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O-Zone: Johnny, Johnny …

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Michael from Jacksonville:
I am very surprised when we're talking about quarterbacks who switched to wide receiver that the name Marlin Briscoe never comes up.
John: I'm not particularly surprised his name hasn't come up in this conversation, because Marlin Briscoe played for six AFL and NFL teams from 1968-1976. While I remember it – and apparently you do, too – it was a long time ago. But you're right: when discussing NFL history and players who played wide receiver and quarterback, his name absolutely should be mentioned. It's also important to remember him as a pioneer. In 1968, when he started a game at quarterback for Denver, he became the first African-American to start at quarterback in the AFL. He also played on Miami's two Super Bowl-winning teams in 1972 and 1973.
John from Ramsey, NJ:
Please tell me it's just a rumor..."Khan wants to purchase Tottenham and eventually relocate the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars to London." I know he likes soccer and football. It just wouldn't be the same if rooting for an overseas team.
John: We covered this pretty well in Saturday's O-Zone, but this caused enough nerves and unsettled feelings that it's worth readdressing one more time. For all of the reasons we discussed Saturday – and really, for many, many, many more reasons beyond – yes, this isn't even a rumor. It was a newspaper report without substantiation or merit. Shad Khan is committed to Jacksonville and pretty much everything he has done since taking over as owner of the Jaguars has illustrated that.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
I've read pretty much every Ask Rick and O-Zone for the last few years. I've gotta say, you've never failed to disappoint me. Thank you for all you "do."
John: Well, there's always tomorrow. Give it time.
Jared from Pensacola, FL:
Hey John, what about Cordele Stewart? Didn't he punt as well as play quarterback?
John: Kordell Stewart played wide receiver and quarterback in his "slash" role for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995 and 1996. He then played quarterback for six seasons for the Steelers, one for the Chicago Bears and two for the Baltimore Ravens.
Paulo from Salvador, Brazil:
No one has said "Invincible" ... It could not be the best, but I like this movie very much. The play with his friends in the rain is great...
John: It's not the best, but I liked it a lot, too.
Andrew from Rosamond, CA:
On the subject of two-way players, don't forget J.J. Watt. He was pretty effective as a goal-line tight end last year.
John: The discussion hasn't really been about players who played goal-line situations on one side of the ball and full-time roles on the other. That's a significantly different task than playing full-time positions on both sides of the ball – not only because of the physical demands and skill set needed to do both, but because of the mental demands in terms of preparation, meeting time, etc. But … yeah, Watt was effective in a goal-line role last season. Very effective. Watt's a good player. If he keeps working, he'll be real good someday.
Jerrell from Columbia:
Why didn't the Jags use a fourth- or fifth-round pick on the tackle from Clemson Battle in the supplemental draft?
John: You're asking why the Jaguars didn't select Clemson offensive tackle Isiah Battle Thursday in the NFL Supplemental Draft. They didn't believe he was worth giving up a fourth- or fifth-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, which was the price they would have had to pay. Battle indeed was selected in the fifth round by the St. Louis Rams.
Brian from Greenwood, IN:
Should Ken Stabler in the Hall of Fame? For a four- or five-year period, he was easily one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. They say that Nick Nolte in "North Dallas Forty" modeled himself after Stabler, to a degree. By the way, North Dallas Forty is by far the best football movie ever. I suspect a lot of readers have not seen it...
John: The old-school fan in me that sees the NFL through the eyes of 10-year-old John Oehser would love to see Ken Stabler in the Hall of Fame. That version of me saw him as being real good. That version of me figured that when he and the Raiders got the ball trailing by four with two minutes remaining that he and that offense would find a way to score and win. That team helped define an era, and if not for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the 1970s Raiders might be remembered as one of the all-time great teams. If not for the Steelers, Stabler might be in the Hall of Fame. As it is, his statistics indicate that the Hall of Fame would be a really tough sell, so I doubt he'll get in. But for those who followed the sport 1970s, I suspect he'll never be forgotten. As far as North Dallas Forty, yeah … no argument.
Mark from Jacksonville:
"There's a belief that for the long-, long-term stability of the NFL it needs to have a worldwide presence, not just a presence in North America." To me, that's just utter nonsense. Who is of this belief? Isn't it the NATIONAL Football League? What am I missing? In my opinion, it ain't broke, so don't fix it. They like soccer in Europe. We like football here. Seems to be working fine.
John: It is working fine. At the same time, it's always important for people running organizations to have a vision for the long-term future. It's fine for you to believe it's nonsense. Perhaps you're correct. But that's the thinking behind wanting a presence overseas.
Fred from Naples, FL:
I did my fair share of things I am not proud of well into my early 20s, but hitting a woman is something we never even thought about. I just don't understand why these issues continue to be in today's news. First, De'Andre Johnson; now Dalvin Cook. It will be interesting to see how Florida State handles this one with no video footage and Dalvin denying it steadfastly. I am a proud but embarrassed alum and hope they dismiss him if the witnesses collaborate the young woman's story.
John: There's no question we're hearing more about this far more than should be the case. Then again, I guess hearing about it once is far more than should be the case, isn't it?
Aaron from Chantil, VA:
Mr. O, what's the latest update on Dante Fowler Jr. I'm guessing he is scheduled to be out of crutches soon and hobbling around with braces and knee support soon?? Thanks!!
John: Fowler told reporters in mid-June that he expected to be off crutches in two weeks, and that he hoped to watch training camp practices from the sideline. I've heard nothing to indicate that won't happen.
Jeremy from Jacksonville:
Zone, who do I need to bring judgement down on to get some order on this site? Yesterday's zone still hasn't posted on my app so I'm stalking the official website with that bad feeling. Yes, you know that feeling ... empty inside. You've spoiled us with daily O-Zones by 10 a.m. for so long that I feel selfish enough to say this is unacceptable and I want answers: O-Zone answers, and I want them now! Please? (1:45 pm)
John: I got this email early Saturday afternoon (spoiler alert, it was around … 1:45 p.m.) and we've gotten a few such emails over the last few weeks. During that time, we at have made the historically significant and apparently unforgiveable mistake of posting the O-Zone at … wait for it … different times of the day. Sometimes in the morning. Sometimes in the early afternoon. Sometimes – gasp, a little tardier. And sometimes it has been a bit more delayed on what the younger folks call "the app." This has caused consternation among some that the Most Overrated and Over-Discussed Streak in the history of streaks had come to an end. People even have spent some time studying O-Zone headlines for cryptic clues/hints of the streak's imminent end only to find it has indeed continued to be posted daily. In the interest of easing the masses' collective stress, rest assured that when the streak inevitably does end it won't be a sneak ending.
Jeremy from Jacksonville:
Ozone just posted. Glad you got up from your second nap. GO JAGS!
John: I received this email and spent a few minutes upon reading it wondering when going back to sleep until 2 p.m. became known as a "second nap."
Kyle from Pensacola, FL:
I watched The Replacements again recently. I might make a case for No. 5 in my Top 5. That movie had it all, John. Keanu Reeves as the hero. Gene Hackman as the coach. A plethora of off-the-wall "B" actors to play the hilarious group of scabs. The soundtrack (The Police, EMF, Queen, Young MC, David Bowie) the little love story, the happy ending.
John: Plus, it had Johnny Utah playing quarterback … Wait. What?

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