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O-Zone: One for Asher

JACKSONVILLE – So many draft questions, so much time remaining before the draft. Cool!

Let's get to it … Dalton from UCF:
Last week on Jaguars Today, you and the guys were talking about the possibility of the Jaguars drafting Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil at No. 5 overall. I don't think there is much of a chance he will be drafted by Jags. The main reason is draft flexibility. There is no doubting we need to come out of this draft with some defensive players with the potential to become high-impact players. If we were to draft an offensive player with our first pick, we would almost be forced to draft defense with our second- and third-round picks. There will be some elite defensive talent available at No. 5, so I say we grab somebody that will make an immediate impact; that way if an A.J. Cann-type situation arises in the third round we can put aside needs and draft value. What say you, O?
John: I say a huge reason the Jaguars won't draft Laremy Tunsil at No. 5 overall is he won't be available at No. 5 overall; I imagine he'll go No. 1, but we'll see. A second reason will be that the Jaguars like an available defensive player – say, Jalen Ramsey, Joey Bosa or Myles Jack – enough at the spot that they take that player there. The only way I see the Jaguars selecting Tunsil is if they are thrilled with their free-agent signings on defense, a group of players that presumably will include what the Jaguars believe and hope are an impact pass rusher and free safety. If that occurs and Tunsil is there with Ramsey and Bosa gone, then maybe, maybe, maybe the Jaguars would consider taking Tunsil. I don't think the second or third rounds would have nearly as much to do with the decision as the aforementioned factors.
Lane from Ocoee:
If Tunsil is available at No. 5, is there a chance the Jags draft him and slide Joeckel inside to left guard? This could potentially upgrade two positions along the offensive line.
John: I think the Jaguars taking Tunsil is unlikely. I think part of the question they would have to answer before they selected him is if they believe Joeckel can play guard.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
You can reference this question in all future questions regarding the Jaguars' first-round pick this year. If Jalen Ramsey is there, they take him because in this single-high safety defense free safety is a premium position. If Ramsey is gone, then they take Joey Bosa, because pass rushers. If both of them are gone, then they go with Myles Jack, because he is a playmaking talent. In the not-very-likely scenario that all three are gone, then the pick could appear to come out of left field.
John: Wow, Mike … what a break for me that you concisely – if not necessarily accurately – have answered all questions regarding the Jaguars' 2016 first-round draft selection. I suppose O-Zones will be very short and uneventful from now until the draft. I guess that means the difference in O-Zones between now and the draft and other O-Zones will be length.
Roland from Brunswick, GA:
I would like to become a part of the Jacksonville family.
John: Done.
Long Distance Relationship from North Dakota:
Alright O, you are probably almost to your limit on Myles Jack questions, but someone is going to have to explain to me when 245 pounds became undersized for an NFL linebacker? And having a linebacker that size that moves like Telvin on the field at same time as Telvin is not ideal?
John: You know what? You're right. Jack at 245 pounds actually is 10 pounds heavier than Luke Kueckly, and Luke Kuechly is, you know … Luke Kuechly. Jack at 6-1 is two inches shorter than Kuechly, but if the idea is to have Jack eventually develop into an every-down middle linebacker … yeah, he almost certainly could do it at that size.
Pedal Bin from Farnbrough, Hampshire:
John, I'm less fussed about the Bold Gold uniforms; I'm more concerned about the lack of teal uniforms. Will they ever wear them again? I miss the teal jerseys.
John: I'd be surprised if we see the teal jerseys as part of the regular rotation anytime soon. Could they surface as an alternate sometime? We'll see.
DUVAL DOOM from Section 217:
Steve gonna be REALLY upset when the team realizes how great those Bold jerseys look with black pants and makes them our regular uni. A black jersey in Florida has never made sense anyway.
John: I like the gold on gold, but then again, I like burlap underwear, so don't listen to me.
Anthony from Madison, WI:
I don't understand how Long couldn't provide depth for rotation. We have basically Dante Fowler Jr., who has no actual on-field NFL experience in the NFL, and maybe Andre Branch as quality ends right now. Isn't this defensive system at least partially about rotation? As in, have like five-to-six guys who can come in and out to keep everyone fresh? I cannot imagine he's going to demand a long-term contract, so his addition in a year where we might have to split our money between our players anyway because we won't reach the minimum makes a lot of sense to me, unless we're basically positive he's not even worthy of being a backup in a terrible position group (noting that the Rams' defensive line is possibly the best in the league.
John: The Jaguars probably are looking for two more front-line pass rushers to play the Leo position – maybe a third in addition to that if he can move around the defensive line. Let's assume if they don't pursue a player – Long or anyone else – that they believe they are better off pursuing different players.
Tyler from Jacksonville:
But is Dante Fowler a kayrawtay master?
John: The NFL Scouting Combine starts Tuesday.
Kermit from Orlando, FL:
I have been impressed with the Jags' rebuild under the new regime. The past few years, Coach Gus Bradley has had the opportunity to coach for the Senior Bowl. Do you anticipate this continuing into the future if the Jags have a breakout year next year and make the playoffs? Also of note, with the re-signing (and aging) of Henne, when do you -- if indeed you do at all – anticipate the Jags drafting another quarterback to serve as an understudy similarly to how Montana had Young and Bono on the bench in the glory days of the 49ers?
John: If the Jaguars have a breakout year and make the playoffs, they won't be asked to coach the Senior Bowl; the first teams asked to coach the game are the returning coaching staffs with the worst records the previous season and they work the NFL works its way up from there. I don't think drafting and grooming a quarterback will be a high priority this offseason, but I do think at some point the Jaguars will start trying to develop a young quarterback behind Bortles.
Chad from Jacksonville:
O, I can't wait for free agency!!!!
John: The bad news is you have to wait. The good news is you needn't wait long; free agency begins March 9.
Mike Des Moines, IA:
So John, are you more of a man hungry southern belle, or more of a Rose type? I watched a bit of Golden Girls, but in that era I remember taking to Quantum Leap, Knight Rider, CHiPs, and last but not least, Saved by the Bell. I think I'm still searching for my Kelly Kapowski.
John: I was a Charles in Charge guy myself. Willie Ames. Scott Baio? When it comes to all-time comedic chemistry … I mean, c'mon, right?
Gary from Wesley Chapel:
Yes, you can win with an average left tackle; you can get to the Super Bowl. How many of the recent Super Bowl losing offenses wish they had an elite left tackle?
John: I would guess about the same as the Super Bowl-winning ones.
MrPadre from Kingsland, GA:
Can you update us on how the indoor practice facility is coming along with the amphitheater? Have they started construction? Are there any plans to place a live camera for us to watch the progress? Thanks O!
John: Construction on the indoor-practice facility has not yet begun, nor has construction on the amphitheater. Those facilities are not expected to be finished before the 2016 season, so there's not as much of a priority on those as there is on the renovation to the club areas. Progress is being made rapidly on those. As far as a construction cam for the amphitheater … I'll pass the idea along.
Frank from Jacksonville:
Skeeters!!! Oh my gosh, John.... That one brings back some memories! I used to love the 'Lil Skeeter growing up as a kid. As simple as it was, I've never been able to duplicate it. It's just not the same. Here's one fer Skeeters Big Biscuits!
John: One 'Lil Asher, please.

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