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Voting brisk in "idiot" poll

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Greg from Russellville, AR:
Just wanted to let you know you received a "not an idiot" vote from an Arkansan. The fact that I have a journalism degree probably helped me understand you, but honestly, it was your terrific public relations move in Tuesday's "Ask Vic" that won my vote. It was nice to know you haven't given up all hope for our mediocre state.

Vic: The Democrats don't know how to do it. I could've gotten Kerry elected.

Bob from Jacksonville:
What is the contract status of all three of our QBs?

Vic: Byron Leftwich is under contract through 2007, David Garrard is through '08 and Quinn Gray will be a restricted free agent next March.

Ian from London, Ontario:
Do you have something against me?

Vic: I've disliked you since the moment I never met you.

Kgoodly from Las Vegas, NV:
In contrast to Jack Del Rio, Gary Kubiak immediately made it known to everyone in attendance at the press conference that David Carr remains the starter. Which approach do you feel is in the best interest of a team?

Vic: As far as I'm concerned, Del Rio did the same thing. When asked if Byron Leftwich is still the Jaguars' "starting quarterback," Del Rio said, "How many times have I said that over the last four years?" As far as I'm concerned, that means Leftwich is still the Jaguars' "starting quarterback" and will return to the lineup as soon as his left ankle is deemed healthy.

Chris from Orlando, FL:
I voted that you're not an idiot. Anyone that reads your column can see that you're knowledgeable and witty. You might be outdated, close-minded, arrogant and stuck in your ways, but not an idiot.

Vic: Thank you for your vote.

Georges from Jacksonville:
You said Byron Leftwich can hand the ball off just as well as Garrard, but doesn't having a mobile quarterback help our running game because the defense has to watch out for a bootleg, especially in short-yardage situations?

Vic: It helps your running game to have a mobile quarterback because he adds to the rushing yardage total, as Garrard did in Philadelphia, but a mobile quarterback better pose a threat in the passing game, too, or the defense will load the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

Ryan from Indianapolis, IN:
It's refreshing to see you finally came to (your senses) and put the Colts back on top.

Vic: They earned the distinction based on their win in Denver. Now the table is set for them to cement that ranking in New England. I think you know they'll have to win to keep the top spot.

Ted from Oakland, CA:
"The league has had to make an exception with the Colts offensive line, however, because several of their linemen suffer from gastritis." You got the California vote.

Vic: California is a key state for me.

Scott from Jacksonville:
I just wanted to let you know that I voted "yes" but I didn't mean it. The "yes" people were just so far behind and I'm a big fan of the underdog.

Vic: Your e-mail address has been put into the "block" folder.

James from Augusta, GA:
What happened to the quick-strike offense that we were promised at the beginning of the season?

Vic: I didn't make that promise. I distinctly said in this column that we shouldn't expect the Jaguars to be anything different than what they have been, which is to say a team with a powerful defense and a ball-control, field-position offense that picks its spots when to get aggressive.

Paul from Lehigh Valley, PA:
What's your opinion of "The Linc?" I'm hearing Philly fans have softened since its opening. Do you agree?

Vic: It's a great ballpark. Have Eagles fans softened? Probably to a degree. The new ballparks and their premium seating have forced out a lot of hard-core fans. That's a sad fact of today's NFL.

Jeff from Washington, DC:
Are you serious about the Colts offensive linemen having gastritis and the league making a special exception for them? I would think that all of those big guys have some minor gastritis.

Vic: Why do you think Peyton Manning is in the shotgun so much? He's afraid to put his hands under there.

Steve from Jacksonville:
There's a trendy phrase to describe quarterbacks: "He's a QB who can manage a game." Is that supposed to describe a quarterback who is not very productive but wins with a great defense?

Vic: It describes a quarterback who doesn't make mistakes and plays to the team's strength. It describes a quarterback who'll throw the ball away or check down instead of forcing a pass into coverage. It describes a quarterback who may not have all of the physical tools, but knows how to get the team into and out of the huddle and not burn times out to avoid delay-of-game penalties; that kind of stuff.

Jim from Bondi Beach, Australia:
Stem cell research: for or against?

Vic: For.

Brian from Milwaukee, WI:
You got on a caller for not having stats to back up what they were saying, so I did some research on do we run more with David? In the last two years, Byron in 17 games has averaged 28.7 pass attempts per game and 29.1 runs per game. David in seven games has averaged 28.4 pass attempts and 35.2 runs per game. Does this data tell us anything about who is a better fit for the team philosophy?

Vic: If those stats are correct, I think they bear out what I've been saying: They're the same guy.

Nick from Wakefield, RI:
If March 7, 2001, was the official first "Ask Vic" column, well here is the link to it. It's really interesting looking back on the questions asked and the status of the team at the time.

Vic: Yeah, I like looking back. Thanks.

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