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Jacksonville Jaguars team with VOKE to create ultimate gameday experience app

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Jaguars have formed a multi-faceted strategic partnership with VOKE, one of the world's leading virtual reality (VR) companies, to provide fans the ultimate game day immersive experience with the release of the official Jags Gameday app.  In addition to offering pioneering in-app VR instant replay technology during games, the app also serves as the go-to resource for detailed information fans need to enhance a memorable time at EverBank Field. 

VOKE's innovative multi-dimensional VR platform utilizes a synchronized multi-pod, 180-degree camera system – one pod on each sideline and one in each end zone.  Fans attending last Sunday's game at EverBank Field used the Jags Gameday app to become their own producer, with access to controllable instant replay from their choice of camera perspectives.

"The Jags Gameday app provides football fans at EverBank Field with unprecedented access to the most modern technology designed to enhance their experience," said Jaguars Vice President of Marketing & Digital Media Steven Ziff.  "VOKE's in-app VR technology allows fans at EverBank Field the ability to immediately watch VR instant replays of every play from multiple angles around the stadium, while controlling their own zoom, tilt and pan from each camera angle." 

The Jags Gameday app also provides fans with a resource that anticipates their needs on game day. The app's home screen chronologically adjusts its content based on what a typical fan would consider before, during and after a game.  Team news, ticket info, weather reports and directions show up first thing in the morning. As kickoff approaches, users will see parking and seating maps, team rosters, and concession information.  Once the game is underway, VR instant replay takes center stage.

"We've worked with the Jaguars to develop a unique and robust platform in the virtual reality space that other stadium environments simply don't have," said S. Jay Jayaram, VOKE's co-founder and CEO.  "We are pleased to provide the first in-stadium VR experience that every fan can enjoy from their seat in the stadium.  A fan in any seat in the house can get immersive views from on-field locations.  In essence, fans get to enjoy virtual field passes while attending the game."

The Jaguars and VOKE have also teamed up to deliver innovative technologies around the stadium, both from a fan-facing and coaching perspective.  Together they brought Oculus Rift immersive live streams to EverBank Field through real-time VR feeds, and most recently did the same for fans in London during the 2015 International Series Game. VOKE is also developing proprietary software applications for Jaguars coaches to potentially use as teaching and practice tools for players.

"The Jaguars are using innovative technology to provide our fans with a first rate experience.  We chose to partner with VOKE because they are leaders in live-event VR technology," said Senior Vice President of International Development Hussain Naqi.  "Together, we've already brought VR technology to our International Series game as part of NFL on Regent Street. We intend to continue using VOKE's VR technology to enhance our efforts at home and abroad." 

The Jags Gameday app is now available for download on mobile devices and tablets at the iTunes and Android stores.

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