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No shrinking from TV camera

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions. Attention: Those who've registered for any of the "Ask Vic" convention events should have received confirmation of their registration from Alisa Abbott. Any conventioneer who has not received confirmation from Alisa should contact her immediately at 904-633-6590 or at

Ken from Jacksonville:
I try to listen to all of the Jaguars radio shows, but often miss them due to work or girlfriend-related pursuits that seem more appealing at the time. I was wondering which shows of the big three (Jaguars Reporters, Jack Del Rio Show and Jaguars This Week) will be archived and posted on the site so I can listen to them later in the week? Thanks for all the time you put in and know that my girlfriend listens as well. She enjoys your straightforward answers to questions and how well you hide your emotions while you're answering. She likes you better than Jeff, if that helps.

Vic: The most recent editions of all of those shows will be posted on the front page of in the "multimedia" box. They will also be archived and you may access those archives by clicking on the "multimedia" bar on the left side of the home page, and then by clicking on "radio show archives." Your girlfriend is obviously very discriminating.

Larry from St. George, UT:
How do you think this Jaguars team will handle the preseason attention they're getting?

Vic: That's a big issue. This team has had its head filled with high expectations throughout the offseason. How will they react to those expectations? Will they accept them as a pat on the back, or as a challenge? I'm going to take the high road on this answer because there's no doubt in my mind Jack Del Rio is going to address this issue very fully in training camp, especially considering that Del Rio's team will be featured on NFL Network for five consecutive weeks. In fact, NFL Films' presence in the Jaguars' training camp may help Del Rio hammer home the need to answer the challenge of those high expectations. You can't be a shrinking violet when the camera is trained on you.

Jose from Jacksonville:
Great web site. Here are a few questions for you. How many nationally-televised games have the Jaguars played? How many Monday night games? What is our record in those games?

Vic: It's impossible to go back and determine what four o'clock games were nationally-televised, so let's stick to prime-time games. The Jaguars are 5-3 in Monday night games and a combined 4-5 in Sunday night and Thursday night games.

William from Jacksonville:
Does the NFL really think that blacking out a game will make someone buy a ticket if they were not planning to in the first place?

Vic: TV blackouts very definitely stimulate the sale of tickets. In the four days following the announcement that last year's home-opener against Buffalo would be blacked out, the Jaguars sold about 5,000 tickets. In the four days prior to the announcement that the game would be blacked out, the Jaguars sold about 1,500 tickets. The Colts are an even better example. The Colts, who play in the league's smallest stadium, have quite often had a couple of thousand tickets remaining 72 hours before kickoff, which has caused the game to be blacked out to local TV. The remaining tickets have then sold out but because it was after the blackout deadline, the game was still not shown on local TV.

Bill from St. Marys, GA:
Is there a plan for this year to have another intrasquad scrimmage game in Alltel Stadium with autograph signings like last year? My kids and I really enjoyed that.

Vic: There's an intrasquad scrimmage set for Friday, Aug. 6, at 7:30 p.m. and a mock game the following morning at 10 o'clock. The game field inside Alltel Stadium will be the site for each and fans may seek autographs following each session. Fans will enter Alltel Stadium from the south end zone.

Keith from Jacksonville:
Why would the Titans include a $50 million roster bonus for 2006 in Steve McNair's contract? It seems clear it's money that will never be received.

Vic: It's all dummy stuff intended to add more years to Steve McNair's salary cap proration. In other words, it's cap creativity, and we know how that turns out. Here's the deal with McNair's contract: The Titans will face a $50 million option bonus (not roster bonus) in March of 2006. If they decide to exercise that option (extend McNair's contract through 2009), the $50 million option bonus must be paid in March of '07. If the Titans decide in March of '06 not to pick up the option, they may retain McNair as their quarterback through the '06 season by paying him a $1 million non-exercise fee and a $9 million salary. He would then become a free agent at the end of the '06 season. If it's decided McNair isn't worth that money and the Titans want to commit to a youth movement, they can allow the contract to void in March of '06 and McNair to become a free agent immediately. I think it's safe to say they won't exercise the $50 million option bonus. The real deadline in the contract is the March '06 non-exercise fee: Do the Titans pay it and buy more time, negotiate a new long-term deal, or move on with a new quarterback? He would be 33 years old at that time.

Jason from Lake City, FL:
Who has the most interceptions of all time?

Vic: Paul Krause, 81.

Robert from St. Augustine Beach, FL:
Last week, Robert from Jacksonville asked: "Is there any word, yet, on the local broadcast of the NFL show covering the Jags training camp?" You answered: "Something may be breaking in the next few days. Stay tuned." I haven't seen anything. Did I miss the boat while in transition of my new job?

Vic: Hang in there a little longer. I think you'll like the result.

David from Oviedo, FL:
Do you consider the Titans our number one rival?

Vic: Yes.

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