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Offense takes its turn in Coughlin's doghouse


Last week, it was the defense that earned coach Tom Coughlin's wrath. This week, the distinction belongs to the offense.

"How many times do we have to go through this cycle before we stay at a championship level? Do we have to be embarrassed?" Coughlin asked rhetorically at today's press conference.

In a 13-0 win Sunday over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Jaguars offense managed just 241 total net yards; only 88 yards and three points in the second half.

"Do championship teams stay at one level?" Coughlin was asked.

"No, they get better. We did win, but that caliber of offensive performance wouldn't beat anybody," Coughlin responded. Watch Coach Coughlin's Monday press conference.

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The caliber of the opposition made it especially disturbing. Next Monday night, in Indianapolis, the Jaguars will face an opponent of considerably higher caliber, though the 19th-ranked Colts defense is not in the same league with the Colts' second-ranked offense.

Coughlin wasn't in as foul a mood as he was a week earlier, following a 39-36 loss in Baltimore in which the Jaguars allowed 17 fourth-quarter points. However, Monday has become a downer day around Alltel Stadium.

He addressed the failings of his offense, the issue of the smallest attendance (45,653) in Jaguars history, and the surgery that was being performed on kicker Mike Hollis' lower back.

"Home opener?" Coughlin said when asked about the attendance, which was obviously affected by the Sunday forecast of high winds and driving rain. It rained steadily, but the weather was not as severe as predicted.

"I take my hat off and thank everybody who was there, but I can't imagine where the others were," he said, referring to almost 30,000 no-shows.

"It disturbs me and miffs me and must miff the players, as well. We just expect it to be the type of support that helps us to win," Coughlin added in what constituted his first public scolding of Jaguars fans.

As Coughlin spoke, Hollis was having disk fragments removed from his back. He was unable to kick against the Bengals due to severe leg pain, the result of those disk fragments. It's unknown if and when Hollis will be able to return to action. Coughlin said he would wait on a report from his medical team before deciding whether or not to sign another kicker and or put Hollis on the injured reserve list.

"We'll look at any player who can help us, but right now my position would be Steve Lindsey," Coughlin said of Hollis' backup, who was two-of-three in field goal attempts against the Bengals.

Coughlin said he expects running back Fred Taylor will "be back at practice on Wednesday," the first day of preparation for the Colts game. Taylor is expected to make his regular-season debut, following recovery from a knee sprain suffered on Aug. 11.

His replacement, Stacey Mack, gained only 35 yards in 20 rushing attempts against the Bengals. "My expectations are higher than that," Coughlin said.

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