situations on Sunday? No way. I'm old-school when it comes to those things. I like playing a field-position game. I favor defense. I like forcing my opponent to make plays. It's a matter of style and personality. Either way you do it, you'll be judged by the result.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
The team looked good today. I thought the Jags got the start they wanted. So, Vic, what do you think of the first game. Any surprises?

Vic: Frankly, it came off pretty much as I expected. I think David Garrard is a good quarterback and that's how he played. Maurice Jones-Drew is the star of this team and I thought he controlled the action. I wasn't sure to what degree Aaron Kampman was recovered from his knee surgery, but I was certain the Jaguars' defensive line would play well and it did. I felt just as strongly about the Jags' offensive line. All of my concerns were in the secondary and those concerns were validated. I also expected the heat to be a factor and I think it was. I saw distinct signs that the Denver defense was gassed. I also expected a great crowd and it was just that, and I expected the Tebow jersey stuff to be way overrated and it was.

Lane from Longwood, FL:
Are you still sure it's a passing league? Manning threw for 433 yards; Schaub threw for 107 yards. However, Houston rushed for 257 yards, compared to Indy's 44, and Houston won.

Vic: Chris Johnson rushed for 142, including a 76-yard touchdown jaunt, and Rashard Mendenhall rushed for 120, including a 50-yard walk-off touchdown run in overtime. There's still room in football for the running game. It's all a matter of to what degree a team is willing to commit to it. You have to play a lot of good defense to allow your running game the time it takes to pound, pound, pound before the wall comes down. Of course, it doesn't appear Houston had to do much pounding.

Keith from Jacksonville:
I know it's just one game, but can we say now that Gene Smith knows what he's doing by picking Alualu instead of Tebow?

Vic: Yeah, I think we can say that. I think GM Gene has performed well enough in his two drafts for us to say he knows what he's doing.

Trey from Jacksonville:
What's up with Derrick Cox, Vic? Sophomore slump?

Vic: In interviewing him after yesterday's game, I got the idea that his foot injury in the summer may be a problem. I don't know that for sure, I just got that feeling. He talked a little about the injury and then, when asked what he has to do to get out of his slump, he said he has to work on his footwork. I kind of got a message out of that.

Peter from Jacksonville:
It's been at least 10 years since the crowd has been that loud? Could the love really be back?

Vic: Maybe, just maybe, the football fans of Jacksonville are finally beginning to understand that excuses aren't gonna work. Maybe, just maybe, they have come to understand that this is it.

John from Houston, TX:
You raised the question in your in-game blog: Which offensive linemen were available to the Broncos in the first round? Well they passed on Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Maurkice Pouncey and Bryan Bulaga. Of course, it's too early to tell how good those players will be, but GM Gene has already showed us you have to draft the big guys early and often.

Vic: It's all about the Broncos' board. If Tebow and Demaryious Thomas were the top guys on their board when they were picked, then their selections are validated, but that's a lot of beef to pass up. From where I sit, the passing game appears to be the Broncos' strength. Tebow and Thomas had to be about drafting the best available players because they sure weren't about addressing needs. The quarterback need, in my opinion, could've been better addressed next spring.

Adrian from Inglewood, CA:
All of the offseason acquisitions made a difference in the season-opener: Kampman, Morrison, Osgood and our top draft pick got a sack in his first-ever game.

Vic: GM Gene had a very good day. In addition to the three players you mentioned, Terrance Knighton, Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton were dominant. Rashad Jennings, Mike Thomas and Tiquan Underwood played well. Don't overlook Justin Smiley. David Jones provided some relief for Derek Cox. Sean Considine made some big plays. William Middleton got half a sack. All of those guys have come to the Jags in the last two years. That's a significant haul of talent.

Matt from Saint Marys, GA:
Is it just me or did Sean Considine have a great game?

Vic: Considine made plays. He always seems to make plays and he will hit you. If he was one step faster, he'd be the perfect free safety because he's naturally smart, tough and instinctive. If only he could get to the sideline to help over the top on the deep ball. In all other ways, he's everything you could want at safety.

Chris from Jacksonville:
Did you have a chance to watch the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game? What are your thoughts about going for a touchdown at the end of the half versus trying a field goal?

Vic: It cost them the game. Can there be any other thought than it was a ridiculous decision? I was so disappointed in Mike Mayock's reaction. I have come to regard Mayock as a voice of reason on the air. I have come to regard him as a true expert on the game of football, so why would he condone Brian Kelly's decision not to kick the field goal with three seconds to play and a backup quarterback in the game? Michigan just gave you three points by ridiculously allowing a desperation pass. Take the points, feel fortunate that you're only trailing by 10 and get to the locker room and start working on your second-half strategy. Don't squander the points and let a backup quarterback make you look ridiculous by throwing the ball into the stands.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
They should do the national anthem like they did Sunday for every game. That was awesome.

Vic: I liked it, too. I like the old days of the band playing the national anthem, instead of someone singing it and reinventing it. When did football become a singing sport? I like bands.

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