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Texans could be my pick

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Daniel from Portland, IN:
Earny, you could have voted for Vic, as I did in the last presidential election.

Vic: I'd have it fixed by now.

James from Margate, England:
Do you think USA can beat England in the World Cup? It's like a Rams vs. Colts game, where the Colts are expected to win but if the Rams play out of their skin they could cause an upset.

Vic: Yeah, let me know how that turns out, OK?

Tim from Fresh Creek, The Bahamas:
With all the rules favoring offense, do you think there could ever be a defense good enough to allow only 28 points in nine games like the 1976 Steelers? How would a defense that good rank among the all-time greats?

Vic: It's the best defense I've ever seen. There were four future Hall of Famers on that defense and another player who still might make it in. It's unlikely the NFL will ever allow the game to slip back into that kind of defensive dominance, so the answer to your question is that it's not likely we'll ever see that kind of dominance again. Here's an example of the difference between the 1976 style of play vs. today's game. The 2000 Ravens, considered to be one of the great defenses in NFL history, scored three shutout wins in their first five games of that season, but they also allowed 55 points in the other two games. As great as that defense was, their best nine-game stretch, which included three shutouts, still resulted in 73 points allowed. Twenty-eight points in nine games, including five shutouts? If Ray Lewis and company couldn't come close to doing it, I don't think we'll see anyone else get close to it.

Sean from St. Johns, FL:
If you want to have good-weather championships, why not move the regular season to the spring?

Vic: That's absurd. Football is the fall game. It's about the smell of burning leaves and the feel of winter on the way. It's also a game that celebrates and reveres its bad-weather moments: the "Ice Bowl," the tuck rule playoff game that was played in a blinding blizzard, etc. The playoffs have nearly always produced weather games, and we love them. The Super Bowl has always been a respite from winter's wrath. We take a week off from winter and we head to kinder climes for a celebration of the season we've just witnessed and enjoyed. That's the way it's always been and that's the way it will likely remain, except for this unprecedented date with winter in New York. It's just one time. We'll survive. There's no need to move the season to spring.

Pat from Jacksonville:
Why doesn't the NFL reinstate the old bump-and-run rule? It would give defenses more of a chance to defend in this pass-happy league. That way we would really know if a receiver is as big and physical as they say.

Vic: The NFL doesn't want to help defense succeed; it has always favored offense because offense rings the cash register. You won't see a return to the bump-and-run rules because today's speed-rushers and sophisticated blitz schemes would so endanger quarterbacks that teams would stop throwing the ball, which would cause scores to plunge to 1970's standards.

Allen from Jacksonville:
Pat Kirwan of has the Jags, Titans and Texans ranked in the fourth tier (19-25). Will the AFC South teams truly perform that badly? Of course, the Colts are a tier one team; playoffs should be a walk in the park for them.

Vic: I won't present my all-important power rankings for the 2010 season until the first week of the regular season, but I can assure you that I will not have the Texans that low in my rankings. I might even consider them the favorite to win the AFC South.

Jordan from Riverside, CA:
What separates a true slot receiver from a true outside receiver?

Vic: A true outside receiver, which is to say an "X" receiver, is usually a big guy who has the strength to get off the jam and the speed to run past a cornerback if he misses the jam. A slot receiver is usually a smaller guy who needs to be put into space or in motion to avoid being jammed at the line of scrimmage. He's usually not as big and not as fast as the "X" receiver, which is why he's a slot guy.

Zoltan from Budapest, Hungary:
What are your first impressions of Smiley, from a reporter's perspective? Will he be a go-to guy in the locker room for you? Is he a talker?

Vic: Justin Smiley impressed me as someone who wants fans to know his story. He cares what people think about him and that's good for me. He has a passion for the game, he would seem to be a fan of the game and he speaks well. That's a combination that usually produces media and fan favorites. I enjoyed interviewing him on Thursday.

Kenneth from St. Augustine, FL:
What is your take on Zach Miller? I really liked his athleticism last year. He's got great potential and I think he could be a great weapon. Would you agree?

Vic: I absolutely would agree. What I'd like to know now is more about the injury that's kept him out of mini-camp and OTAs. It appears to be some kind of lower leg injury that was originally represented to me to be no big deal. I hope it isn't because, in my opinion, he could be that one more weapon the Jaguars need to emerge in their receiving corps.

John from Jacksonville:
I'm amazed that David from Charlotte is sticking to his story after all these years (and somewhat surprised that he's an actual person). Snoop at the Jags game? Has there been any outside validation?

Vic: I gave him my club seats a couple of times, but I'm sure he pulled his hat down low to avoid being identified. It's tough going out in public for guys like Snoop.

Alan from Jacksonville:
I received an invitation for a golf tournament to be held in August, but I don't want to accept, yet, because I don't want it to interfere with the annual "Ask Vic" tournament. Have there been any preliminary plans made for a possible date for this year's best golf event of the season?

Vic: Tradition would suggest that Friday, Aug. 20, would be our target date, but I haven't checked with Hampton Golf, yet, to see if that's OK with them. I wanna check with Snoop, too, to see if there's any chance he could make it to this year's tournament.

Phil from Baltimore, MD:
What do you think about the Raiders wanting money back from Russell?

Vic: Hasn't the guy embarrassed them enough?

John from Jacksonville:
Are you surprised John Henderson hasn't been picked up by another team, yet?

Vic: John is an unrestricted free agent. You don't just pick him up, you have to negotiate a contract with him. I have no doubt John sees himself as a starting-caliber defensive tackle, which means he's going to want starter's money, and it'll probably take some time to identify a team that needs a starting defensive tackle and regards John as such. It's a young man's game.

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