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O-Zone: One for the wall

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Marc from US Assure Club East:
Looks like Jalen Ramsey had a "Welcome-to-the-NFL" moment with A-Rob and Blake Bortles schooling him three times in a row. Any cause for concern or just part of the process?
John: You're referring to Jaguars third-year-veteran/Pro Bowl wide receiver Allen Robinson doing well against Jaguars rookie cornerback Jalen Ramsey in red-zone work in the third practice of Ramsey's career Saturday. That said, I suppose this is as good a chance as any to offer some perspective on our discussion in recent days about not only Ramsey, but the Jaguars' entire rookie class – and indeed, many of the Jaguars' young players. That perspective? That young NFL players are NOT FINISHED PRODUCTS. I use capital letters because I am serious and WISH TO HAVE THE POINT EMPHASIZED. We had similar teeth-gnashing/concern over Bortles in his first two offseason when he had practices that weren't perfect – and it's likely Bortles in his third season will have more imperfect practices. Robinson and Allen Hurns had many, many dropped passes in games early in their careers – shoot, they both had errors in Week 1 of last season before going onto breakout seasons. Let me reiterate: YOUNG NFL PLAYERS ARE NOT FINISHED PRODUCTS. That means Ramsey, Dante Fowler Jr. and Myles Jack are not finished products. It also means most of the players on the Jaguars' roster are not finished products. They will therefore get beat at times. There is a ton of talent on this young team, but it's young talent. It's why myself and many of the people who cover this team aren't doing cartwheels and predicting a division title this season. It's why people around the organization believe the future is very bright but realize this season may have learning-curve moments. There will be Welcome-to-the-NFL moments in practice. There will be Welcome-to-the-NFL moments in games. There will be frustration. There almost certainly will be times when fans wonder why this team isn't living up to its "potential." The reason will be that NFL rookies aren't yet experienced – and experience matters. It won't be cause for concern. It will be reality.
Lol from Jacksonville:
So, apparently you think Chevy Chase is the funniest man alive.
John: Get me a glass of hot fat. And bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia.
Dalton from UCF:
After going to the training camp practice Saturday, I don't think there is any way that Dante Fowler Jr. busts. The dude is a freak.
John: I agree. From watching Fowler and Ramsey early in training camp, I just don't see any way they will be bad players. They are inexperienced players who aren't yet developed, but they almost certainly will be difference-making players. Their talent is that obvious. (And by the way, that's not to say I believe differently about Myles Jack or another young Jaguars player. It's just that I've watched Ramsey and Fowler more and they have stood out).
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
I am glad they are putting Jimmy Smith in the Pride of the Jaguars. It felt odd seeing Mark Brunell, Fred Taylor, and Tony Boselli up there without Smith. He wasn't just one of the greatest Jaguars players; he was dominant at wide receiver. He put up 291 yards and three touchdowns against the 2000 Ravens, which is one of the best defenses ever. We would be lucky to have another receiver as good as he was. I also don't know how he doesn't get into the Hall of Fame. He had 860 catches and 12,000 yards in his career. He is underrated.
John: You're right.
Steve from Fernandina Beach, FL:
There has been much discussion, hype and hope surrounding Tashaun Gipson, Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, Malik Jackson and Dante Fowler Jr. But I haven't heard beans about (to my thinking) our best cornerback, Prince Amukamara! Do you see him as a starter on the outside? Is he only going to be a nickel and dime guy? Where is the love for Prince?
John: Projecting right now, I'd say Jalen Ramsey and Davon House start the season on the outside at cornerback with Prince Amukamara playing outside corner early in the season when Ramsey moves inside to the nickel in passing situations. Once Aaron Colvin returns from his four-game, season-opening suspension, I'd project Colvin playing the nickel with Ramsey/House remaining outside and Amukamara as the dime corner. That projection could turn out wrong based on Amukamara's play.
Robert from Jacksonville:
Hey John, Day 36 fan here. Does the NFL have anything in place whereby a player like Marqise Lee (who obviously enjoys getting hurt) is made to monetarily reimburse fans for their emotional investment in his success? I just don't think it is fair that players can get hurt while fans like me have no recourse. Could you pass my concern along, please?
John: You're kidding, I think.
Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire:
Mighty 'O' … Day Three in the books and no sight of THE HAT. Is there some sort of injury you are not telling us about? Is THE HAT on the PUP list? We need to be told!
John: Hat game has remained strong. I wear it at practice, but typically don't wear it on appearances.
Brian from Duval County:
Who do you believe the first Jaguar player to be voted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
John: You left out a key word in your question, because if the question is "Who do I believe 'should' be the first Jaguars player to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?" my answer would be Tony Boselli. I believe he's the best player in franchise history, and I believe his career merits it. I also believe he has a very real chance for induction as time goes on and voters reassess his dominance as a player. As for who I believe will be the first Jaguars player inducted, that's tougher. The Hall process can take a long time and it's filled with uncertainties. While I believe Boselli should get in, it's so much a non-guarantee that I don't have a great feel for if – and certainly not when – it will happen.
Home Boy from Jax:
Yo, John Boy!! If a player is selected to the Pro Bowl and declines to go, does that still count as being a Pro Bowler that year??
John: Yes.
Ed from Jacksonville:
John, on the first day of camp (Thursday) I believe there was a live feed here on the Jags website. The next two practices ... nada! Was I hallucinating?
John: You were not hallucinating. We stream selected practices from Jaguars 2016 Training Camp live, but not all of them. We streamed Sunday night's practice, for example.
Hill from Reseda, CA:
Marqise Lee won't hold us back because if the time comes that Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley feel the roster spot will be better filled by someone else, then it will be. #DTWD
John: Yes, as is the case with all 53 players.
Dan from Cary, NC:
John, how do coaches differentiate between an effective or ineffective pass rush and good or poor pass protection? When I hear our defensive line is getting good pressure in camp I immediately worry about the offensive line and vice versa. What do coaches look for as good indicators in evaluating both lines?
John: This is the great quandary of football coaches everywhere – and at nearly every level of the sport. If the defense has a good day it means the offense had a bad day – and vice versa. The reality is it's difficult to know until the preseason starts just how well the respective lines are playing, though the eye test is probably the best judge. The eye test Saturday during the first day of one-on-one pass rush drills said the defensive line did very well, and so did center Brandon Linder. I thought guard A.J. Cann did OK, too – and right tackle Jermey Parnell. Still, it's important to realize that the drill by its nature favors defensive linemen. They are rushing to a specific spot against offensive linemen blocking solo with no help – and there is no quarterback getting rid of the ball. Those aren't circumstances that occur in a game. So, while the defensive line looked very good in the drill on Saturday it's not as if that means the offensive line absolutely can't get people blocked. People are going to interpret it that way when they see reports of the defensive line "winning" the drill, but that's not the reality.
Joe from San Antonio, TX:
Hearing everyone talking about iconic players they want to see in the Pride of the Jaguars got me thinking about who I'd like to see. There is one person that I feel is unfairly left out and that's JDR. There are a number of other players, and certainly another coach, who should get in before him, but if he were never inducted that would be highly disappointing.
John: OK, but you're not hunger striking over this or anything, right?

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