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O-Zone: Double checking

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Max from Franklin Lakes, NJ:
Who do you think the two safeties and corners will be on the Jaguars next year?
John: This is a mammoth, front-page issue of the 2016 Jaguars offseason – perhaps second only to how the Jaguars will address pass rush. Without question the Jaguars' secondary will look different in 2016 than it did in 2015. How much different? We'll see. I believe Davon House will start at one corner with Aaron Colvin or a player yet to be acquired at the other corner – with Colvin or another player yet to be acquired playing nickel. I believe either James Sample or Johnathan Cyprien will start at strong safety with a player yet to be acquired playing free safety. For argument's sake, let's say: House and Jalen Ramsey at corner with Cyprien and Eric Weddle at safety. That would leave Colvin at nickel and Sample as a backup safety. Hmmm….
Ralph from Jacksonville:
John Oesher before the Super Bowl in response to what the Jags need to do to get better on defense: Rush the passer. Rush the passer. Rush the passer. … John Oehser after the Super Bowl when asked what the Jaguars need to do to get better on defense: Rush the passer. Rush the passer. Rush the passer. I like your consistency!
John: John Oehser before the Super Bowl spelled "O-e-h-s-e-r;" John Oehser after the Super Bowl notably enough spelled the same way.
Thomas from Madison, WI:
One thing that gets overlooked in the Peyton-versus-Brady discussion is Brady always has had a better defense. In my opinion, Peyton never really had much help on the other side other than Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Thoughts?
John: I lived the Brady-Manning thing for the better part of 10 years in Indianapolis, and while it was fascinating discussion, I learned there's little real headway to be made. There are those who believe Brady is the better of the two and those who believe it was Manning – and never the twain shall meet. As for me, I'm not sure there's much difference between the two, and I'm actually not sure there's that much difference between Brady/Manning and say, Aaron Rodgers – or Drew Brees. I'd put those four in a class by themselves over the last decade or so. The reality is since the Patriots' great defenses of 2001-2004 faded those four have had remarkable similar careers in the sense that all four pretty much quarterbacked their team to the playoffs nearly every season and all four needed to sort of catch lightning in a bottle to win the Super Bowl. As for Manning's defenses, the Colts actually had very good defenses from 2005-2007 when safety Bob Sanders was healthy. They won the Super Bowl in 2006, went 14-2 in 2005 and went 13-3 in 2007. Other than that … yes, this season's Broncos defense was far and away the best defense with which Manning ever played.
Ivan from Duval and Section 125:
Do you have an interview with Marvin Harrison that you remember the most?
John: I remember most of my interviews with Harrison, because in eight seasons around him I probably interviewed him … oh, about eight times. That's a slight exaggeration, but Harrison was rarely interviewed in Indianapolis because he rarely said much and clearly didn't enjoy doing it. That's nothing against Harrison. He and I got along fine during my time with the Colts, and I was glad to see him make the Hall of Fame. But in terms of a memorable interview … nah, that wasn't Marv.
Scott from Jacksonville:
Mark from England asked if Fowler would be classified as rookie next stated no, second-year veteran. I remember seeing some players listed as one-year veterans before. Does that still happen? If so, how is it used and why wouldn't Fowler be listed as a one-year veteran?
John: Fowler will be listed as a second-year veteran because under league rules any player who is on injured reserve throughout their rookie season accrues a season of experience. That makes them a second-year veteran the following season. First-year veteran status is reserved for players who are on a roster or practice squad and are active for six or fewer games.
Mr. Dude Bro Man:
John, what's up with Wank? Last offseason, the struggle for center between he and Wiz was well-documented. When Wiz got the job, Wank was labeled "sixth lineman." He then seemingly fell off the depth chart completely. Here we are a year later, discussing center and guard and I've heard no mention of Wank. What gives? Is that dude getting cut?
John: Luke Bowanko never fell off the depth chart. While he often was inactive, teams often keep linemen active based on versatility; Tyler Shatley was perhaps a bit more valuable as center/guard than Bowanko was at center/tackle. I don't see Bowanko getting cut before this season, but I do think the Jaguars are trying to upgrade the center position. If you're going to do that, it stands to reason you would look outside the roster first.
Chad from Jacksonville:
I hear about strength of schedule a lot for next year and how people aren't wanting to buy tickets just to have another losing season. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the Panthers supposed to be an easy win and the Ravens an assured loss according to a lot of people guessing on wins and losses before this past season? Let's let the season play out; if our players progress the way they have been, I see no reason why we won't have an even better season next year. Most importantly, I don't have season tickets only because I think the Jags may have a winning season; I have season tickets because I love the team, win or lose. Call me a fanatic. What do you say, John?
John: I'm not one to tell people why they should or shouldn't buy season tickets. I am, however, one to say you never know much about strength of schedule until five or six games into a season. The Colts looked like a tough game before last season and by midseason everyone was calling it a winnable game. Perception of schedule changes once a season begins and a lot of times it keeps on changing after that.
Don from Mobile, AL:
In all honesty, what do you think the Jags keep at tailback next year? The only ones who deserve a spot right now are T.J. and Jonas.
John: I think T.J. Yeldon and Jonas Gray definitely will be in camp, with Yeldon starting and Gray having a real chance to be on the roster. I think Denard Robinson will be in camp and will have to play well to earn a roster spot. Beyond that …
Matt from Ocala, FL:
Hey O-Zone, do you think Maurice Jones-Drew has any chance at some point in getting into the Hall of Fame? I feel he was one of the best backs in the league during his prime and put up great numbers given he played for such a poor team most of his career? What are your thoughts?
John: Jones-Drew indeed as one of the NFL's best running back in his prime. I do not believe he will be in the Hall of Fame – or ever receive serious consideration. He had just three 1,000-yard rushing seasons; whatever other arguments would be in his favor, that argument against will be pretty much impossible to overcome.
Trae from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Now that football season is over, I'm lost. What is the meaning of life in the offseason, O-Zone?
John: Curb Your Enthusiasm on Amazon Prime.
Preston from Oakville, CT:
O-Man, watching the Super Bowl, it is obvious pass rush needs to be emphasized. But in my opinion, the best pass rusher was not Von Miller. I thought Kony Ealy was the most dominant player the entire night. It would have been cool if he won the MVP even though the Panthers lost because he played lights out!
John: It might or might not have been cool had Ealy been Super Bowl MVP, but it wouldn't have been right. Miller forced a fumble that resulted in a touchdown and another that led to a touchdown. On a night when the Broncos' defense defined the Super Bowl – and on a night when Miller made the game's deciding plays – Miller was as easy and as appropriate a choice as there has been for Super Bowl Most Valuable Player in some time.
Robert from Jacksonville:
I noticed you said "with either Cyp or Sample at strong safety …" Do you really believe that Sample could push for the starting spot if they are both healthy – or was that more just to say those are the two options there? Thanks.
John: Absolutely Sample can push for the job. It's not a stretch to believe he could win it.
Jesse from Jacksonville:
I'm having to read between the lines a little bit, but I think you seem to be emphasizing pass rush. A lot.
John: Let me check.

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