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O-Zone: Rabid fan base

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Wyatt from Jacksonville:
I just saw the Jaguars' depth chart. Whoever put it together seems to be trying to get a little cute. Rather than actually ranking depth at the quarterback position they listed Gabbert and Henne both under No. 1. I don't see the point. No position is cemented at any point EVER, much less on the first preseason depth chart. What was the point of trying to get cute? Just to send the message that they're completely unimpressed with either quarterback and can't bring themselves to actually list one as the current #1?
John: I don't know how "cute" anyone was being. The Jaguars have worked Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert with the first- and second-team units pretty much equally throughout training camp. They haven't named a starter yet. Doing anything else with the depth chart would have created the impression that a decision has been made when nothing else coming from the team has indicated as much.
The Team from EverBank Field:
John, please tell Josh, "You're welcome."
John: On it.
Robert from Moorpark, CA:
Assuming Johnathan Cyprien starts at strong safety, who has looked better thus far between Josh Evans and Dwight Lowery, or should we wait until preseason?
John: We'll have to wait until preseason for the free-safety spot to play out, but that's any position. As far as who has looked better, it's probably a tossup. Evans has had a significant number of big hits in camp, and you have to like his aggressiveness. I wouldn't be shocked if he's starting in 2014 or 2015, but for now, I'd say Lowery starts the regular season. There are already two rookies – Cyprien and Dwayne Gratz – likely to start, and a couple of veterans back there would be a good mix.
Gabe from Sioux Falls, ID:
Why do you think Gabbert plays inconsistently, O?
John: Experience, G.
Gino from Jacksonville:
Football season is finally here. Watching the Hall of Fame game, I couldn't help but notice two former Jags players have a solid game for the Cowboys, George Selvie and Jeris Pendleton. Is it coaching or scheme that other players seem to excel for other teams compared to their previous destination!!!!!
John: I was happy for Selvie and Pendleton. Both were good guys to deal with while they were here, and I hope they do well. That said, it's the preseason. Many, many players excel there who don't excel in the regular season. Stay tuned.
Sean from Fleming Island, FL:
Will the coaches watch the tape from the Dolphins-Cowboys game in preparation for Friday?
John: The Jaguars' coaches will watch very little of that tape – if at all. The preseason opener is rarely a game-plan game, and teams spend almost no time preparing for the opponent. It's about getting the first in-game repetitions for players, about getting players comfortable in the schemes and about getting a look at players to start cutting the roster. There will be a bit more game-planning for Week 2, then a ton for Week 3 with almost none for Week 4.
Luis from St. Johns, FL:
Section 412. Finally! Preseason game on Friday! Moodachay!!!!!!
John: #Moodachay
Steve from Nashville, TN:
Do you consider Bradley a more "fan-friendly" coach compared to other recent Jaguars head coaches?
John: Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley's very fan friendly. I wasn't around Jack Del Rio when he was around fans enough to comment intelligently, and I actually thought Mike Mularkey did a good job reaching out to fans when he was in that situation. Bradley's personality is much more engaging than Mularkey's. That's not a knock on Mularkey; Bradley's much more engaging than just about anyone. But that personality certainly makes him popular with the fans. He's an easy guy to like.
Leon from Virginia Beach, VA:
I know it's early. But if Ace Sanders continues the same level of play as a receiver, do you think the coaching staff might limit his reps at returning kicks? I for one hope not, but we've seen this happen before with other teams. #Moodachay
John: That could happen in time, but probably not this season. The Jaguars drafted Sanders very much with the idea that he would give them an element returning punts they didn't have that season. It's a major strength of his, and to have him not doing it as a rookie would take away what could be an important weapon for a building team. Now, if Sanders develops and is a long-term contributor at receiver, then in time the team could go a different direction at returner. But that's probably an issue for two or three years in the future. And yes, #Moodachay.
Brett from Jacksonville:
I think our five starting offensive lineman are a great group and our quarterbacks are going to have a great year because of it. However, it is unrealistic to think they will all stay healthy throughout the season. Do you think the Jaguars are waiting to sign a lineman that becomes a cap casualty in the next couple of weeks, or are they happy with the depth?
John: I can't put the "great" tag on the line yet. I want to see them play together a while. But if your point is that the Jaguars should be better on the offensive line, yes, they should. Depth on the line is difficult to achieve. The team will search the waiver wire, but you have to be careful signing a veteran based on a big name. Very, very often those players aren't any better than the depth you already have on the roster, depth that already knows your system.
David from Pierson, FL:
Any news on how Jeremy Ebert is doing??? I know he missed a couple a practices last week. Did he play in the scrimmage on Saturday?
John: He played in the scrimmage, and he actually had one of camp's better practices on Monday, holding on to a pass over the middle despite a fierce hit from Josh Evans. Ebert is capable of playing his way into a roster spot with good performances in the preseason.
Brooks from Jacksonville:
"I think Blaine Gabbert is the greatest quarterback in the history of professional football!!!" Glad to know how you really feel John.
John: Yes. My secret is out.
Scott from Aurora, IL:
Why has a league with the sole purpose of making three-to-four year contracts with recent high school graduates never successfully materialized? I feel like there could be an opportunity for players to get around NCAA rules and get paid for their play on the way to the NFL. Don't try to compete with the NFL; try to compete with the NCAA for players. What barriers to entry have presented themselves?
John: The biggest barrier is fan interest in such a league. While some people would watch, college football is very popular and that league would have difficulty making money. That's a problem, because football is an expensive sport and money has to come from somewhere to fund all of these three-to-four-year contracts.
Jared from Banning, CA:
How has undrafted rookie Lonnie Pryor looked thus far? He was an undersized-yet-very-hard-working-and-athletic fullback at Florida State. It'd be nice to see him make the final roster.
John: Pryor is behind Will Ta'ufo'ou on the depth chart right now. Ta'ufo'ou is a very good blocker, and the Jaguars may have to choose between that and Pryor's versatility and potential for production out of the backfield.
Josh from Griffin, GA:
John, Help me here I do not understand the new rules for the Pro Bowl having a fantasy player help pick players come on I can see blatant bias against some players they might not like not getting selected and no more kickoff's I think this is a waist why not just have them play two hand touch I want hard nosed football not watered down football stupid rules if ya ask me what are your thoughts?
John: Josh, I think I do not understand the rules much either because I do not care enough about the Pro Bowl to have invested any time worrying about the rules yet I think I really wish you had used punctuation it's not that I'm an expert on grammer or anything it is just that it's a lot easier to read and I sort of run out of breath when there aren't any periods or commas or anything those are my thoughts.
Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL:
You should consider dying the front half of your hair black, your head would look like the Jags new helmet. #StandUnited
John: You should consider (EDITOR DELETED).
Tommy from Jacksonville:
Does it get hard to do your job when you are constantly being told you have a bromance on a certain player? That's ridiculous just because they don't agree with your observations. I see it on this site mostly from Blaine bashers.
John: Reading emails isn't difficult. I'm not saying there is nothing difficult about this job, and I'm not saying there aren't skills involved – just that what people happen to think or write about something I think or write doesn't make this job easy or difficult one way or the other.
Bradley from Jacksonville:
What days are the cuts for the 75-man roster and eventual 53-man roster?
John: Teams must reduce their roster to 75 players by 4 p.m. August 27 and to 53 by 6 p.m. August 31.
Mike from Green Cove Springs, FL:
I'm not sure about Blaine Gabbert being the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, but you sure are the greatest Senior Writer in the history of the NFL! Even Boselli would have to agree with me on that one.
John: It's good having people who owe me money in Green Cove Springs.

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