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Jaguars sluggish in morning practice


Coach Tom Coughlin gathered his players following this morning's practice and read them the "riot act" about lackadaisical practices.

"Not very good; I was very disappointed in the intensity, the way we came out. I told them about that and about their responsibility," Coughlin told reporters of his post-practice message to the team this morning.

Following an off-day Saturday and a Sunday two-a-day schedule that was cut short by lightning, Coughlin wasn't expecting his team to be sluggish this morning, but it was.

"That's the test. It's the fourth quarter in the last two minutes," Coughlin said of his message to his players, who are clearly battling the usual fatigue and soreness that goes with the midway portion of training camp.

"There wasn't much toughness out there this morning. We're looking for outstanding effort. Today, we didn't get the effort we want," he added.

The Jaguars practiced on the middle field this morning. Even from their faraway perch, reporters were able to observe that veteran wide receiver Darnay Scott had been demoted. Patrick Johnson was moved from the number two spot at the "Z" receiver position to number one at "X." Of course, starting "X" Jimmy Smith remains a contract holdout.

"He's got to learn how to practice the way we want to practice," Coughlin said of Scott, who responded to that challenge by making an in-stride catch of a short-post pass from quarterback Mark Brunell this morning.

"If you don't progress … then all of a sudden you're down to one practice a day and it's difficult at that time," Coughlin said. "I think they'll have a little more bounce in their step this afternoon."

In other news, second-year linebacker Eric Westmoreland suffered a medial collateral ligament sprain of his left knee this morning. His condition will be updated.

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