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What's in a number?

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Tallahassee, FL:
Who do you believe is the most underrated player currently on the Jaguars roster? My vote goes to Paul Spicer.

Vic: Paul Spicer would be a top candidate for that distinction. He is widely regarded as an over-achieving, reserve player, but he's made some big plays and has had some big games in the three years he's been with the Jaguars. This year, Spicer will have an opportunity to win and hold a starting defensive end job and I don't doubt he will. Deke Cooper, Chris Naeole and Akin Ayodele are also candidates for most underrated player. I'm sure there are others.

Tommy from Seward, AK:
Why does Jacksonville have so many running backs? Is it a health issue with Fred Taylor? I thought he had a pretty solid showing last year and Jacksonville went a little wild with their signing of so many backs.

Vic: New England has gotten away with a very thin group of running backs, but most coaches would prefer to have a stable of good backs that not only provide depth but allow for creativity in offensive design. That's what Greg Jones is going to afford offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. All of a sudden, the Jaguars' spread offense with Fred Taylor in the slot becomes something defenses have to fear. Should they play pass, or respect the run with Greg Jones in the backfield? In my opinion, the selection of Jones in the second round will prove to be one of the plum picks of this year's draft.

Sharon from Jacksonville:
I really like the Doug Johnson signing; very smart move. What do you think of the Doug Johnson signing?

Vic: What's not to like? He's a four-year veteran who has a distinct upside. I see Doug Johnson as a quarterback whose best years are ahead of him. I discount what happened last year in Atlanta because that team was not capable of winning without Michael Vick in the lineup. He was and still is that important to the Falcons' success. One of my best friends is former Jaguars pro personnel director Ron Hill, who is one of the Falcons' personnel executives, and Hill thinks the world of Johnson. That's good enough for me.

Charlie from Cocoa Beach, FL:
I thought the NFL now has the WR numbers from 13-19 and in the 80's. Why is Reggie Williams wearing number 11?

Vic: Beginning this season, wide receivers may wear numbers 11-19 and in the 80's. Reggie Williams has been issued number 11 and plans are that he will wear that number in the regular season. The numbers code, however, is not strictly enforced during the preseason. The NFL wants its teams to abide by that code in the preseason, but when it's not possible to do so players may be issued "renegade" numbers.

Steve from Jacksonville:
The rookies that were recently drafted have not been signed to contracts, yet, were at the mandatory mini-camp. Do they get any kind of pay for attending mini-camp and, if so, roughly how much?

Vic: They receive no compensation. Their transportation, lodging, meals, etc. is provided, but they receive no compensation.

Jared from Gainesville, FL:
First I would like to thank Wayne Weaver, Jack Del Rio and everyone else involved with allowing us to attend mini-camp. During one of the defensive drills, some of the players wore red, blue or yellow covers over their helmets. What was the purpose for this?

Vic: It's a means by which players can be visually distinguished. In the particular example to which you are referring, the helmet coverings are used by defensive players who are acting as offensive players in drills against other defensive players. The blue helmet covering designates the tight end, red is for wide receiver, green is for running back or tailback and yellow is for the fullback. The color coding allows the defense to identify the formation.

Kelly from Santa Rosa, CA:
Is it me or was there a noticeable lack of news on Reggie Williams from this weekend's mini-camp. Did he not attend? Or did he not do anything worth mentioning?

Vic: Reggie Williams was in attendance and was prominently mentioned in Friday's story on, but he incurred a hamstring pull at some point Friday morning and was limited in his participation the rest of the weekend.

David from Oviedo, FL:
Did punter Chris Hanson kick any this weekend? Has he made a full recovery or will it require more time?

Vic: Chris Hanson did all of the punting this past weekend and it's my understanding he is fully recovered.

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