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It's a must-win game

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Markham, Ontario:
I am having an argument with my friend, who happens to be a Titans fan. He says that Stroud and Henderson are overrated because although they stop the run they don't get to the QB, and truly great DTs find a way to stop the run and get to the QB. I say that if the Jags had a decent pass-rushing DE that could attract the occasional double-team and open it up for Stroud and Henderson, they would be sacking QBs three times a game. Who is right?

Vic: Ask your friend if he'd like to have Stroud and Henderson on the Titans' defensive line this week.

Davy from Jacksonville:
The comment from John (from Melbourne, FL) made me laugh. I'm sure you get an overwhelming number of e-mails from people who love your column. If you don't like Vic's column, then move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the page and left-click the box with the "X" in it.

Vic: Hey, don't tell them to do that.

Trevor from Clearwater, FL:
I know it's early but who do you think is going to be drafted overall number one in next year's draft, and who do you think the Jags should draft?

Vic: It's way too early to know who's going to be number one, but here are some early candidates: quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Aaron Rodgers, both of whom are juniors; wide receiver Braylon Edwards; running back Cedric Benson; cornerback Antrel Rolle. Defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, who is also a junior, is at the top of everyone's draft board. He's a 6-8 guy with long arms and distinct pass-rush ability, but I saw him get stoned in a game so I can't jump on his bandwagon until I see him have a big game against a top tackle. Who should the Jaguars draft? The best player available.

John from Brooklyn, NY:
Is this Sunday's game against the Titans a must-win game and why?

Vic: According to the way things are now, yes, it is a must-win game, especially as it concerns the AFC South title race. Not only will the Jaguars probably need to win to stay tied for first place with the Colts, but, more importantly, they must win to have any chance of forcing the tie-breaker to common games, which is the number three tie-breaker. The number two tie-breaker is division record, and the Jaguars currently have one more division loss than the Colts. Another loss in the division would all but clinch the second tie-breaker for the Colts.

Michael from Los Angeles, CA:
You can never go home but you're welcome to stay here. Your comments on Brunell were poignant and dead-on. He was a great player but football is a game of change. Do overtime stats count toward individual totals?

Vic: Stats from overtime in regular-season games count toward a player's career totals.

John from Jacksonville:
What teams do the Colts have left to play? Do you see them winning-out?

Vic: The Colts play at Chicago, at Detroit, host Tennessee, go to Houston, are at home against Baltimore and San Diego, then finish the season at Denver. I don't expect the Colts to win-out.

Steve from Palm Coast, FL:
What does Jimmy Smith need to do the rest of his career to be considered a potential Hall of Famer?

Vic: Jimmy Smith needs a postseason moment. He needs one of those games that makes a player famous, because, let's not kid ourselves, the Hall of Fame is the Hall of Famous. That's how Lynn Swann made it into the Hall of Fame; by making circus catches and scoring touchdowns in Super Bowls. Jimmy needs a dominant and dramatic performance in a memorable postseason game. That's the kind of thing that would bring him to the front.

Mike from Atlanta, GA:
If the Jaguars kept an all-heart team, that is, players who's selfless dedication to the team inspires others, who do you think would be on it? The first guys who come to mind are Byron Leftwich and Tony Boselli.

Vic: I don't throw those kinds of accolades around to everyone. In other words, you have to play longer than a year-and-a-half for me to put a player in the all-heart category. Boselli? Absolutely. Nobody, however, played hurt better than Mark Brunell. His performance against the Steelers on Monday Night Football in 1997 was of legendary courage. He beat the Patriots in the 1998 playoffs on a high-ankle sprain that was still a problem for him going into the next summer's training camp. I'm not going to go any farther in naming all-heart players because I would, inevitably, forget someone and regret it. But I can tell you that when you talk about all-heart guys you begin with Brunell and Boselli.

Dave from Melbourne, FL:
My co-workers and I were under the impression that if a player on the punting team touched the ball, the ball was dead at the place he touched it. It sure looked like a Jag touched the ball that was returned for the first Lions TD. Have the rules changed or did it just look like a Jag touched the ball on the TV?

Vic: When a member of the kicking team touches the ball but fails to control it and down it, a member of the return team may advance the ball without risk of fumble. In other words, Eddie Drummond could've picked up the ball and run with it for two hours, and had he then fumbled, the ball would've gone back to where it was originally touched by Brian Jones. At that point, it would be first down Lions. If you're covering a punt and the ball touches you, you better go get it because it's a free one for the return team.

Justin from Jacksonville:
Do you see Sunday's game against the Titans a sell out? Will it be a blackout or not?

Vic: Blackout.

Tom from Orange Park, FL:
I know there must be seven guys on the line of scrimmage when the play starts, but I'm curious: When Kyle Brady shifts from the right tight end position to the left tight end position, the wide receiver on the left side steps back one yard from the line. Is there a rule stating there can only be seven total on the line?

Vic: In the scenario you present, Kyle Brady would have to be an end to be an eligible receiver. That's why the wide receiver takes a step back, so that Brady isn't "covered" by the wide receiver. The rules do not restrict offensive formations to seven men on the line. You can have more than seven men on the line of scrimmage but only the players at each "end" or side of the line-of-scrimmage formation may be eligible receivers.

Doug from Florence, SC:
How come Jay from New Bremen, OH, didn't make your Hall of Fame?

Vic: I don't just give away busts. We're talking about a place for only the very best and there is a strong criterion for selection. One question isn't going to get you in. I need to know this is a person of dedication. I need to know this is a person worthy of joining the company of those other esteemed members who have earned the right to say they are in the "Ask Vic" Hall of Fame. Jay is on his way. He can get there.

Brent from Palm Harbor, FL:
What is the Jags' current turnover differential?

Vic: Plus one, which has the Jaguars tied with the Titans.

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