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Reggie Williams transcript


(on what his reaction was to being drafted so high) "It wasn't really a surprise to me. I just took the approach that anything can happen. I'm just glad that I'm a Jaguar."

(on who he watched the draft with) "I watched the draft with my family and my best friend from high school."

(on his visit to Jacksonville) "They told me they were interested in me when I came to visit, but they were just going to wait and see. I got the call when there was about eight minutes on the clock I saw that it was a Florida area code so I knew it had to be good news."

(on what other teams showed interesting drafting him) "Atlanta, San Francisco and Detroit all showed interest but it's irrelevant because I'm happy to be a Jacksonville Jaguar."

(on what he knows about the Jaguars) "I know Byron Leftwich is a great quarterback and Jack Del Rio is a great coach. I know it's an up and coming team and the Super Bowl is in Jacksonville so I expect to have home field advantage."

(on what his strength is as a receiver) "I think my ability to make plays after I the catch the ball. I can get yards after the catch and make big plays and help my teammates."

(on when he started playing football) "I've been playing football ever since I could talk. I started playing organized ball in third grade."

(on why he chose Washington) "It was a great program and I wanted to stay in Washington near family. I wanted to see my mom and dad at all my home games."

(on Jimmy Smith and Kevin Johnson) "I can't wait to get in there with those guys. They have NFL experience, they have been doing this for years and I can just come and focus, and take some of their knowledge and my talent and try to make some things happen."

(on coming in a starting immediately) "I want to come in and play, but anything I can do to come in and help the team win I'm going to do whether it's blocking, special teams or anything else.

(on signing with the Poston brothers) "They are the best in the business. I'm aware of their history and I love them and they love me. As far as training camp goes I'm in charge of this show and I don't anticipate any problems I'll be there the first day of camp. I will not be a training camp holdout."

(on trash talking on the field) "I talk a little bit when I need to, it's just a part of the game."

(on his favorite receivers growing up) "Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss."

(on his goals for this year) "My first goal is to win the Super Bowl and Rookie of the Year."

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