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Looking forward to the draft

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
Will you blog the upcoming draft?

Vic: Yes.

Irv from Spring Valley, NY:
Thank you for honesty in your opinions. Though some may not agree, you stick by your guns. I know the Jags are going to be looking at wide receivers on draft day and I'd love your opinion on Brian Robiskie. Is he a receiver that would be a good draft choice in your opinion?

Vic: I think he would be an especially good pick for the Jaguars because Robiskie is groomed and ready to go. He's the son of a long-time NFL coach and, as a result, he has a Larry Fitzgerald-like NFL savvy about him. The Jaguars need a young receiver such as Robiskie, which is to say a guy who could step in right away and help. My question about Robiskie is his upside. That's what you worry about in a guy who's groomed and ready to go: Is this as good as he's going to get? I'm not saying it is. I'm just saying it's a question you have to ask. Yeah, you want a guy who's groomed and ready to go, but you also want him to have room for growth.

Jack from Jacksonville:
I was curious about your thoughts on Mike Walker. Do you think he can be a significant contributor for the Jaguars this year? Is his knee ready to go for a full season? Are there any other players on the roster that fans may not know much about, who you could see having an impact on the team this year? It would be great if we could have a couple jar-on-the-shelf type of players step up this year.

Vic: Mike is healthy and ready to show what he can do. He's shown flashes in practice. Early in his rookie training camp, he was fantastic. Late in last year's OTAs he was fantastic. The "bad" knee caused him to miss a lot of last year's training camp, and then he hurt the "good" knee early last season. He says both knees are fine now and it was easy to see on Tuesday when I interviewed Mike that he's high energy for carving a place for himself in the offense this year. He has speed, athletic ability and great hands. What's not to like? Now it's just a matter of staying on the field and doing it. Are there others lurking in the shadows? Yeah, probably. What about Uche Nwaneri, Drew Miller, Jeremy Mincey, Chauncey Washington, Nate Hughes, D'Juan Woods, Kennard Cox, Tim Shaw, Stefan Rodgers? They are all young players who have talent and may only need an opportunity to show what they can do.

Jim from Jacksonville:
Please, everyone, enough with the whining over big-name free agents. Just stop it. Here are some of last year's bigger free-agency signings: Asante Samuel, Alan Faneca, Justin Smith, Bernard Berrian, Gibril Wilson, Michael Turner, Drayton Florence, Antwan Odom, Jake Scott, Kwame Harris, Donte Stallworth, Jacques Reeves, Travis LaBoy, Randy Starks, Randall Gay, Julius Jones. How many of these players were actually worth the money?

Vic: Gibril Wilson, Drayton Florence and Kwame Harris have all been cut. Out of the group you've presented, Samuel and Turner are the only guys you could say were worth the money. Berrian was productive but wasn't the difference-maker his contract would seem to demand.

John from Saint Augustine, FL:
When you have a player like Tom Brady, who is getting older, you do whatever you can to win now. I think we can excuse the Patriots for that. When he's gone, you can spend a couple of years rebuilding knowing the legacy he left behind helped propel your entire organization to the top of the league. There are really only a couple of players like him in a generation.

Vic: You've said it very well.

Shannon from North Little Rock, AR:
I originally came to this site because of Matt Jones. Now that he is gone, do you mind if I stay on?

Vic: Please stay.

Mike from St. Mary's, GA:
The article I read on Michael Oher leads me to this question: Can he live independently and handle the lifestyle? What's your take on the matter?

Vic: That's a question that would cost the Jaguars about $17 million to answer. I love the story and I'll be rooting for him, but the uncertainty and cost are a bit too much for my taste.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
This is one season ticket holder that loves the direction this franchise is heading. I don't expect this team to be a playoff contender this year but I do expect them to be competitive and I think that is exactly what they are being positioned to be.

Vic: I think that's a reasonable and logical expectation.

Jeff from Fullerton, CA:
How is it that Chris Wells was able to shave over a tenth of a second off his 40 time between the combine and his pro day? Good training or a little hometown generosity?

Vic: The combine is a long, hard week and it can drain players of their energy in the middle of winter, when they're probably in their worst shape of the year. All of the players invited to the combine do a strenuous Cybex leg test/ortho exam, and they are all involved in long days that include a 5:30 a.m. drug test and player interviews that sometimes last until 11 p.m. Pro days on players' home turfs are not nearly as arduous and usually produce faster times.

Jeremy from Jerseyville, IL:
Does this mean no more e-mails from Toad Suck, Arkansas?

Vic: I'll miss the suckers.

Dave from Greensboro, NC:
Like I've said since the beginning of this offseason, we need a number one receiver horribly. The article about Mike Walker scared me, to be honest. I love his potential but he has shown no indication he should start for this team. We need to stop our problem for the past years, mediocre wide-outs. Please, if Crabtree is available draft him. Please sign Torry Holt to a one-year deal. Please do something!

Vic: Please don't jump.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
Now that the Jags have cut Matt Jones, expect another, wiser team to see where his true talents lie, at the QB position. Remember my words when Matt is passing for 300 yards and three touchdowns against the Jags in the near future.

Vic: Howard, as a man of the cloth I would've expected you to consult a higher authority before sending this ridiculous e-mail. Is there any chance you're being sarcastic and I missed it?

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Everyone knows what you think of Tom Brady as a quarterback. After seeing how Mark Brunell's career changed after a knee injury, do you think Tom Brady can come back and play at the same level he was at prior to the injury?

Vic: Improvisation was a big part of Brunell's game. He made things happen with his legs on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He was a runner and when he lost his ability to run, he lost a big part of his game. Brady is not and never has been a runner. His knee injury should have the same effect on his career that Dan Marino's Achilles injury had on his: none. Brady will have to regain confidence in his knee and overcome the natural tendency to shy away from contact or feel skittish against the rush. Once he does that, he'll be the same guy he was.

Junior from Kingsland, GA:
If things don't work out for Anquan Boldin in Arizona and he becomes available, do you think the Jaguars would be interested in paying the amount of money Boldin is looking for?

Vic: No.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Who would you pick as the best and worst Super Bowl teams of all time?

Vic: The best Super Bowl teams are probably the Steelers team that won Super Bowl XIII and the 49ers team that won Super Bowl XIX. The weakest Super Bowl champion, in my opinion, is probably the Colts team that won Super Bowl V.

Mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
President Obama selected Steelers owner Dan Rooney to be U.S. ambassador to Ireland. What can you tell us about Mr. Rooney?

Vic: His father would've never been prouder or happier, and I've never felt more secure that we won't go to war with Ireland.

Chad from Jacksonville:
Everything that's happening with the Jaguars this offseason has got me really excited. This is probably the most I have ever looked forward to an upcoming Jaguars season. How about you, Vic?

Vic: My focus is a little sharper. I'm really looking forward to this year's draft.

Dustin from Kissimmee, FL:
What's the difference between baloney and bologna?

Vic: One goes in your mouth and the other comes out of it.

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