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O-Zone: The real story

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Heading home.

Let's get to it ….

Rick from Callaway, FL:
So … Johnny looked good. He should in underwear perfect practice. It shouldn't affect his draft stock, IMO.
John: Well, technically Johnny Manziel wore shoulder pads and a helmet at his Pro Day Thursday. I suppose he wore underwear. I forgot to ask, but your point is correct, of course – that a quarterback should look good at his Pro Day. He should complete just about all of his passes and should look crisp and confident. Manziel did all of those things, so it was a good Pro Day. Will it affect his draft stock? I, too, doubt that very much.
Joseph from Jacksonville:
A few months ago my comment/question resulted in posting the first "One-fer" Johnny on O-Zone. I don't put too much stock in Pro Days, but after watching Johnny's, my stance stays even stronger not because of his performance but because it reminded me that the Jaguars absolutely should draft him. I really believe him and Jedd will be a perfect match.
John: Hey! One long-standing one fer Johnny! As for whether the Jaguars will draft him, I doubt it. I think Dave Caldwell likes a quarterback that can stand in the pocket and "win" from there and that's one of the great unknowns regarding Manziel. But that's an educated guess, and I don't pretend it's a rock-solid theory.
David from Section 214:
If Caldwell is so keen on trading back, does it clearly portend that he doesn't have the intention of drafting a quarterback in the first round?
John: No.
Stephen from Neptune Beach, FL:
Was Manziel throwing or punting? The ball hung in the air forever. How was it in person?
John: The deep balls did hang in the air a while. But overall, Manziel's arm strength was impressive.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
Is Mr. Khan enjoying being a NFL owner, and specifically enjoying being the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and do you think he is in it for the long haul?
John: He seems to be enjoying being an NFL owner and, specifically, the owner of the Jaguars very much. I'm sure he will enjoy it more when the Jaguars win more; that is, after all, the whole idea. And yes, I absolutely believe Khan is in it for the long haul. He has done nothing to indicate otherwise.
Frank from St. Augustine, FL:
HELLO! Does this thing work?
John: TEXT ME!!!
Patrick from Merced, CA:
If the '99 Jaguars played against the '07 Jaguars who would win? Also, have you ever kicked a field goal from a NFL stadium? Got to love my random questions.
John: I believe the '99 Jaguars would win, but I covered every game that team played compared to two of the '07 team's games, so I may be biased, uninformed or both. I never have kicked a field goal in an NFL stadium. I'm not sure I've ever kicked a successful field goal at all, in fact, though I could be wrong.
Bucky from Freakville:
Ok. Is it "Shad" Khan or "Shahid" Khan?
John: Shad is short for Shahid. Kind of like Buck is short for Bucky.
Beau from Bud Zone:
I always try to have a very interesting question when I write you. Is it possible to draft a player and then trade that very player to another team before they even draft? Shine some wisdom on me, John.
John: It's possible, but the trade would have to be made very quickly. It's really not necessary, either. The team that wants to trade for the player could simply trade for the selection, and then select the player. That, of course, is what usually happens and it happens often.
Ron from Jacksonville:
What you said about the compensatory formula makes me wish we didn't even participate in free-agency. Leave your weak spots alone and garner more compensatory picks while getting a better draft spot. That would be the best value and allow you to keep your contending window open for a longer period of time. That said, I'm down with the outlook for this season. That Caldwell guy is doing a pretty good job.
John: Your approach is ideal and it's certainly the approach David Caldwell would like to take. The Jaguars this season needed to participate in veteran free agency because they had more needs than could be filled with the draft. The idea is for that not to be the case forever.
Ed from Danvers, MA:
The first thing I'm going to do when I get back to Florida next month is to have my girlfriend drink a couple bottles of Culligan water.
John: If she reads this, you may not have to worry about it.
