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WR not a priority, but must be a consideration

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Adel Nahabia from Jacksonville:
Say the top-rated receiver in the draft just happens to be available at number 13; Koren Robinson, as some critics say he will be available. What do you think the Jaguars will do at that point, add another weapon to the receiver squad, as well as a play-maker, or do you think they will stick to plan A and go with the obvious?

Vic: I don't think Robinson would interest the Jaguars, but Jimmy Smith''s recent surgeries would have to make wide receiver a position of consideration. The offensive and defensive lines are clearly the Jaguars' priority positions, but Smith's injury and R. Jay Soward's failures make wide receiver a secondary position of need. The question might be better phrased: What if David Terrell was available? That having been said, Terrell and Robinson are expected to be gone by the time the Jaguars pick.

Ben Corby from Jacksonville:
With Mike Hollis'' back a question likely to remain throughout the rest of his career, could Jim Tarle's trip to Europe be the Jags possibly breeding him to take over the kicking job in 2002, since Hollis is an unrestricted free agent after next season? Also, what are the chances of the Jags keeping three kicking specialists on the roster this year? Any chance we'd try and show Tarle how to punt, or cut Tarle and let whoever our punter will be handle kickoffs?

Vic: I'm sorry, but I don't share your energy or fascination for the kicking game. Ultimately, I'd like the Jaguars to find a punter who can drop-kick, so I don't have to answer questions about who the holder is going to be.

Paul Baimbridge from Temecula, CA:
I really like Dan Morgan's talent, and since there has been rumors that we might have to trade Kevin Hardy, do you think we would go right after Dan and bypass the offensive linemen?

Vic: The best middle linebackers in the history of the game will tell you the secret to their success was having defensive tackles in front of them whose job it was to keep the blockers off the middle linebacker. Jack Lambert had Joe Greene and Ernie Holmes; Ray Lewis has Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams. In my opinion, the Jaguars need to add size to their defensive line as much as they need to draft offensive linemen. You gotta get the big guys early, Paul. It's the "Planet Theory:" There are only so many people on the planet that big, and you better get them when you have the chance.

Brian Hannah from Orange Park, FL:
If the Jaguars decide to draft a big defensive tackle, do you think Larry Smith could move outside to play end? What do you think about drafting a fullback like Toombs?


Maybe Smith can play end. I don't know because I haven't seen him try. I'm inclined to say Smith has yet to master the defensive tackle position, and that I think it would be unfair to him and would probably retard his development to move him to end. If the Jaguars coaches thought he could play end, he'd be playing it. As far as Ja'mar Toombs, at 280-plus pounds, he probably needs to move to fullback, but isn't much of a blocker and is said to lack the desire to discipline his weight and his performance. Toombs was a feature runner at Texas A&M. Just because a guy is big doesn't mean he can block.


Kiley Johnson from Grangeville, ID:
It seems that several quarterbacks in colleges these days run the option. Does the fact that they are in an offense that showcases their running ability hurt the draft possibilities of some of these quarterbacks? For instance, Marques Tuiasosopo of Washington is touted as one of the best quarterbacks to come from Washington, yet, he probably won't be taken until late in the draft. Is this due to the college offense?

Vic: College quarterbacks who run the option are usually better runners than they are passers, because option offense places a premium on running the ball. Tuiasosopo is such a quarterback. He won't be taken until late in the draft because he lacks the size, arm strength and passing skills that are the standards for the pro game. To understand the difference between option quarterbacks and drop-back passers, consider this: Dan Marino is one of the greatest quarterbacks in pro football history. Do you think he would've been a good option quarterback? With all of that said, NFL teams are looking for quarterbacks who are mobile, which is why Tuiasosopo will be drafted.

Paul Beardsley from Jacksonville:
Do you think Coughlin will try to trade up in the first round using Hardy? San Francisco, I believe, is in need of a linebacker, with Norton gone, and with their number nine spot we could probably pick up Walker.

Vic: Kevin Hardy probably wouldn't command that kind of trade, largely due to two reasons: 1.) He would be more of a cap hit than the 49ers could afford; 2.) He only has one year remaining on his contract, which means the 49ers would probably have to pay even more money to keep him. No team is looking to take on more salary cap "baggage."
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