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They did their part

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mark from Yulee, FL:
If you could have your choice between signing Arrington at our offer or letting the Giants sign him, making them lose a little interest in Chad Greenway, which would you go for?

Vic: Brilliant! This is the kind of thinking I like and respect. Yeah, let the Giants spend the big buck, which might let the long-term guy you want fall to you at the right price. I wish we had some kind of free hat or shirt I could send to people who ask great questions like this. Oh, by the way, I'll take the draft pick. The draft pick is almost always more valuable.

Fester from Green Cove Springs, FL:
The McGahee situation brings to mind another question: If a player is drafted and does not play his first year due to injury, is he still considered a rookie the second year?

Vic: You're only a rookie once. If you spend your rookie year on injured reserve, you get an accrued season and you come back as a second-year player. If you were cut in your rookie training camp and were not credited with an accrued season, and then you sign with a team for the following season, you become a first-year player. The "first year" designation is for players who aren't rookies but have yet to earn credit for an accrued season.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
How do you see the NFL network evolving?

Vic: It can't miss and one of the things that'll make it successful is Pete Rozelle's decision years ago to protect the NFL's film vault.

Dan from Tallahassee, FL:
You keep saying where are you going to get the tickets for the Eagle game? It's very easy, EBay.

Vic: I just looked on EBay. Three tickets with parking to the Jags-Eagles game will cost you $700. That price, of course, will only go up as we near the start of the season. Before we spend any more time talking about buying tickets at inflated prices for road games, let's start buying tickets at face value for home games. All this Eagles stuff is just a lot of chest-thumping.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
What kind of numbers do you think Fred Taylor will put up next year if he's healthy all year?

Vic: If Taylor stays healthy and if the Jaguars use Greg Jones in the complementary role I envision, I can see Taylor rushing for a thousand yards and Jones adding another 400-500. If Taylor isn't able to stay healthy, however, the burden will fall on Jones to be the Jaguars' thousand-yard rusher. I think successful postseason teams need a thousand-yard rusher, not because of the yardage but because of the consistency and dependability that figure represents.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
You said the Jaguars needed to uncover a new star player on offense. Who do you think it should be or it will be?

Vic: I don't care who it is. Byron Leftwich was drafted to be a star. Reggie Williams was drafted to be a star. Matt Jones was clearly projected to be a prominent player when he was drafted, as witnessed by the "slash" role he was put in for the season opener. Whoever it is, someone needs to become the face of this offense's future. It's time for new blood. That's not a knock on Jimmy Smith or Fred Taylor. Once upon a time they were new blood; they did their part.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
I don't care what people say or do, I will be wearing my teal jersey for the Philly game and I will be yelling and screaming just like always. Not only that, I'll make a woman bring me beer every time I need one. Scared? Not me. Of course, I will be watching the game in my own house, and as far as the screaming goes, that's only if the baby is awake, and when I say a woman will be getting my beer, I mean if my woman lets me have some. But I will be wearing my jersey.

Vic: Maybe you can get somebody to come over and beat you up. Then you'd have the full experience without having spent a dime.

John from Braughdrag, India:
We've all heard about linebacker needs and that the Jags will draft one in the first round, but can you give me a realistic third-round pick? I'm thinking tight end.

Vic: I'm thinking Tony Scheffler of Western Michigan.

Alon from Malibu, CA:
Are Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor in the last year of their contracts?

Vic: Jimmy is in the last year of his contract; Fred has two years remaining.

Malosi from Valencia, CA:
The draft pundits I have read thus far have Winston Justice expected to be picked in the first round. I understand that he has physical tools but it's interesting to me that he was the only offensive lineman from USC to not make the All-PAC 10 first or second teams last year. Is their something I'm missing? How can you not be recognized at all by your own conference but so highly regarded by the NFL?

Vic: The PAC 10 Conference selected Reggie Bush as their second team running back. What does that tell you? I don't put any stock in that college crap, including the All-America teams. The pro scouts know who can play.

Fred from Portland, OR:
NFL analyst Mike Mayock is saying the Packers may pass on A.J. Hawk at number five because he's too much of a reach that high. Any comment?

Vic: I have him number one on my value board. Wadda you think I'm gonna say? A.J. Hawk is a guy who is going to step into somebody's starting lineup and instantly become one of the best players – maybe the best player – on that defense. Would you call that guy a reach?

Kelvin from Atlanta, GA:
Our kicking game is below average. Scobee has made only one big field goal; against the Colts two seasons ago. I also know many that he has missed that cost us the game. Do you not feel we need to improve the kicking game?

Vic: I think we need to improve patience. If you're going to quit on a young player during his development, then why did you even start? In that case, you might as well sign an older guy who you absolutely know won't get any better. At least that way you know what to expect and if he doesn't deliver on your expectations you can cut him and get another old guy who won't get any better. You know what else won't get any better? Your team. I believe in identifying and developing young talent. I believe teams and players improve commensurately. Both require patience. Josh Scobee has a strong leg and an even stronger dedication to becoming a skilled pro kicker. His 20 touchbacks on kickoffs led the AFC. That's leg strength and that's what I call talent. The accuracy you're seeking in his placekicking will come with time and experience.

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