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JACKSONVILLE – My, the inbox is a giddy place this fair eve . . .

Let's get to it . . . Tony from Grangeville, ID:
A very convincing win against a division rival on the road … All three phases showed improvement, but I am very impressed by our defense. If this is what we are to expect from Coach Bradley moving forward, then we are in really good shape. By the way, great to see Lewis back and playing to form.
John: Ah, the joys of winning – it covers all warts and makes everyone feel warm inside. The defense and special teams indeed played well, but it's probably fair to say the offense showed a lot of the concerns that many had with Justin Blackmon out. I suspect had a play or two gone the other way at the end, Jedd Fisch's play-calling and the offensive line and Chad Henne's interceptions would be easily and oft-criticized. But that is indeed the joy of winning, and tonight, the inbox is indeed a warmer, fuzzier place.
Luis from St. Johns and Section 412:
0-16? LOL at all the doubters. You're the Man!
John: Yes, I am, but that's not why.
Soudie from Jacksonville:
Some fans may take this as bad news, but with an easier second half of schedule and the way we played today, I bet the Jags don't get the first pick.
John: The inbox is a different place after victories than after losses.
Shawn from The Hard-Fought Streets of Arlington:
Mr. O, Our wish has come true! We put it all together to put up a hard fought win. Props to Bradley, JC, POZ, Lewis (for all of his earned yardage) CS!!! and the best of the rest! And to you, Mr. O and friends... Every journey begins with a single step. We have arrived.
John: I'm glad you're happy.
Kris from Copenagen:
No 0-16 and the Jags got A LOT of things straight during the bye. You called it, John. Now here is the question: what do the coaches have to do to get the offense to step up so the defense doesn't have to save them every game?
John: If I knew that, then I probably wouldn't be answering all of these questions about how smart I am for predicting the Jaguars wouldn't go 0-16 – a very easy prediction by the way, and one about which far more has been made than is appropriate. I'm not sure what the offense can do. The offensive line certainly needs to run block better. There were some early signs of life in that area, and that life faded fast. It's going to be hard to get anything of significant going offensively if that remains the case.
Lance from Jacksonville:
I guess no Teddy Bridgewater now.
John: Let's let the season play out, Lance. There's plenty of time for draft talk.
Mark from Archer, FL:
Seriously! Why on earth would the Jaguars do something so stupid and actually win a game this season? With Tampa sucking so much how on earth are we supposed to lock up the No. 1 pick now? I bet you got a lot of emails like this today,huh?
John: This was actually the first. I fear it won't be the last, but from this seat, it's not something I concern myself with. Draft order will play out as it plays out. There are rare cases such as Andrew Luck when there is a sure-fire, franchise-changing player waiting there at No. 1. Most often there's not and it makes the benefits of losing to gain draft status pretty negligible.
WillB from Jacksonville Beach:
Do you not know that you're not sure if they won't go 1-15?
John: It's relatively hard to know if I'm not thinking that way or so.
Nathan from Fort Collins, CO:
Feels so nice to get a win for the first time in nearly a year. When Blackmon had that return, I haven't felt that good or screamed that loud in a long while...I needed that!
John: You are not alone, Nathan. You are not alone.
Pete from Lee Center, NY:
During the game everyone kept saying this was the sixth game outside the eastern time zone. In your list, you didn't list KC.... it would then be 7, all away....
John: Well …
Pete from Lee Center, NY:
Disregard my number of games outside time zone email ... totally forgot KC was a home game... #LongSeason
John: There ya go.
Josh from Jagsonville:
I know you won't rub it in so I will for you. Everyone demanding to know what game we will win now has their answer.
John: Yep.
Donny from Jacksonville:
John: Give me a day.
Sam from Fernandina Beach, F:
Wow, so all those people saying 0-16 were wrong. Maybe you do know what you're talking about!
John: Not so much, and kidding aside, while people have made much of this, it wasn't so much a prediction or a soapbox topic. The Jaguars' locker room stayed together, and they have the feel of a team on the same page. It is usually the case in the second half of the season that you run into teams that are out of playoff contention, playing out the string or playing with injured quarterbacks. In those situations, teams that are still on the same page and working for the coaching staff often have the advantage.
Doug from Jacksonville:
John: Down boy.

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