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O-Zone: Still the same

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Marcus from Jacksonville:
With the talent and experience on the interior of the defensive line (specifically Sen'Derrick Marks and Malik Jackson), will the Jaguars try to use their edge rushers more in a containment situation? Young pass rushers are known for exploding out of the gate and running right past the play, making the rush of the interior lineman irrelevant as the quarterback simply jogs out of the box and gets the pass off. Until those edge rushers gain experience, would it be beneficial to train them to not always pin their ears back in favor of setting the edge so the interior rushers can have the time to get to the quarterback?
John: The interior indeed will be critical to the pass rush this season, and while the Jaguars won't take away the aggressiveness of the edge rushers, there will be emphasis on containing the pocket. This is a sometimes-misunderstood element of the Jaguars' defense. The team believes in the importance of the interior rush. That's particularly true when playing against mobile quarterbacks and quarterbacks who emphasize getting rid of the ball quickly. Because most NFL quarterbacks these days fall into one or both of the categories, the Jaguars put a big emphasis on pressure from the interior. That was a huge reason for signing Jackson this past offseason and it's why the return of Marks is important. Edge rushers matter a great deal. But the idea that the edge rushers could benefit the interior by containing the quarterback and forcing the quarterback inside? And the idea that the interior pass rush could make an impact? No, those aren't silly ideas at all.
Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Marqise Lee, Julius Thomas, Marcedes Lewis, Rashad Greene, T.J. Yeldon, Chris Ivory all have great hands. Somebody is open. Somebody is always going to be open with that crew. This team is going to be dynamic!
John: #DTWD
MrPadre from Kingsland, GA:
I'm looking at our current depth chart and I'm having a "really" difficult time finding 27 guys to cut! #goodproblemtohave
John: The Jaguars indeed are deeper this season than in past seasons, which will make for some tough decisions at some positions. For the most part, though, the Jaguars won't have a tough time getting to 53. The decisions made at the bottom of the roster aren't big-picture, franchise-changing decisions. And a lot of the players are either still available a few weeks into the season or wind up signing to your practice squad.
Adam from Jagsonville from Section 102:
I know this is premature, but can't you see Jalen Ramsey having a career similar to Charles Woodson if he stays healthy for the duration? A long, excellent career at corner topped off with a few stellar years at safety? I'd take 18 years of Ramsey!
John: Sure, that's something Ramsey could do. For perspective, though, Woodson deserves to be remembered as one of the best defensive backs in the history of football while Jalen Ramsey has played 17 preseason snaps. But looking past that … yes.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
Will Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth be in town on Sunday?
John: Mike Tirico will call the game with Collinsworth on Sunday.
Aaron from Chantily, VA:
Any chance we bring in a veteran (two-to-five-year) pass rusher before we see the Packers?
John: If they're better than the pass rushers on the Jaguars' roster, the chances are very good. If they're not, the chances are very not good.
Jason from Jax:
Hey, John ... I guess I missed it somehow, but what is Roy Miller's injury? Is he thought to be ready for Green Bay game? Thanks.
John: Miller missed Saturday's Preseason Week 2 game against the Buccaneers with a quad injury and he is considered doubtful for Sunday night's game against the Cincinnati Bengals. I expect him to play against Green Bay Week 1.
Bob from Walterboro:
How do you see the tight-end competition shaking out so far behind Marcedes Lewis and Julius Thomas?
John: I see Nic Jacobs, Braedon Bowman and Ben Koyack all having a chance to make the 53-man roster depending on what numbers the Jaguars keep at what offensive positions. I expect Neal Sterling to be on the practice squad with the idea that Sterling could develop into a good move tight end in a year or so.
Emiel from Jacksonville:
How much could players like Blake Bortles, Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson, T.J. Yeldon/Chris Ivory, etc. really benefit from playing even one more preseason snap? Is it for conditioning? It seems like Coach Gus Bradley is being a little more careful with the defensive guys by limiting snaps and sitting out starters.
John: I agree that the first-team offense realistically may not benefit much from more preseason snaps. I have said I would probably err on the side of limiting their repetitions Sunday and possibly not play Robinson or Ivory. At the same time, if the entire first-team offense didn't play at all Sunday that would mean 22 days between games and that probably isn't ideal entering the regular season. As far as Bradley being more careful with offense than defense … no, not really. The offense played one more series than the defense on Saturday against the Buccaneers, but the defense played 17 plays and the offense played 20 plays, so the difference in approach was negligible.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
John, what's the best fringe benefit or perk of your job? I would think it's getting to see Jeff Lageman any time you want. But that's just me.
John: I went to Jaguars President Mark Lamping with this question. I said, "Mark, what's the best fringe benefit of my job?" He gave me his card, told me to keep "hustling and maybe something would work out" for me one day and had security accompany me to the gate. I took that as a sign that things are going well for me.
Glen from Section 208:
Is it worth noting that J.J. Watt only had five and half sacks his rookie year and Khalil Mack only had four his rookie year?
John: Yes.
Royce from Jacksonville:
Mr. O, does the defensive coordinator call the formation and personnel on every defensive play and can this be changed by Poz?
John: Yes.
Thrill from the 'ville:
"Look, Bortles is going to depend on Robinson. He's going to throw him 50-50 balls." You don't throw ARob 50-50 balls. You throw him 80-20 balls. Just sayin'.
John: Yes.
Derek from Terre Haute, IN:
How's this for a prediction? Luke Joeckel's contract ends after playing well at guard and filling in at left tackle. Jaguars attempt to resign Luke to a deal fair to an above average guard, only to have him decline for a better deal playing left tackle with another team.
John: That could happen, although the more likely scenario is that the Jaguars would realize Joeckel was going to pursue playing left tackle with another team. Under that scenario, the sides would probably part ways without a serious offer. But we're a long way from that. Joeckel has played well at left tackle in the preseason thus far. It's a long season. Beachum has yet to play and is coming off a knee injury. Your scenario could play out, but so could many others.
Frank from St. Augustine, FL:
I was going to write in and complain about you never posting my questions until I saw the ROAR Calendar shoot. I feel a lot better now.
John: I get it.
Travis from High Springs, FL:
Hi John, do you think that Luke Joeckel has shown enough so far to possibly win the starting job at left tackle?
John: Yes. That's not to say he will start at left tackle, but your question was, has he shown enough so far to "possibly win the starting job at left tackle." So … yes.
Heath from Athens, TN:
What do you predict as the Jaguars record this year?
John: I haven't, but I think they have a real chance to win at least eight.
Ace from Duval County by way of LA:
Hey John, I feel Brandon Allen has a good chance of being No. 2 QB with a little more time in the system. Do you think he has a chance of beating out Chad Henne? The only thing I feel Henne has is the experience. Allen is easily the better talent.
John: I don't know that it's accurate to say "Allen is easily the better talent" compared to Henne. Remember, Henne was a second-round draft selection and a big-time college quarterback. Henne didn't look great in the preseason game against the Buccaneers, but I'd be stunned if he's not the backup quarterback this season.
Lee from Jacksonville:
After last season I just couldn't take it anymore. I swore off all Jaguar related things until the 2016 season started. Now I'm back! What did I miss?
John: Sexton lost some weight. Boselli did, too. I'm still sadly pretty much the same.

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