Darrell from Starke, FL:
Are you a Dixie Chicken or a Freebirds Burrito kind of guy?
John: I'll defer this question to J.P. Shadrick. He did something to a Chicken Fried Steak sandwich at Dixie Chicken Wednesday night that will be discussed in College Station for a long time.
Patrick from Jacksonville:
Are Red Bryant and Chris Clemons the first Super Bowl winning players to suit up for the Jags?
John: No. Jimmy Smith had two Super Bowl rings when he joined the Jaguars in 1995. There have been others. And of course, Aaron Ross played for a Super Bowl champion. #AaronRoss #Neverforget
Sherick from Jacksonville:
What former star quarterback had his first NFL pass caught by himself off a deflection?
John: Brett Favre.
Jason from Falling Waters, WV:
Are the Jaguars all in on Austin Pasztor at RT for Week 1, and how far is Luke in his recovery?
John: Yes, and Luke Joeckel is running and expected to be ready for training camp – and probably well before.
Sean from Fleming Island, FL:
When can Houston start negotiating with its first pick? I thought the team with the first overall pick can go ahead and do this before the draft.
John: The Texans can start negotiating with the No. 1 overall selection whenever they choose. First, they must determine who they are going to select.
Chris from Columbus, GA:
I am confused on the Jaguars being unlikely to retain the services of Maurice Jones-Drew. Most teams that have expressed interest in MJD (except maybe the NY Jets) already have a running back that MJD will likely split carries with during the season. So, I do not understand the argument that he will not split carries with Gerhart for that reason?
John: I haven't heard Jones-Drew say he won't split carries, though he likely would want to choose a situation where he received the most opportunity. Money also will be a factor. It almost always is in free agency, and it certainly and understandably is with Jones-Drew.
The Blues Guitarist:
What exactly does "local revenue" mean? As I see it, the Jaguars are somewhere in the middle tier as far as attendance, so why all the subtle "remarks" from Mr. Khan and Mr. Lamping that we are hurting in this category? I moved here two years ago and I'm pleasantly amazed that this small market reached the attendance numbers that it does; kudos to the fans here.
John: Yes, absolutely kudos to the fans; Jaguars Owner Shad Khan and President Mark Lamping are the first to give those, actually. But the remarks they make about local revenue aren't subtle. Rather, they are the Jaguars being transparent about the realities of the franchise. The Jaguars are low in the NFL in local revenue, with one reason being that their ticket prices are among the lowest in the NFL. In a market as small as Jacksonville, local revenue usually will be a challenge. It's the Jaguars' job to find creative ways to maximize it.
Dr. Ham from Neptune Beach, FL:
Smiles as he parks his BMW in the reserved parking space for expectant mothers. #shadricksighting
John: Yes, probably.
Jack from Albuquerque, NM:
Do you think the Jags will take a defensive tackle early in the draft (Rounds 2-4)? Or is Ziggy Hood the answer?
John: The Jaguars could take a tackle in that range, though I don't think they will feel pressured to do so. Hood gives them depth there so that Sen'Derrick Marks and Roy Miller won't have to play nearly as many snaps as last season.
Matt from Jacksonville and Section 138:
Scrolling through The Roar audition photos on #shadricksightings
John: You have no idea.
Benji from Yreka, CA:
I saw the NFL passed the Patriots' rule about extending the goal posts five feet and also passed a rule banning dunking over the crossbar. Why didn't they just raise the whole deal (uprights and crossbar) five feet? This would have solved the problems of if the field goal went through uprights, kept all but the most freakish athlete from dunking over a 15-foot crossbar, and made extra points slightly more challenging as an added bonus. What do you think, O-man?
John: It would indeed have solved the problem of dunking the football after touchdowns, but it would have created a more serious issue of making long field goals that much more difficult. The latter is something the league certainly didn't want.
Mikey from Tallahassee, FL:
SSo, Shad trolls hotel lobbies waiting for folks to hand out free beer. Now, we know how he's become a billionaire. Well played, Mr. Khan, well played …
John: #Shadricksighting

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