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Prognosis remains same


Jack Del Rio maintained his initial prognosis of "a month" for Byron Leftwich's recovery. "It could be more. I doubt it could be less," Del Rio told reporters at Monday's press conference.

"He's down and he's going to be down. For the next two weeks, he'll be in a non-weight-bearing state. We'll give him every opportunity to heal. Then we'll just have to see where he is," Del Rio said. "From what I've been told, it won't require any surgery, pins or plates or any of that kind of stuff. If it (did) we would put him on injured reserve. We believe there's a chance we can get him back."

Leftwich sustained a broken left ankle in the first quarter of the Jaguars' win in Arizona on Sunday. The best-case scenario would have Leftwich returning to action for the final regular-season game against Tennessee, but that's probably pushing it.

Leftwich's injury leaves the starting job in the hands of David Garrard, who will be making the fourth start of his four-year career this Sunday in Cleveland. Garrard was the quarterback of record, so to speak, in the Jaguars' win over the Cardinals. This Sunday, he'll be under center from the start.

"It's one of the reasons we made the commitment to have David here," Del Rio said of the contract extension to which the Jaguars signed Garrard last spring. Though Garrard will be auditioning for teams that might be interested in trading for him, his first order of business is to help the Jaguars earn a playoff berth for the first time since 1999.

"We have a group of men. We're not about any one person. We're going to continue to look to win football games. We're going to carry on," Del Rio said.

Quinn Gray moves into the number two quarterback role and Del Rio said he had yet to meet with personnel boss James Harris about whether or not to add a third quarterback. Del Rio said rookie wide receiver Matt Jones, who played quarterback in college, will not be moved into a quarterback role.

"No, he's a wide receiver," Del Rio said when asked if Jones will be used as a backup quarterback.

"They're good, young quarterbacks," Del Rio said of Garrard and Gray. "I think Quinn is a bonafide backup in the league.

"I love the game of football and part of the game is there are going to be injuries. It's a team game and the team must go on. We're not going to say woe is me," Del Rio added. "We acknowledge that Byron is one of our star players. He was really finding his rhythm and beginning to turn this offense around."

Now, that responsibility belongs to Garrard.

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