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Ask a Jag - Head coach Gus Bradley answers your questions


1)     When it comes to making cuts to get the roster down to size, do you go with the stats, your head or your heart?

Those are the toughest decisions a coach has to make.  You are with the majority of these guys the entire offseason and then throughout training camp.  You want to make the best possible decision for the Jaguars.  It's not easy.  You always have to make difficult decisions.

2)     Have you got specific packages in mind for Denard Robinson and do they include the read option?

Hey, I can't tell you what we have in store for Denard Robinson.  We might have some opponents reading this.  Haha.  Denard is a playmaker and we are going to put the ball in our playmakers hands.  It's that simple.  We listed him as an offensive weapon because he can do a little bit of everything including returning kicks.

3)     Gutted you didn't end up with my Eagles - Hope you whoop the 49ers 42-13 again! Have you learnt anything from coaching stalwarts? (Carroll,Kiffin etc).

I could go on for days about the knowledge I have gained from Pete Carroll, Monte Kiffin, Jim Mora and so on.  There are so many people that have had an impact on my career.  One of my favorite things to do to this day and sit down and talk defense with Monte Kiffin. 

4)     Do you think Maurice Jones-Drew will still be a Jaguar this time next year? What will be the deciding factors?

We preach to our players to just get better every day.  We don't think about anything except the present.  I do know Maurice has been great to work with and we are looking forward to him returning to form.  He worked really hard this offseason rehabbing from his foot and we are excited to see what he can do in this offense.

5)     The Eagles were showing a fair amount of interest in yourself before going with Chip after his eventual U-Turn... if the Eagles had phoned through with a 'we want you' along with the Jags where would you have gone?

I'm very happy to be a part of the Jaguars organization led by Shad Khan.  I couldn't ask for a better situation to come into with a new general manager David Caldwell and a fresh atmosphere.  We aren't naïve to think we don't have a lot of work ahead but we are excited about the direction we are headed as a franchise.

6)      Where does the name Gus come from? (wiki says you were born Paul Casey Bradley)
My brother gave it to me when I was little and it just stuck through elementary school, college, and in the NFL."

7)      At what point would you decide to bench a QB, and what factors would go into making such a decision?

I don't even like thinking about those kind of situations.  You always have to make tough and sometimes unpopular decisions as a head coach.  You always want to do the best for the organization.

8)      As a first time head coach, what's the biggest challenge you've had to overcome so far?

You quickly realize how many things a head coach has to oversee.  It's not just watching film and preparing for an opponent.  You are dealing with media, travel, schedules and so much more.  You have to balance your time wisely and keep focused on the ultimate goal.

9)     What do you do to relax on the odd occasion that you have some spare time?

Spend time with my family.  I love to fish and take the kids out on the boat.  Any time I get to spend with my wife and four kids is special.

10)   What specific challenges come with being involved with the Wembley games? Do you have a timetable planned out for travelling yet, or will that come nearer the time?

We are still working through that right now but our plan is to arrive in London on Tuesday morning.  We have secured our practice facility for the week and started to put together a schedule.  We are excited about the opportunity to represent the city of Jacksonville and play in such a historic stadium.

11)   You are pretty famous for the "Do Your Job" rant at the Seattle defense - do you usually deal with players like that, or was that a bit of a one off?

I just try to be myself.  That's all.

12)   Do you watch soccer at all, or any other sports? Will you start watching now that Mr Khan has purchased Fulham FC?

Oh yeah, I'm a big Fulham fan now.  I think it's a great opportunity for synergy between the Jaguars and Fulham.  I will definitely be watching and keeping up with things.  I look forward to visiting and attending a game.

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