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Offseason: 10 Things to watch


10 things Jags fans should look out for in the off-season

1. Franchise Tagging – February 16

Just a couple of weeks from now we will be able to get a much better idea of who the Jaguars might be able to target in free agency. This is the first day teams can designate franchise players – those who are left will have a big impact on how the Jaguars recruit in the off season. Some rumours can quickly be struck down while others will begin to gather steam based on who is tagged.

2. The NFL Scouting Combine – February 17-23

With the no.3 overall pick in this year's draft Jaguars fans should keep a close eye on the events at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Of course you'll want to check the results of the big names in the draft but every year there is at least one who impresses at the Combine and comes to the fore. Remember, last year Blake Bortles was the only top quarterback to throw at the Combine – and it obviously left an impression on the Jags staff.

3. Free Agency – starts March 10

Hope you have your fantasy shopping lists ready when free agency opens in March. GM David Caldwell has already said he intends to spend this free agency and with over $60million in salary cap space the Jags can certainly offer an enticing financial package to attract players to the EverBank. Free agency is going to be an exciting time for the Jaguars.

4. NFL Play 60 kick off – Early April

Perhaps the next batch of UK NFL stars will be from the NFL Play 60 programme when it kicks off in April. The six teams playing at Wembley this, including the Jaguars, will be partnering with a school in London to provide support and expertise in getting young people to play American Football.

5. Regular season schedule release – Mid April

We know the Jags are set to face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday October 25 at Wembley Stadium but come mid-April we'll be able to find out the rest of the Jaguars' schedule for 2015.

6. The NFL Draft – April 30-May 2

Who are the Jaguars going to take with the third overall pick? Well, all the rumours and speculation can finally be put to rest when the 2015 NFL Draft takes place at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. The Jaguars have put faith into their draft selections the last two years so we'll get a better idea of how the squad is shaping up come early May.

7. Three-day rookie minicamp – Mid May

We'll have an idea of how the 2015 Draft Class is shaping up after the Jags' three-day rookie minicamp. It'll be the first time the new recruits get to work with Coach Bradley and the Jaguars staff and we'll look forward to seeing the skills of our brand new rookie Jaguars.

8. NFL International Series launch – July

The Jaguars, along with the other teams involved in this year's International Series, will be bringing a player over to the UK in July to speak with the media around the 2015 Series. Then we can start getting really excited about the match against the Buffalo Bills at Wembley. Go Jags!

9. Pre-season games – August

Finally, some games! Coach Bradley will use the pre-season games in the off-season to finalise his plans for the team coming into the 2015 season. There will be lots to discuss when the games come around – how the draft class are adapting to pro-football, how the free agents are fitting in and how the current players' hard work in the off-season has paid off.

10. Regular season kick-off – September 10

It might seem like a long way off but don't fret, September will be come around before you know it and we can all enjoy the return of the NFL and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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