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Videos - October 2018

Published On Title
2018-10-01 Jaguars Postgame: Jaguars 31, Jets 12
2018-10-01 Mic'DD Up: Blake Bortles
2018-10-01 Marrone: "We just don't know"
2018-10-02 Jaguars Happy Hour: Monday, October 1
2018-10-02 Jags Drive Time: Tuesday, October 2
2018-10-02 Know Your Jaguars: Breakfast Cereal
2018-10-02 Sounds of the Game: New York Jets
2018-10-03 Jags Wired: New York Jets
2018-10-03 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, October 3
2018-10-03 Jaguars vs. Chiefs | Week 5 preview
2018-10-03 Marrone: "There's nothing he can't do"
2018-10-03 Bortles: "We're focused on week five"
2018-10-03 Jaguars linebackers Telvin Smith and Myles Jack visit Andrew Jackson High School
2018-10-03 Smith: "They're the best offense. We're the best defense. You feel me?"
2018-10-03 Inside A Minute: Kansas City here they come
2018-10-04 Jaguars Happy Hour: Wednesday, October 3
2018-10-04 Blake Bortles in Week 4 | Turning Point
2018-10-04 Jags Drive Time: Thursday, October 4
2018-10-04 Inside a Minute: Get this straight
2018-10-04 Ramsey: "It's not a wide receiver and corner match up"
2018-10-05 Doug Marrone Show: Thursday, October 4
2018-10-05 Jags Drive Time: Friday, October 5th
2018-10-05 Gameday Grub: Korean BBQ Tacos
2018-10-05 Off the Field - Dede Westbrook
2018-10-05 Film Room Friday: Chiefs offense
2018-10-05 Zone Blitz: Attitude, Overlooking Offense and a Win
2018-10-06 Jaguars Weekend: Kansas City Chiefs
2018-10-06 Inside a Minute: Kansas City Chiefs
2018-10-07 Blake Bortles drops a perfect pass into D.J. Chark's hands for 30 yards
2018-10-07 Patrick Mahomes throws first interception of 2018 to Tashaun Gipson
2018-10-07 Can't-Miss Play: DJ Chark overcomes blanket coverage for 38-yard catch
2018-10-07 Jalen Ramsey uses long arms to prevent Tyreek Hill from catching ball
2018-10-07 Keelan Cole nearly trips and falls on 32-yard catch
2018-10-07 360-degree look at Yeldon's 14-yard TD grab | True View
2018-10-07 T.J. Yeldon burns linebacker for 14-yard TD
2018-10-07 Dede Westbrook shows off his speed on 30-yard catch
2018-10-07 Jaguars vs. Chiefs highlights | Week 5
2018-10-07 Josh Lambo recovers his own onside kick
2018-10-07 Dede Westbrook makes DIVING grab for 23-yard gain
2018-10-07 Blake Bortles bounces off defenders on 21-yard TD run
2018-10-07 Marrone: "We've got to go back and get this team back on track"
2018-10-07 Bortles: "Hard to win when you turn the ball over that many times"
2018-10-07 Ramsey: "We try not to give up any points"
2018-10-07 Campbell: "Just didn't go our way today"
2018-10-07 Westbrook: "They executed more than we did"
2018-10-07 Church: "We'll get back up and get ready to play"
2018-10-08 Mic'DD Up: Sideline Sounds from Kansas City
2018-10-08 Marrone:"Everyone has to step up and play better"
2018-10-08 Zone Blitz: Key Injuries, Inconsistent Bortles and Important Three Weeks
2018-10-09 Top Catches of Week 5
2018-10-09 Know Your Jaguars: Favorite Movie
2018-10-09 Jags Drive Time: Tuesday, October 9
2018-10-09 All Access: D.J. Chark
2018-10-09 One on One: Jamaal Charles
2018-10-09 Jaguars Happy Hour: Tuesday, October 9
2018-10-10 Jaguars vs. Cowboys | Week 6 Preview
2018-10-10 Jags Wired: Kansas City Chiefs
2018-10-10 Marrone: "You've got to put everything into it"
2018-10-10 Bortles: "We have to grind it out"
2018-10-10 Smith: "We're still 10 toes down"
2018-10-10 Jaguars Happy Hour: Wednesday, October 10
2018-10-11 PFF 90 Club: Highest-graded NFL players of Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season
2018-10-11 Inside a Minute: Here we come (again)
2018-10-12 Ramsey: "Maybe I'm a threat or something"
2018-10-12 Jags Drive Time: Friday, October 12
2018-10-12 Jaguars Happy Hour: Thursday, October 11
2018-10-12 Doug Marrone Show: Thursday, October 11
2018-10-12 Gameday Grub: Roasted Pork Peach Jam
2018-10-12 Off the Field - Tashaun Gipson
2018-10-12 Film Room Friday: Dallas Cowboys
2018-10-12 Zone Blitz: Offensive Identity, Dominant Defense and Lying John
2018-10-13 Jaguars Weekend: Dallas Cowboys
2018-10-14 Inside a Minute: Dallas Cowboys
2018-10-14 Keelan Cole cuts across the center of the field for a first down
2018-10-14 Jaguars vs. Cowboys highlights | Week 6
2018-10-15 Marrone: "Get out there and go to work"
2018-10-15 Jackson: "We're going to learn from this and get back"
2018-10-15 Moncrief: "We can't keep starting slow"
2018-10-15 Campbell: "This wasn't our kind of ball"
2018-10-15 Mic'DD Up: Dede Westbrook
2018-10-15 Jags Drive Time: Monday, October 15
2018-10-15 Zone Blitz: What Happened, Where's Leonard and an Important Game
