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Little splurges can be costly

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tom from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Given the success of low-profile QBs (Maddox, etc.), is it reasonable to expect low-profile players in other positions to thrive because today's systems are better and provide even more evidence that no one player should be paid an amount that tips the cap? If Fred Taylor can't be signed for a reasonable amount, go another direction after this year.

Vic: I'm inclined to believe the success of players such as Tommy Maddox, Kelly Holcomb, Marc Bulger, etc. is directly attributable to the salary cap and the desperate straits in which teams find themselves. In the salary cap era, teams must develop inexpensive depth, and it's not limited to quarterback. You're right; you can't allow a few players to tip the scale.

Joe from Green Cove Springs, FL:
I love your article, Vic. Now, the question: Do you see Lockett competing for starting time next to Smith, or is he just a third-down receiver? I liked him when he played last season. Do you see the Jags addressing the WR need in the first round with an Andre Johnson, Taylor Jacobs or Roy Williams? I personally would love to have any of those guys on my team.

Vic: Kevin Lockett is coming into the prime years of his career and could blossom into the kind of possession pass-catcher the Jaguars need. He will certainly be given that opportunity. This year's wide receiver crop in the draft is very, very deep and talented. You shouldn't have to spend a first-round pick to get the wide receiver you need. When you're drafting as high as the Jaguars are (eighth overall), your most pressing need is to make sure you come away with a star-quality player, regardless of position.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
Vic, what's the difference between re-structuring a contract and extending a contract? Is it semantics? posts it as a re-structuring, while other websites refer to it as extending.

Vic: In my opinion, it's a contract extension when it doesn't change the salary cap number of the remaining years of the previous contract. It's a re-structuring when the obvious motive was to create cap room now.

Quentin from Amsterdam:
I heard that if there is going to be a war, the NFL Europe season will be played in Florida. Do you know if this is true?

Vic: I've heard rumblings to that effect. It would make sense.

Paulette from Jacksonville:
: Hey, Vic, why aren't we looking at free-agent WR Kevin Dyson? Wouldn't the Titans choke if we signed him? What's a guy like that worth anyway? I think we should splurge a little. Can Jimmy Smith shine this year, without another quality receiver? Who have you got in mind for that position?

Vic: Paulette, put your credit card back in your purse. Little splurges for players such as Kevin Dyson can destroy a team's salary cap. The draft is loaded with wide receivers, and they'll cost a lot less money.

Barry Jr. from Daytona Beach, FL:
Will the Jaguars go after a big-play special teams guy like Chad Morton, who would also be a good third-down back to Fred Taylor; especially since he's like the fastest player in the NFL. What are the chances the Jags will go after him, since he is a restricted free agent, even though they would have to give up a fifth or sixth-round pick for him?

Vic: Chad Morton signed an offer sheet from the Washington Redskins. Reportedly, the Redskins have offered Morton $8 million over five years, including a $2.5 million signing bonus. He requires fifth-round compensation. I consider all of that to be a very high price tag for a kickoff returner.

Travis from Ormond Beach, FL:
I'm really excited about next season. There are plenty of young players on the team that now have experience playing in the big time, so I think the future is very bright. My only concern is placekicker. The Jags tried drafting kickers the past couple of years and that didn't work out too well, and free agency wasn't too kind to them, either. Any word on whether the Jags will be drafting another kicker, or testing the free agent waters again?

Vic: I don't expect the Jaguars to draft a kicker. They have a lot of roster work to do and need to use all of their draft choices on playing personnel. They also lost a seventh-round pick in the Ike Charlton deal. I expect the Jaguars to sign a kicker from the ranks of available veterans, such as John Carney. And let's not forget Danny Boyd. He was five-for-five in field-goal attempts late last season, and he appears to have a strong leg. Then there's the possibility Chris Hanson may be tried on kickoffs, which he did in NFL Europe a few years ago.

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