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Standing on their own

Shahid Khan said he very definitely has a vision for the Jaguars, and that vision is unique.

Khan, who on Wednesday took over as the sole owner of the Jaguars, said while he has had many conversations with many people from many organizations about that vision, his ideal isn't to have the Jaguars necessarily emulate any particular team.

Ideally, he said the Jaguars will be the franchise others emulate.

"This is the greatest sports league in the world," Khan said Wednesday during an hour-long conversation with the co-hosts of the Jaguars' weekly radio show, Jaguars This Week.

"One of the reasons it's the greatest sports league is the owners. I think you can exclude me. Each one of the owners has excellent attributes and qualities that have contributed to the league, so every one of those I have learned something from.

"I'm not here to say, 'We're going to be so and so.' I'm here to say, 'We're going to be excellent, we're going to relate to Jacksonville, we're going to win.' Frankly, we're going to have our own personality. I'm not here to copy anybody or any franchise, but to take the best principles and convert those into the Jaguars."

Khan, as he did in mid-December shortly after being approved as the Jaguars' owner by other NFL owners, said a major objective is to expand the Jaguars' fan base by playing international games. He said he will push the NFL to allow the Jaguars to play a game overseas in 2012.

"International is absolutely a great opportunity for us, and it's a great opportunity for Jacksonville – not only getting the name out, but I think in terms of economic development," he said. "This is the kind of exposure money cannot buy."

Khan added, "I think it would be great for us."

Also on Wednesday:

*Khan said one challenge the Jaguars face is improving the in-stadium game-day experience. While advances in technology have made it compelling for fans to view games on television, Khan said, "Really, this is a great thing. Because it's going to force us to make the game-day experience so special that people want to come to it. In Dallas, that was their benchmark – why would somebody want to get out of their chairs? You want to get them into a stadium where the experience is the next level up. Football should have all the exposure they can and for us as owners, we have to have an experience that's a step above. That's our challenge. Everything can be improved and certainly we have room for improvement."

*Khan said while he soon will focus on the business aspect of the Jaguars, that won't fully begin until the head coaching search is completed. "The coaching search takes undivided attention, frankly," he said. "That's what I'm focused on, but right after that, we're going to be focused on the business side."

*Khan discussed the focus of the Jaguars' business operations moving forward: "I think the business aspect of this organization we have to look at and get it where it is functioning – not have any chimneys, but pretty much a flat, well-run organization that is going to connect with the community. Tickets are absolutely vital, not only for money – I think money is secondary. The most important thing is to get the 12th person in the stands, to get the energy in the stadium where they're going to be helping our players win. That's probably the most important."

*Khan discussed what he has learned since the announcement he was purchasing the Jaguars: "The Jaguars are very important to Jacksonville. That's one thing I've learned. The other thing I've learned is that we – being the Jaguars – can do a better job connecting to the community and asking for their support on a win-win basis."

*Khan discussed when he first imagined buying an NFL team: "It hits you when you look at your bank balance and you've paid all your bills and you have a few bucks left over. You kind of do the math and say, 'OK, maybe next year.' Eventually, you get to the point where you say, 'Maybe I can do it.'"

*Khan said while he will be interested in being involved in the NFL on a league-wide committee level, he said exactly where that will be is yet to be determined. "My approach is, 'Where can I contribute?''' Khan said. "Not, 'What committee I'd like to be on.' I want to ask where they think I can serve and that's what I'll do."

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