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Press Taylor Discusses Offensive Offseason: "Our Goal Is to Win"  

Week 2 Press Article

JACKSONVILLE – Press Taylor left no doubt.

"Our goal is to win," he said.

Taylor said that meant examining everything about the Jaguars' offense this offseason. Everything.

"It certainly did," he said.

Taylor, entering his third season as the Jaguars' offensive coordinator, spoke to the media Tuesday on Day 4 of 2024 Organized Team Activities at the Miller Electric Center. He discussed multiple topics, including the ongoing offseason storyline of who will call plays next season.

Taylor and Head Coach Doug Pederson split the duties in 2022, with Pederson calling plays in the first half of games and Taylor calling them in the second half of games. Taylor called plays throughout all games in 2023 – and Pederson has yet to say publicly how the duties will be handled in 2024.

Taylor on Tuesday was asked if the issue mattered to him.

"No," he said. "Ultimately, winning is all that matters to us. However we get to that point, we're all for."

Jacksonville, Fla. — Jaguars offensive coordinator Press Taylor during OTAs at the Miller Electric Center on May 20, 2024.

The Jaguars in 2023 ranked 14th in the NFL in scoring and 13th in points after ranking 10th in scoring and ninth in yards in 2022. They finished 9-8 both seasons, winning the AFC South in 2022 and missing the postseason with a loss in the final game of the regular season in 2023.

"In terms of game-planning, there's really no difference," Taylor said, noting that the lone significant staff change from 2022 to 2023 was Nick Holz serving as passing-game coordinator in '23 after Jim Bob Cooter served in the role in 2022.

Holz is now the offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans with Cooter the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts.

"There are some different ideas working our way through, but you kind of hit your stride as that thing gets going through the middle season," Taylor said. "Everybody gets real comfortable in what the expectations are each day, each meeting, whether it's just coaches, players, whatever that is.

"In terms of play-calling, it was really just I was able to move around the call sheet a little bit in terms of things that caught my eye a little quicker. But in terms of communication with coach and the other coaches on the headset, with [quarterback] Trevor [Lawrence] throughout the week, throughout the game … none of that changed necessarily."

Taylor on Tuesday also discussed the offensive offseason. The unit on the field addressed the receiving core with the addition of Gabe Davisas an unrestricted free agent and Brian Thomas Jr. in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. The team also signed center Mitch Morse as a free agent.

Off the field, Taylor said the focus involved a total examination of process and approach.

"I don't think we tore everything down," he said, "but we probably took it to the studs and looked at it from the very beginning: 'What have we been good at? What have we struggled with?' Then we tried to be critical: 'Why have we struggled with this? Is this something that we've from the beginning of our building scheme, the terminology, what we're asking you guys, what we're putting on game plan, what we're calling in games…'

"'Does all of this make sense? Is it all learnable, digestible?' We're trying to be very critical of that because our goal is to win, not to go 9-8, not to be close, not to be a fringe contender. How can we help ourselves get there?"

Taylor on Monday also discussed the need to improve in the run game and to create more big plays. The Jaguars in 2023 had the second-most runs in the NFL for no gain or loss. A league-high 26.5 percent of their carries gained zero yards or lost yardage.

They had 19 pass plays of 30 or more yards for the season, with four pass plays of 50 or more yards.

"That's a big part of it," Taylor said. "You have to be explosive in this league. It's tough enough being consistently efficient. We want to be able to have that explosive element. Our run game for two years probably hasn't been as efficient as we wanted it to be, but even Year 1 in the system, we were explosive, so we were able to counteract that a little bit.

"In Year Two, for whatever reason, that kind of fell off. That's something, run game, we're definitely looking to improve upon, but also the passing game. We want to give guys opportunity to catch it on the move, making sure we're attacking all aspects of the field and all aspects of the defense."

Veterans and Rookies take the field together as Organized Team Activities launched at Miller Electric Center this week. Swipe through top shots from the field ▶️

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