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Rewarded for their effort


Three members of the Jaguars group sales team were awarded with a trip to Miami last week for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Seth Parise, Jake Spiak and Eric Bartolucci were winners among a group of 80 NFL staffers in a group sales contest sponsored by the league.

The NFL established a contest among several teams to push ticket sales for November and December home games. The NFL divided the team employees into several different teams and assigned each group a goal for tickets sold. Parise, Spiak and Bartolucci finished in the top 10 overall.

Their effort was recognized with a four-day, three night trip to Miami which included tickets to the game, pregame field passes and a special meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The group left Jacksonville on Friday morning and spent the weekend enjoying the activities surrounding the Pro Bowl. All three were among 25 people invited to a private forum with Goodell on Sunday that included fans and season ticket holders. The group spent 90 minutes discussing a variety of subjects with Goodell.

"He was very personable," Parise said. "He answered everyone's questions. People just threw out different topics and we discussed them as a group. A very informative meeting."

The group spent Sunday evening splitting time between a VIP suite and the sidelines at the Pro Bowl game.

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