2018-10-15 Marrone: "We have to play better as a team"
2018-10-16 Jaguars Happy Hour: Monday, October 15
2018-10-16 Jags Drive Time: Tuesday, October 16
2018-10-16 Know Your Jaguars: First Job
2018-10-16 All Access: Yannick Ngakoue
2018-10-16 Sounds of the Game: Dallas Cowboys
2018-10-16 Jaguars Happy Hour: Tuesday, October 16
2018-10-17 Jags Wired: Dallas Cowboys
2018-10-17 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, October 17
2018-10-17 Smith: "You can worry. I'm not"
2018-10-17 Inside a Minute: Hard on themselves
2018-10-17 Jaguars Happy Hour: Wednesday, October 17
2018-10-18 Jags Drive Time: Thursday, October 18
2018-10-18 Lamping: "We have an owner willing to invest"
2018-10-18 Inside a Minute: A pretty tough week
2018-10-19 Jaguars Happy Hour: Thursday, October 18
2018-10-19 Doug Marrone Show: Thursday, October 18
2018-10-19 Jags Drive Time: Friday, October 19
2018-10-19 Gameday Grub: Empanadas
2018-10-19 Film Room Friday: Houston Texans
2018-10-19 Zone Blitz: Simplifying Offense / Defense and Queasy Feeling Again
2018-10-19 Jaguars in the Community: Hospital Visit
2018-10-21 Jaguars Weekend: Houston Texans
2018-10-21 Donte Moncrief spins out of tackle for first down
2018-10-21 Bortles picks up 9 yards with his legs on third-and-6
2018-10-21 Ngakoue pressures Watson, Fowler leaps for third-down sack
2018-10-21 Can't-Miss Play: Kessler's first Jags TD is one-handed catch by Yeldon
2018-10-21 Texans vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 7
2018-10-21 Marrone: "This is on everyone"
2018-10-21 Kessler: "We have a good group"
2018-10-21 Bortles: "I'm going to prepare as I always do"
2018-10-21 Campbell: "We need a little London 'magic'"
2018-10-21 Jackson: "We better be frustrated"
2018-10-21 Jack: "We can handle this"
2018-10-21 Smith: "Don't ask us to point fingers"
2018-10-22 Jaguars Postgame: Texans 20, Jaguars 7
2018-10-22 Mic'DD Up: Malik Jackson
2018-10-22 Marrone: "I feel comfortable with the decision I've made"
2018-10-22 Zone Blitz: QB Crisis, Defensive Struggles and London Calling
2018-10-23 Sounds of the Game: Houston Texans
2018-10-23 Jaguars Happy Hour: Monday, October 22
2018-10-23 Jags Drive Time: Tuesday, October 23
2018-10-23 Jaguars Happy Hour: Tuesday, October 23
2018-10-24 Jags Wired: Houston Texans
2018-10-24 Eagles vs. Jaguars | Week 8 Preview
2018-10-24 Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan talks about Jaguars fandom in London
2018-10-24 Jags Drive Time: Wednesday, October 24
2018-10-24 Marrone: "It's not an issue for us"
2018-10-24 Inside a Minute: It's more than just Blake
2018-10-25 Know Your Jags: Favorite Halloween Candy
2018-10-25 Inside a Minute: Seasoned travelers
2018-10-25 Jaguars Happy Hour: Thursday, October 25
2018-10-25 Doug Marrone Show: Thursday, October 25
2018-10-25 Gameday Grub: Banana Pancakes
2018-10-25 Jaguars Weekend: Philadelphia Eagles
2018-10-25 Hackett: "Go to work and keep grinding"
2018-10-25 Wash: "We can continue to play better"
2018-10-26 Bortles: "We started over this week"
2018-10-26 Marrone: "We're excited to get back on track"
2018-10-26 Zone Blitz: London Edge, Blake Speaks and Queasy Again
2018-10-26 Inside a Minute: Ready for Sunday
2018-10-28 Dareus knocks ball out of Wentz's hand to force fumble
2018-10-28 Jalen Ramsey LEAPS for end zone interception
2018-10-28 Josh Lambo sets franchise record on 57-yard FG
2018-10-28 Bortles loops pass to Donte Moncrief for 24 yards
2018-10-28 Can't-Miss Play: Westbrook secures toe-tap TD in back of end zone
2018-10-28 David Grinnage hauls in floater from Bortles
2018-10-28 Myles Jack bursts through the line for powerful sack
2018-10-28 Yeldon takes off down the sideline for huge third-down gain
2018-10-28 Marrone: "We're not making enough plays on either side"
2018-10-28 Bortles: "We've got to do what we are all capable of"
2018-10-28 Ngakoue: "At the end of the day we've still got to finish"
2018-10-28 Jackson: "We didn't stop them when we needed to"
2018-10-28 Westbrook: "We know we have the players"
2018-10-28 Campbell: "Too many missed plays"
2018-10-28 Jack: "You saw the fight in us"
2018-10-29 Every big play by Calais Campbell | Week 8
2018-10-29 Eagles vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 8
2018-10-29 Mic'DD Up: Myles Jack
2018-10-29 Marrone: "We haven't lived up to the expectations"
2018-10-30 Jaguars Happy Hour: Monday, October 29
2018-10-30 Walk with a Jaguars Player to School Day
2018-10-30 Sounds of the Game: Philadelphia Eagles in London
2018-10-31 Jags Wired: The Eagles in London
2018-10-31 Gameday Grub: Lamb Sliders
2018-10-31 Jaguars Weekend: Bye Week
2018-10-31 Jaguars Happy Hour: Tuesday, October 30